Rad Power Bikes Plus Models Top Speed Increased (Unlock + Override)

Speed Override Rad Power Bikes Plus Models

If you want to change the top speed of your Rad Power Bikes Plus model, I have a quick and easy trick to share with you! See the video below if you would like a visual guide of the instructions. For more tricks and tips and a Rad community, please head over to our Rad Owners Forum.

Models That This Trick Works On

This trick works on RadRover 6 Plus and the RadCity 5 Plus (as of Sept 2021), These are the only two models currently with the dual LCD display. The display on the left controls pedal assist, lights and turning your Rad Power Bike on and off. The center display shows current speed, trip time, odometer, clock, and wattage output.

New Top Speed

In our testing, the RadRover 6 Plus top speed after unlocking the bike is 25 mph on throttle only on flat ground. We expect this will be the case across all of the Plus models that Rad Power Bikes will likely release. Note that adjusting the top speed will not impact hill-climbing ability, it only adjusts when the motor will kick off while riding.


Class 2 electric bikes are throttle-assisted ebikes that are programmed to top out at 20 mph. Modifying the top speed means the ebike no longer fits the parameters of a class 2 ebike. Please be aware of local laws and regulations where you intend to ride your ebike and follow them accordingly. Rad Power Bikes also does not recommend overriding your Rad Power Bike which is why this setting is hidden in the advanced settings. Make this change on your Rad Power Bike at your own risk.

How to Increase the Top Speed on the Rad Power Bikes Plus Models

  • Step 1: Turn on your Rad Power Bike using the power button.
  • Step 2: Get into the advanced settings by holding the DOWN pedal assist button on the left and the LIGHT button at the same time on the left LCD display. Hold for approximately 5 seconds.
    • A ‘P’ for ‘program’ will appear on the left LCD display, and the 12h/24hr will flash on the right LCD display.
    • You can change brightness setting, time setting and whether to display in KMH/MPH at this step if you are interested. The light button scrolls through the settings and the up and down pedal assist buttons adjust the setting.
  • Step 3: Hold the pedal assist UP and DOWN button and the LIGHT button at the same time (hold for about 10 seconds).
  • Top Speed will display shows on the center LCD display.
  • You can change the top speed up to 40km/h (25 mph) at this time using the pedal assist buttons (max 40 km/h, min 8 km/h).
    • Hitting the light button again will allow you to change max watts (250, 500 or 750 watts)
  • Step 4: You can get out of these settings and save them by turning off the bike with the power button.
  • Step 5: Be safe and ride Rad!
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