Top Ebike Brands of 2022: Our Favorites List

Top Ebike Brands

We started as a family of two, looking to ditch the second car, as we entered the world of ebikes. A few years later, now a family of three, we have a number of trusty ebikes and have never missed our second car. Through our extensive time riding, my wife and I have our favorites when it comes to ebike brands. Each of our top ebike brands offers a quality ebike, good customer service, and a variety of models to select from to suit your needs. Browse our favorite brands below. This page will continue to be updated as we experience more brands of electric bikes.

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Rad Power Bikes Logo

Rad Power Bikes

Rad Power Bikes is the largest ebike brand in North America. Based out of Seattle, Washington, this company is growing extremely quickly and announced in February that they had raised a $150 million minority of investment to further their brand. If you want to learn more about the origins of Rad Power Bikes, I recommend NPR’s How I Built This podcast on the Mike Radenbaugh, the company’s founder.

Top Electric Bike Brands - Rad Power Bikes
Our Loaded RadWagon

The upside and downside to this brand are that it is a direct consumer company. This means they cut out the middle man by selling direct to consumers instead of through bike dealers. The consumer benefits from the lower prices and Rad Power Bikes is also leading the way with Rad Mobile Service (service, test rides, and setup).

The RadWagon was my family’s first ebike. It is still our most consistently used ebike. Before our child, my wife and I rode on it together. We also use it for hauling groceries, rummage sale finds, and now a child. Recently, Rad Power Bikes gave me the opportunity to try out the RadMission. I will update with a link to the video once it’s completed. We talk about this brand so often that we made a most frequently asked questions post on Rad Power Bikes. We also have created a Rad Owners Forum so we can hear from other Rad lovers.

Rad Power Bikes will forever be our first (ebike) love.

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Ride1Up logo


If you are looking for a down-to-earth company with a heart for getting more people on bikes and less in cars, then look no further than Ride1Up. I was blown away by the generosity that the founder, Kevin Duggar showed by welcoming an interview with me (see it here). He spent a crazy amount of time talking with me about his ebikes even though I know he is an extremely busy brand owner. His passion for creating a quality and affordable ebike lineup was extremely evident during our conversation. This is a company whose leadership shines through in everything they make.

Ride1Up offers six models to choose from with a clear focus on commuter style electric bikes. You won’t find any fat tire models on their website. One of their most unique models, the Roadster V2, doesn’t even look like an ebike. With its slim, lightweight design and built in battery, this ebike masquerades as a low-tech commuter bike in disguise. Ride1Up is sending us this model to test ride. We will add the video review link once we have one.

Top Electric Bike Brands - Ride1Up
My brother’s Ride1Up 500 Series

I love this brand for its passion for not just selling a product, but getting people excited about moving more and driving less. This company is incredible to work with and I have loved every bike I have test-ridden and owned. Ride1Up is a quality, direct consumer company like Rad Power Bikes which means less cost to the consumer.

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Ariel Rider Logo

Ariel Rider

Founded by two brothers, Ariel Rider is a quiet achiever in electric bikes. Their sweet spot as of late has been moped style electric bikes which provide incredible performance for the price. If you’re in the market for a moped-style electric bike you’ll be able to find something that suits your specific needs. Here is the current lineup:

Top Electric Bike Brands - Ariel Rider
Riding our Ariel Rider D-Class
  • Rideal: More traditional frame design at an incredible price ($999)
  • C-Class: Fully-outfitted mid-drive ebike for the daily commute ($1,799)
  • M-Class: Urban electric bike with a mid-drive motor ($1,649)
  • X-Class: Moped-style electric bike that packs a punch ($1,699) Also available in 52V variation ($2,099.00)
  • D-Class: Dual motor moped-style electric bike that packs a bigger punch ($2,399.00)
  • Grizzly: The ultimate moped-style electric bike: dual suspension, dual motor, dual battery ($2,999.00)

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Juiced Bikes

Juiced Bikes biggest differentiator is their batteries. It is rare to find a direct-to-consumer ebike company in 2022 offering 52-volt batteries. On top of the 52-volt batteries are the 19.2 Ah batteries offered as an option (or included) on some models. The nearly 1000 watt-hour capacity will surely cure your range anxiety.

As of late Juiced Bikes has been focusing on moped style electric bikes with the introduction of the Scorpion, HyperScorpion, and the new dual-battery HyperScrambler 2. They continue to offer a commuter model called the CrossCurrent and a fat tire electric bike called the RipCurrent.

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Super73 Logo


Super73 is a motorcycle-inspired ebike brand founded in 2016 in Southern California. They have a dedicated community, and they have carved out their niche in the moped-style electric bike space. They have, for the lack of a better comparison, evolved into the Apple of ebike brands. Part of this is their excellent marketing which has been buoyed by celebrity endorsements. I typically don’t get excited about buying a product because it’s “cool” but I have to give Super73 credit – their ebikes look incredible.

Planning to buy a Super73 electric bike? Using my link will get you $100 off your purchase.

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Bunch Bikes

Bunch Bikes are a front cargo box style bike that allows the biker to interact with the passengers (or pets!) while riding. The clever Dutch-inspired design makes for such a fun ride for everyone. In this case, putting the cart in front of the horse is truly a good thing!

The founder and CEO of Bunch, Aaron Powell, was gracious enough to talk with us about his passion for cargo bikes, their experience on Shark Tank, and so much more. You can see the interview here.

Compared to our other ebikes we typically write about, Bunch Bikes are on the spendy side. Keep in mind, the cargo design has a lot more parts and design elements that influence the cost. As a complete car replacement, the Bunch Bike can make a lot of sense.

Some of the models come in electric and non-electric versions. We absolutely love The Original model that we have been test driving. My wife couldn’t stop chuckling as she gleefully rode in the cargo box (her chariot as she called it). We will post a video of our experience soon and add the link here.

Things to keep in mind before purchasing: Where will I be riding this bike? For instance, the wider models would not do well on narrow paths or sidewalks. How many passengers or cargo items will I haul? Should I opt for the ebike version? (Yes! …although we are biased on this one).

Bunch makes six consumer style models (prices reflect electric versions):

  • The Coupe (2 passenger, slim design) – $5,999.00
  • The Original (4 passenger) – $4,499.00
  • The K9 (One furry passenger, straps/safety canine features..please send us pictures if you have this….so adorable!) – $4,699.00
  • The Preschool (6 small passengers, picture a pedal bike ‘bus’) – $4,999.00
  • Bunch Connect (Cargo bike and conversion kit) – Coming Soon!

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Originally launched as a Kickstarter campaign, this Canadian company has expanded its direct-to-consumer ebike company into a wide range of ebike models that ships worldwide.

The ultimate selling point for Biktrix: you can CUSTOMIZE your heart out. Customizable options include color, frame size, battery, wheels, forks, brakes and more. You can truly purchase the ebike of your dreams.

Biktrix has many models to select from in four series/categories:

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Aventon solidly fits in the value-priced ebike space. Their prices go head to head with some of the biggest names in electric bikes. On top of their great prices, there are Aventon dealers across the United States which means you can test a bike out for yourself before purchasing. Plus many of their models come in various frame sizes meaning you don’t have to compromise on the one-size-fits-all approach that many ebikebrands take.

Prices range from $1,199 to $1,899. Our favorite models from Aventon are the foldable Aventon Sinch, the Aventon Level and new for 2021, the Aventon Aventure.

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Serial 1

Are you looking for an ebike that you can simply hop on and start ride? Look no further than Serial 1 electric bikes by Harley Davidson. Yes, the same Harley Davidson that makes beloved-by-many motorcycles. Trust me, Serial 1 is no gimmick. The company is a spin-off of the parent company and every detail was considered when designing and manufacturing these electric bikes. They really are something to marvel at with their belt drives and automatic shifting. The Serial 1 ebikes have premium Brose mid-drive motors and all of the cables disappear into the frame for a clean look. They certainly fall into the premium category of ebikes, but after testing them out for myself – I was sold. You can check out my full Serial 1 electric bike video review or my in-depth write-up about all of the Serial 1 electric bikes.

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Lectric eBikes

Lectric Ebikes

There is something to be said about a company doing one thing and doing that one thing well. Lectric ebikes makes just one electric bike model offered in both high step and step-thru variations. The Lectric XP 2.0 comes in at just $999 offers a large-enough-for-most 9.6 Ah battery with a 800-watt peak motor. We like that the frame design makes this ebike accessible to a variety of riders regardless of height or biking ability. New for 2021 is the optional accessories including front and rear racks, a more comfortable seat (plus seatpost), folding bike lock, and premium headlight. Did we mention it folds? Suffice to say we believe the Lectric XP 2.0 packs a lot of value at $999 and is perfect for those who just want to cruise around without breaking the bank.

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Known mostly for their fat tire ebikes Eunorau has been in the ebike space for some time. More recently Eunorau has focused on higher-end ebikes including those with full suspension, bigger batteries, and powerful motors. Both hub motors and mid-drives are available with prices ranging from $699 to $3,799. For 2021 they have introduced the 1000 watt Specter S dual battery and the Specter step through. In addition, they have released a new dual-motor electric bike called the Defender S. However, the FAT-HD (mid-drive) and FAT-AWD offer tremendous value.

Check out our Eunorau electric bike coverage:

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Propella Electric Bikes is one of the newer companies to pop-up onto Ebike Escape’s radar. Established in 2015 and based in Redmond, Washington. Propella is a direct to consumer brand that focuses on simplicity and getting rid of anything that isn’t deemed “essential.” The simple styling and color choices are subtle, but help set your expectations for the rest of the ebike. Simple and straight to the point.

We recently reviewed the 7S and were hard pressed to find something we didn’t like about it. While the small motor and battery (250w motor and 7ah battery)are not going to fit everyone’s use case. The lightweight (37lbs total weight), and simple styling make this a great city or short distance commuter bike. Propella does offer the option to purchase a second battery, to help fight that range anxiety.

The upcoming 9S Pro is likely to fit the bill for more riders. The 9S pro comes equipped with a larger battery and a more powerful motor (350w motor and a 9.7ah battery). But sticks to the “elegant, lightweight and affordable” mission of Propella. (41lbs and $1699 MSRP) We are excited for the 9S Pro to release in August 2022. But cannot speak highly enough of the 7S and the other great offerings that Propella has. We cannot wait to see what this US based company has in store for the future.

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Top Ebike Brands Wrap Up

If you are shopping for an electric bike you can’t go wrong with any brands in our top ebike brands list. They all are reputable ebike brands with an established history in the electric bike space. It’s going to be exciting to see the new models coming out of these brands.

  1. Hi. I live in Santa Fe, NM. What’s your recommendation for a good mountain/trail bike, some flat terrain, and some up the mountain trails. Thanks!

  2. I moved to mexico but cannot find a Mex E bike. Can you suggest a company or some company that ships to mexico

  3. Thank you for all the great information you provide for the e-bikes.

    However I am running into a problem finding e-bikes for 300-380lb person. As I like to bike as much as anyone else. Are there any e-bike companies out there that accommodate this.
    It would be for all around use, Pavements concrete, mild dirt road etc…
    Thank you.

  4. Hi Ryan,

    I love your YouTube channel, great job!

    My husband and I will be purchasing e bikes (through your affiliate link, of course). We are looking to spend around $2000 per bike. He is 6’1 and I am 5’3 so I’m thinking Aventon might be our best option because of different frame size. I would like something with good range and comfort. I have found that my current hybrid trek bike gives me
    Wrist pain, also without any suspension it is a bumpy ride. We will be moving to Florida so
    I hope to find something that can go on paved trail as well as the sandy , crushed shell paths that can find in Florida

    Do you think aventon is our best choice? I also really like the Rad bike company. We do not require a folding bike, by the way.

    Thanks for your help!

  5. Hi Ryan! Thank you for all of this information. I am 5’2”, 105#, 48 yo female in good physical shape and am stumped between the Aventon Level and the Ride1Up 700. I haven’t ridden the R1U but comments from owners are making me lean that way. The one thing about the Level is that I don’t think I will get the exercise that I would like bc the PAS is so strong on #1. I like how the Pace 500 felt but the NexGen does not allow one to have a back fender+basket. I really want both.
    I’m scared to get a bike that depends on ME to put it together!!! Plus, what if I don’t even like it? Can you help me decide??

  6. Hello,

    I noticed you actually reply to every, thank you!

    My gf is 4″8 is there an e bike that would fit her?

    1. Hello,

      What we really need to know is what her inseam measurement is? Really any step-thru design bike will fit her for stand over height. However figuring out the most comfortable pedaling bike, inseam measurement is going to be really important here.

      Will keep an eye out for your reply.



  7. Hi! I live in San Diego and although most of the terrain is flat, I’d like to use to commute to work (3mi with some up hill). Mostly going to be used as a cruiser…any recommendations? Is there a brand that you’d recommend over another?

    1. Hard to narrow it down to just one. The market has so many great options right now. Some of out favorite brands have to be Rad Power Bikes, Aventon, or Ride1up. They all offer great cruiser style bikes, just comes down to some personal preferences at that point. Take a look into those brands, and let us know if you have any specific questions about any models.

  8. I’m a long-time experienced rider who has been off the bike for a while. I don’t know much about ebikes but am learning fast. This article is great! Thank you! I’m 6’1″, 235 lbs., and looking at a ride home from work that includes a 5-mile, 1400-foot ascent. Any specific recommendations? Thanks!

  9. Just watched your video on the Propella 7S v4. I’ve never watch a bike being built; very entertaining!
    I have the Propella. Wanted a light weight low priced good bike.
    And that is what I got.
    Tell me, if I want more power and a longer ride …..and insist on Light Weight, have you found anything comparable to the Propella?
    I did notice that Propella was not included on your list of favorites.
    Tell me more

    1. Hello John. For the price, there is not anything else we have found. If you are willing to spend a bit more GT makes a bike called the eGrade and there are a couple of other “big box” brands that have similar offerings. But for the budget-minded, Propella takes the cake.

      Thank you for pointing out the “Top Ebike Brands” Page. They are actually listed on there, I just forgot to add them to the “Jump to” section at the top. Will fix that now.

      We are very excited to try out the 9Pro in the near future.

    2. Hello, can i ask why lectric ebikes are so low on the list? Does it have to do with quality?
      Thank you

      1. Their placement on this list has nothing to do with quality. The list is just written in the order of us “discovering” and adding the brands. It is not in descending order or anything of that nature.

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