Best Cargo Ebikes That Are Still Affordable 2024

When it comes to car replacement, there is no better suitable type of ebike than cargo ebikes. In this list of the best cargo ebikes, we wanted to share our top picks for families or those who just happen to want extra cargo capacity. From power to efficiency and to affordability this list provides an array of options if you’re on the hunt for your first or perhaps next ebike. Let’s get into it.

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Best cargo ebike for your money: Lectric XPedition ($1,399 or $1,699)

Lectric XPedition

First, let’s talk about the Lectric XPedition. This ebike is quickly becoming known as the best value ebike on the market, and for good reason. It starts at just $1,399 for the 14Ah single battery version and $1,699 for the dual battery 28Ah model, making it the most affordable cargo ebike in existence with its almost-too-good-to-be-true price. The battery capacity is absolutely unheard of at this price, and depending on when you purchase, Lectric throws in some free accessories but also has a slew of other options.

The XPedition has Zoom hydraulic disc brakes and a powerful 1310-watt peak motor, which makes it perfect for hills while hauling cargo. The bike can reach speeds up to 28 mph while pedaling or 20 mph while using the right-hand twist grip throttle. Additionally, the bike has some impressive payload capacities, making it a great option for those looking to carry heavier loads.

The Lectric XPedition is also known for being easy to assemble due to Lectric’s focus on the customer experience. They’re also known for their solid customer service, which is a big plus for those who may need assistance in the future.

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Cargo ebike with suspension and torque sensor: Aventon Abound ($1,799)

Next up is the Aventon Abound. This bike is priced at $1,799, making it slightly more expensive than the Lectric XPedition, but it has some features that may make it worth the extra cost. For starters, it’s easily the best looking, but still affordable cargo ebikes on the market. The Aventon Abound has a sleek frame design that is sure to turn heads.

One of the main differentiators of the Aventon Abound is its torque sensor. This measures pedal input and gives you more motor power as you put in more of your own effort, resulting in a more natural riding experience. Additionally, the bike has a name brand SR Suntour suspension fork, which is the only bike on this list to have front suspension, providing a smoother ride. The Aventon Abound also has a dropper seat post for ease of mounting and dismounting.

The bike’s 15Ah battery is hidden nicely into the frame, and Aventon states up to 50 miles of range. The torque sensor helps to eke out that extra range due to the efficiency gains of how the motor is engaged. The Aventon Abound also has premium touches throughout, including a color LCD screen, turn signals, and Tektro hydraulic disc brakes. The motor is 750 watts but peaks higher than that and is plenty powerful, with a max speed of 20mph with the throttle or while pedaling.

The Aventon Abound has a total weight capacity of 440 lbs with 143 on the included rear rack. Aventon also offers some high-quality accessories, including a frame bag and footboards. The bike comes in two colors, and Aventon has dealerships around the US so you can buy it in store or online, whichever you prefer.

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In Comfort & Style: The Velotric Packer 1 ($1,999)

Velotric Packer 1 Photo by:

The Velotric Packer 1 is a heavy-duty machine built to conquer errands, family outings, and even light commercial use. With a maximum payload capacity of 440 lbs, the Packer 1 can comfortably handle a rider, groceries, or even two kiddos in tow. The rear rack itself boasts a 176-lb capacity, making it a great option for hauling bulky or heavy items.

One of the Packer 1’s biggest strengths is its smooth ride. This is thanks in part to its large, 3-inch tires and hydraulic suspension. The step-thru frame makes mounting and dismounting a breeze, and the ergonomic grips and plush saddle ensure comfort over longer hauls. The Packer 1 also boasts a powerful 750W motor with peak power reaching 1200W, which will come in handy when tackling hills.

One of the main differentiators is the larger 26″ front wheel which makes the handlebars sit higher than a lot of the 20″ cargo ebikes on this list. Many taller riders will prefer this setup. In the rear is a 20″ wheel to keep the center of gravity low.

Clocking in at $1,999, the Velotric Packer 1 sits near the average price point for a high-quality cargo ebike. With its impressive hauling capacity, comfortable ride, and powerful motor, it’s a compelling option for riders seeking a versatile and functional cargo ebike.

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New & Improved: The RadWagon 5 ($2,199)

RadWagon5 Photo by:

Calling all cargo cowboys with a need for speed (or at least an assist), the RadWagon 5 is back and better than ever. This cargo ebike from Rad Power Bikes boasts a slew of improvements over its predecessor, making it a contender for your electric pack mule’s throne.

The RadWagon 5 features a 750-watt geared hub motor that puts out a whopping 90Nm of torque. That translates to effortless hill climbing and ample power to haul groceries, gear, or even a couple of your favorite little riders (with proper seating and safety measures, of course). Speaking of hauling, the RadWagon 5 has a payload capacity of 375 lbs (120lbs ont he rear rack), making it a workhorse for errands, commutes, or weekend adventures.

Safety gets a significant upgrade on the RadWagon 5. It comes equipped with hydraulic disc brakes for confident stopping power in all weather conditions, and a new feature—integrated turn signals—to enhance your on-road communication. Riders will also appreciate the brighter 200-lumen headlight for better visibility at night.

The battery also got a bump from 14Ah to 15Ah and Rad Power Bikes introduced their “safe-shield” technology. In plain terms, this is a resin-filled battery that helps prevent a fire from spreading from one cell to the next. The bike is UL-2271 certified and the entire bike, UL-2849.

One of the significant changes is that the RadWagon 5 now uses a torque sensor, measuring the rider’s input and amplifying it. This helps justify the increased cost and really will make riders who want a torque sensor decide between the Aventon Abound or RadWagon 5.

For those who like to travel at high speeds on a cargo ebike (be careful!), the RadWagon 5 allows you to change to Class 3 for speeds up to 25 or 28 mph. The tires are now a standard size, 20″ x 3.3″ making it easier to find replacements when needed.

The RadWagon 5 comes at a cost. With a price tag of $2,199, it’s a significant investment but it’s unquestionably the best RadWagon yet. Add some of Rad’s accessories and it turns into a full car replacement. At a weight of close to 80 lbs, it won’t be winning any agility contests. But for those looking for a powerful and functional electric cargo bike, the RadWagon 5 offers a compelling package of muscle, safety and comfort.

A More Affordable RadWagon: Rad Power Bikes RadWagon 4 ($1,999)

RadWagon 4

[Editor’s Note]: While the RadWagon 4 is still available we strongly recommend checking out the RadWagon 5 due to the many improvements.

We like to lovingly call this the minivan of ebikes as it is the cargo ebike we currently use (and have since 2018!). The Rad Power Bikes RadWagon is not only still our favorite but Rad Power Bikes is the largest seller of ebikes in North America. It has heaps of accessories available to add plus it just keeps getting better and better with multiple iterations. It currently costs $1,999 and is offered in three colors: orange (above), black and white.

Like most ebikes it’s heavy at 76.7 lbs which something to consider when purchasing a cargo ebike. As with all Rad Power Bikes, it is a Class 2 ebike that reaches speeds up to 20 mph with the right hand twist grip throttle or pedal assist. It has a 48V 14Ah battery (672 watt-hours). Range in our experience will be 20-50 miles depending on conditions, rider weight, cargo, throttle usage etc.

This ebike accommodates a range of riders from 5’1″ – 6’4″ and is ideal for riders with a 24.5″ – 36.25″ inseam. This is accomplished with the new telescoping seatpost on the RadWagon 4 which helps riders be in an ideal riding position while still keeping the center of gravity low.

Going the extra mile for safety this ebike meets the international and U.S. standards set by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and the European Committee for Standardization. As it is the minivan of ebikes, accessories are a must when it comes to family-friendly rides with deck pads, child seats, caboose, front rack, small/large baskets, panniers, and much more all available for sale. The RadWagon has a 350lb total payload capacity and 120lb rear rack capacity for kids or cargo.

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Second most affordable cargo ebike: KBO Ranger ($1,699)

KBO Ranger

The KBO Ranger is unique for a few reasons. This powerful bugger with a shorter wheelbase is the most affordable compact cargo model on this list with a price tag of just $1,699. Enjoy a 35-60 mile ride with this 48V 17.5Ah (840-watt-hour) battery, sized a bit larger than the average.

It powers a 750-watt rear hub motor which peaks at 900 watts giving it the extra power that is needed to keep this 77lbs going up the steepest of hills. It is a step-thru design with a minimum seat height of 27.5″ and a standover height of 15.7″. Note that taller riders above 6′ tall may not be able to get full leg extension and riders may want to add an adjustable stem to further customize riding position. The KBO Ranger has a 400 lb weight capacity.

The Ranger is outfitted with a Shimano thumb shifter and rear derailleur, as well as mechanical disc brakes with 180 mm rotor. A bright LCD can be found on the handlebars and integrated lights can be found on the front and rear. This ebike does have wider tires with a thickness of 20″x3″ to make up for the fact there is no front suspension. A front rack is available for purchase along with a rear “fence” to help keep passengers safe.

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Well-priced with dual batteries: Blix Packa Genie ($1,999)

Blix Packa Genie

The Blix Packa Genie has some features that other cargo ebikes simply don’t have on this list: a dual battery option and hydraulic disc brakes. The base model is well priced at $1,999 and the dual battery option is $2,399. Color options are white, gray, and teal.

Out of the hub motors on the list, the Blix Packa Genie is rated at the highest output of 1,350 watts (750-watt nominal). With unmatched performance, this sleek and speedy ebike fits a wide range of riders of 5’1″ – 6’3″. According to Blix, with the dual batteries (1228 watt-hours) riders can expect up to 80 miles on one charge. Compared to other models on the list, the Blix Packa Genie has a thumb throttle and a twist shifter instead of a twist grip throttle and thumb shifter.

LED lights are integrated into the front and back for safety. You’ll also find puncture-resistant tires with reflective tire sidewalls, included running boards, dual kickstands, and fenders. For those looking to customize their Blix bike more, racks and baskets are available along with the “VIP Section” and rear seats. The Blix stands out for its brakes, motor and battery capacity still at a reasonable price.

Best quality accessories: Flyer L885 ($1,999)

Flyer L885 Photo by: Flyer L885 website.

Does the Radio Flyer red wagon bring up some childhood nostalgia? To say Radio Flyer has expanded their product line since then is an understatement. The Flyer L885 is another great cargo ebike for the family and kids. A

vailable in three colors: black, red, white, and blue and three different sizes (small, medium and large) this beauty costs $1,999. Due to its various frame sizes, the Flyer L885 might just be the most accessible cargo ebike on the list fitting riders from 4’10” – 6’6″ rider.

Max rider capacity sits at 220 lbs with a total capacity of 400 lbs (the rear rack is rated at 150 lbs). The bike comes with a 48V 15Ah battery, but you can add a second battery for twice the range. It boasts a 500-watt motor with Class 2 speeds up to 20mph. Added safety features include a classic integrated bell as well as a LED headlight and taillight. Unique to the Flyer L886 is the 26″ x 3″ wide tire in the front with a 20″ x 3″ tire in the rear to help keep the weight distribution low.

Flyer has an excellent section of available accessories for the Flyer L885. Our favorite? The Kid & Cargo Carrier for its smart design for hauling kiddos and zipping it up for a grocery run.

The best cargo ebike you can buy: Tern ($2,999 – $9,000+)

Quick Haul P9 Performance Photo by:

Tern is the undisputed premium cargo ebike brand with Bosch mid-drive motors. With over ten options, they’re awesome ones to consider if you have a higher budget. Since tern has gone so deep into the cargo ebike category you can pick the model that suits your needs the best. The cost is significantly higher than the others on the list due but you won’t be disappointed. Prices range from $2999 – $9,000+.

Best Cargo Ebikes Wrap-Up!

We are lucky to have so many options for cargo ebikes at comparatively affordable prices. Which one is the best cargo ebike for you? That’s going to depend on your needs and budget but you can’t go wrong with any ebike on our list. Looking for other types of ebikes? Check out our “Best Of” articles to learn more about the best folding ebikes, fat tire ebikes, commuters and more!