About Ebike Escape

Ryan – ebike addict, lover of kid hauling and car replacing, aspiring snowbird

Our first ebike!

I bought my first electric bike in 2018 and feverishly researched the purchase. At the time, little content existed online. I love all of the use cases for ebikes from leisure to commuting but most importantly it is all about getting more people to escape to the outdoors and enjoy their environment.

In 2018 I created the Rad Owners Forum, a site dedicated to connecting those who own Rad Power Bikes. Then in late 2019 I created a YouTube channel to delve further into ebikes with a large portion of content covering accessories for electric bikes and reviewing various electric bike models. This is when the foundation was laid for what would later become Ebike Escape.

In 2020 I lost my job due to the pandemic, when Ebike Escape was officially born. Our electric bikes have had a tremendous impact on how we look at our city, how we live our daily lives, and of course the many adventures they have taken us on. We now spend less time sitting in a car and more time enjoying the outdoors with family and friends.

Ebike Escape aims to share this passion for ebikes with others. At 6.3 million YouTube views we’ve only just started.

JT – eBike Enthusiast and Tinkerer

Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a special place in my heart for unconventional ways of getting around. My journey began with motorcycles, weaving through the bustling streets, feeling the thrill of the ride. I even found joy in zipping around on smaller rides, like my trusty Honda 50cc Ruckus. It’s been a ride full of adventure and freedom.

But then, eBikes entered my life, blending the best of both worlds – the excitement of motorbikes and the charm of scooters. More than that, they’ve become a bonding activity for my children and me, a way to share my love for the road with them and create memories together.

Tinkering is another joy of mine, a way to lose myself in the mechanics of a machine. eBikes offer me this creative outlet, a chance to assemble, customize, and dive into the newest models. It’s my little escape, a hobby that keeps my curiosity alive and my appliances safe – for now.

Jamie Lyons – Writer

While I have loved biking and the great outdoors all my life, I didn’t ride my first ebike until I met Ryan in 2020. After riding a handful of different ebikes and seeing how many different use cases they have, I started getting interested in becoming more involved in Ebike Escape.

I now write ebike review articles and enjoy riding different ebikes. I love taking the kids to the park with our cargo bike and testing out all different kinds and styles by riding them off-road with my dog or taking them on the roads to work. Besides ebikes, I love to mountain bike and hike outside with my kids. I also write articles about Wisconsin State Parks, National Parks, and fun family activities in Wisconsin and the surrounding areas at WiscoExplorer.

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