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  1. Your video on the side by side comparison of affordable ebikes was outstanding and very informative! Thanks for all you and your wife do to promote e-bikes!

  2. Yes great review on Radcity5 Plus, appreciate both the review as well as the assembly video. You used an app to measure the speed on the hill test but I can’t find that exact one. What was the name of the app and the developer? Thanks

  3. I watched your Lectric XP 3.0 vs Ride1Up Portola video. I live in NW Las Vegas, with Tule Springs trails just down the street from me. I’ll be vacationing in AZ the Phoenix area in a few weeks, and I’m planning to stop at Lextric while I’m there. I want to ask them if the XP 3.0 can handle gravel-small stone covered trails.

    I was almost certain I’d get the XP 3.0 until your video made me aware of the Portola. I’ve watched some other Portola reviews as well. Now I’m starting to lean that way.

    Which bike would you recommend (maybe neither?) for light trails? There are paved bike paths that I can explore. However, I’d like to get off the beaten path as well.

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