Want to Find the Best Folding Ebike? We’ve Got You Covered

If you’re in the market for a folding ebike, there are quite a few options out there. They come in a number of price points and styles. Luckily, we’ve tried many of them and have put together this guide to help you find the best one. Keep this guide handy when you are searching for the best ebike that folds.

Of course one of the main benefits of a folding ebike is that it is easier to tuck away in your apartment, house, or garage. It also makes transportation much easier (and cheaper) since you don’t necessarily need an ebike rated rack.

Even if you don’t need folding functionality on an ebike, don’t cross a folding ebike off of your list – these ebikes have other benefits which we’ll explore below. But if you do plan to fold it, a large tote can make it much easier to carry. Check out our Lectric XP accessories video for a short demonstration. And be sure to check out our electric bike discount codes page before you make your purchase.

Continue reading for our written list or view our best folding electric bikes video below.

Best Folding Ebikes Video

Best Lightweight Folding Ebike: Lectric XP Lite ($799)

Lectric XP Lite in Lectric Blue

This blue beauty is known as the Lectric XP Lite—Lectric’s cheapest and lightest foldable ebike. It is also the cheapest option that we at Ebike Escape would recommend to family and friends. At just 46 lbs, you can take this bike anywhere and reach speeds up to 20 MPH (Class 2 classifications). It has a 48V system with a 7.8 Ah battery and a 300-watt motor (720 watt peak). There are five levels of pedal assist, with the lowest level taking you on 40 miles worth of adventure!

The dimensions when folded are only 36 x 16 x 27 inches, making it one of the smallest folding ebikes on the market. It features 160 mm mechanical disc brakes and then 20 x 2.4 or 20 x 2.6 inch tires. For added safety, there are integrated front and rear lights, something we don’t often see on ebikes at this price range. There is an LCD display showing your trip statistics and the electrical components are rated IP-65 for water and dust resistance. The Lectric XP Lite is a single-speed for simplicity, but don’t let that dissuade you – this ebike still has plenty of power!

If you’re on a budget but still want to ride around your town with ease, the XP Lite is perfect for you! Learn more in our Lectric XP Lite full review.

Lectric XP 3.0 ($999 – $1,299 for Long-Range Battery)

Lectric XP 3.0 in Black

Ah yes, the Lectric XP—no list would be complete without it. The Lectric XP 3.0 is a step up from the XP Lite, granting you with high-quality transportation. It has been the ebike of choice for hundreds of thousands of riders in the United States.

So what makes the Lectric XP 3.0 special besides its price? The 500-watt motor peaks at 1,000 watts and can be overridden to reach speeds over 20 MPH. Powering the motor is a 48V, 10.4 Ah battery which should be sufficient for most, but check out their long-range option if you expect longer treks. The battery located inside the frame lends itself to the clean design of the Lectric XP 3.0. It also comes practically fully assembled (and folded), making the setup a cinch. Although, you may still want to have a bike shop go over the bike before riding.

You’ll also find hydraulic brakes, a front suspension, paint-matched fenders, rear rack, and integrated front and rear lights. Other accessories such as a cargo package and comfort package are FREE at checkout if you buy now! If you’re on a budget, but want a little more power (and accessories!) then the XP Lite, this one is for you.

Learn more in our XP 3.0 Review.

Best folding ebike for your money: Ride1Up Portolla ($995/$1,095)

Ride1Up Portola in Matte Indigo

Tight on space but crave electric-powered freedom? The Ride1Up Portola is a feisty folder that packs a powerful punch for the price tag, boasting a 750 watt motor that tackles hills with ease and a top speed of 28 mph on pedal assist. But the magic truly lies in its convenient folding design. The frame and stem collapse into a compact package, making it a breeze to store in apartments, stash under desks at the office, or toss in the back of your car for weekend adventures.

At $995 it’s a fantastic deal, but for just $100 more you can upgrade from the 10.4Ah battery to the 13.4Ah. Plus, it’s integrated into the frame for easy removal.

Don’t be fooled by its folding prowess, though. The Portola isn’t all about shrinking down. It boasts quality features that elevate your ride. The 8-speed Shimano drivetrain offers smooth gear changes, while the 3-inch tires provide a comfortable and stable ride, whether you’re cruising city streets or venturing onto light trails.

Hydraulic disc brakes ensure confident stopping power, and a front suspension fork soaks up bumps for a pleasant journey. Top it all off with a sleek design, frame-integrated rack, and optional passenger kit, and the Portola becomes the ultimate urban ebike chameleon—ready to transform your commute and empower exploration, all while fitting seamlessly into your life.

Considering the Portola and the XP 3.0? Be sure to check out our comparison.

Learn more in our Ride1Up Portola review.

Blix Vika+ Flex ($1,499)

Blix Vika+ Flex in Racing Green

Blix’s Vika+ Flex is your ticket to foldable ebike fun. This retro, sporty electric ride folds down to a compact size, ideal for storing in apartments, bringing on public transportation, or accompanying your van-lifestyle. But don’t be fooled by its collapsible frame—the Vika+ Flex is built for adventure.

A powerful 500 watt rear hub motor tackles hills with ease, and the 48V battery offers a decent range for exploring your city or beyond. Comfortable 20-inch wheels with wide 2.4-inch puncture-resistant tires provide a smooth ride, while a 7-speed drivetrain offers versatility on various terrains.

Safety features include hydraulic disc brakes for confident stopping and bright LED front & rear lights for increased visibility. Not to mention, you can charge any device from the display!

One of the biggest pros of the Vika+ is the weight. It doesn’t compromise on motor power or battery but still manages to keep a relatively lower weight. The bike weight with battery is 55lbs and just 47.5lbs without. This translates to it being just that much easier to throw in the back of a vehicle.

With a built-in rear rack and a variety of other accessories available, the Vika+ Flex is a folding ebike that adapts to your needs.

Rad Power Bikes RadExpand 5 ($1,599)

Rad Power Bikes RadExpand 5

If you have followed Ebike Escape for a while now, you know how much we love Rad Power Bikes. We’re ecstatic to share that they’ve once again revamped their previous foldable electric bike into what is now known as the RadExpand 5. It features a step-through frame, adjustable BMX-style handlebars, seven speeds, and four levels of pedal assist. The 750-watt hub motor and 14 Ah battery can get you 25-45 miles worth of exploration.

This fifth-generation foldable bike weighs 62.5 lbs and has a rear rack and fenders included in the package. The rear rack is equipped to withstand 55 lbs of weight, with a total payload of 275 lbs. The tires are 20″ x 4″ for ease and comfort when riding and this ebike features an LED display though it can be upgraded to the Rad LCD display.

Rad Power Bikes is a reputable brand—you know you’re in good hands (or wheels) with them. Learn more in our RadExpand 5 Review.

Brompton ($3,800)

Brompton electric folding ebike

British bike company Brompton is the original in the realm of folding bikes, so it’s only natural they’d delve into folding ebikes as well. They’re not cheap—a Brompton ebike will set you back around $3,800—but people seek out Brompton for a reason. They’re a solid bike company that has been doing folding bikes forever. We’ve witnessed people become converts watching the folding process. Plus, the Brompton electric is lightweight at just 32 lbs.

There’s something of a classic British bicycle look to the ebike line. Its lowest-priced model reaches speeds of 15 MPH with its 250-watt front hub motor. With six gears and a range of 25-40 miles (300Wh 36V battery), it might not quite stack up to the others in terms of features. But those who want a Brompton know they want a Brompton.

The Best Folding Ebike

Simply saying one folding ebike is the best in the category would be tough. There are a number of options. Choosing the best one for you depends on your budget, and what kind of riding you’ll be doing. Some are clearly for those who don’t worry about budgets, such as the Brompton brand. But as we shared, a folding ebike can fit into just about any budget. Whatever folding ebike you choose, you will appreciate the ease of transportation and storage.

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