Electric Bike Accessories

Electric Bike Accessories

When it comes to buying an electric bike there are a few accessories you may want to consider. The most important electric bike accessories in my opinion relate to safety, but it’s also important to be comfortable while you ride. A majority of these accessories will work on any ebike.

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Ebike Mirrors


Suspension Seatposts

Ebike Helmets

Cell Phone Mounts

Ebike Locks and Alarms

Bike Tire Pumps

Bike Racks and Carriers

Also see our list and video of the best bike racks for ebikes.

Recommended Water Bottles

Water Bottle Solutions

Ebike Storage Solutions

Ebike Repair Stands


Grips/Handlebar Accessories

Ebike Repair Tools

Rechargeable Bike Lights

“Be Seen” Accessories

Electric Bike Horns

Child Seats and Trailers

Bike Bags and Baskets

Brake Parts (Pads, Calipers, etc..)

Rear Bike Racks

Preventing Flats

Popular Replacement Tires

RadRover Specific Accessories

Rad Power Bikes Specific Accessories

Frame Protection

  1. Great site. We have 2 Rads. I bought Hollywood two bike rack per your suggestion. Now I need to assemble. ARRRGH!

      1. Ryan,
        I have the R1up cafe cruiser. Your brother changed the handlebar neck (gooseneck ?) so he was able to raise it. What did he use?
        Thank You
        Brad Davis

    1. Hi Ryan,

      Would the Roswell 3 in 1 rear bags fit on a rad step through mini? I haven’t been able to find any bags that fit the rear rack and RAD doesn’t have their panniers in stock.

      1. Hello. That Roswheel Setup looks to be pretty universal. So I would imagine it would. However, without having actually tried it, we can’t be 100% sure. Feel free to ask this same question over on the Radowners.com forum. There is a large knowledgable group of people over there, which I think can help you find what you need.

  2. We currently own 2 rads and are looking into getting the rad wagon, can u tell me what the 2 seats on the back are called (in the beginning of your video your have a boy sitting in one of the seats – I live that it has a seat back) and where you purchased them? I am not finding them on rads site.

  3. do you know the threading dimensions of the passenger foot peg holes? would they accept a standard 9/16 x 20 tpi bolt on both sides or is one a left hand threading?

  4. i have aquestion, i am surging for almost a half year for a frond axel to reniew in my frontwiel.When i drive on my rad i hear the the ball bearings crunch .
    Do you know where i can find a new and straight front axel to fix my rad.
    im a little worried to drive now.
    i hope you can help me.

  5. I recently purchased a Zebra step-over, it was pulling hard to the right so I took it to our local bike shop. Diagnosis (Front Bent Fork) I have zero miles on the odometer. Do you know where I can purchase a replacement fork? Himiway doesn’t seem to be able to provide an approximate delivery date? so sad in Michigan

    1. We unfortunately do not know what front fork would replace it. With the current supply chain issues and such, Himiway not knowing a exact delivery date doesn’t surprise me.

      Check out Himiway owners Facebook pages, might be able to find someone that has also replaced a front fork. Or unfortunately the other option might be to see if your Local Bike Shop can measure and find you a replacement. Sorry this happened. The main draw back to Direct to Consumer bikes is the shipping damage.

  6. Please do a video review of detachable pedals. These offer two great advantages: narrows the overall bike width for storage and simply removing one pedal while going into the store discourages pedaling away on the bike ( which should be locked of course).

    1. These are on our short list of accessories to try out. They appear to have some really cool uses. The security side is not something I would have thought about. Thank you for that.

  7. As weird as it sounds, are there any indoor trainers designed for e bikes? I’m recovering from ankle surgery and won’t be able to ride outdoors for quite a while. However, if I can use it for rehabbing, that’d be great!

    1. Unless you have a mid-drive motor, the options are extremely limited. Most trainers either replace the rear axle (skewer) or the entire rear wheel. Neither of which is possible on a hub-drive ebike. You could look into a roller style trainer that mounts the front wheel solid like this: https://amzn.to/3d5XlUD (affiliate link). I would shy away from a front and rear roller setups, I fear falling off one of those on an ebike would be dangerous.

  8. Very very helpful suggestions. I was wondering what you use in your videos that show mph on your phone in big numbers? Any apps that you would recommend, maybe that is non paid subscription based.

    1. We prefer to stick with what ever charger Ride1up (or any ebike manufacturer) provides with the ebike. The life of a battery is rate upon recharge cycles. So sticking with that is the safest option.

      1. Hey JT I have a 2021 Radmission where can I get the upgraded controller and I need a new wiring harness.
        Appreciate any advice
        South Florida

        1. Unfortunately we are not going to be much help, as I would simply be googling things for you.

          I recommend asking this same question over on the Radowners.com forum. There are a bunch of people with a lot more information and hands on experience then us.

  9. FYI, the GPS tracking sticker link is broken.

    P.S. Your videos are excellent. Thank you! I will be sure to use your links when purchasing.

  10. I really need a replacement battery for my aventon aventure.2. Where or how can I get one please. Nathaniel Sehwah

    1. The Aventure.1 Battery is the same. We know if you reach out the Aventon they can get you setup with a replacement.

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