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Bern Hudson Helmet Review

Along with my collection of bicycles, I have become a collector of bike helmets. I use my Sena helmets when I am riding with my wife and want to chat as we bike. When I want to look especially stylish, I reach for my Thousand helmet. My son loves his Nutcase Little Nutty. I could list a number of helmets I own and when I wear them most. In fact, I made a helmet rack for our hallway recently to organize our collection, which admittedly, has gotten a bit out of control.

Every helmet I own though has a specific riding purpose. The Bern Hudson Helmet is one of my newer additions to the collection and its purpose makes it rise to the top of my list often: Safety. This is a helmet that was designed to protect ebikers. With our faster speeds, a regular old helmet just won’t suffice. If you are going to wear a helmet as an ebiker, why not wear one of the safest ones? Keep reading for our full review of the Bern Hudson Helmet.

Bern Hudson Bike Helmet Review

The Bern Hudson Bike Helmet ($120) comes in six fun color options: Matte Navy, Matte Mint, Matte Hyper Green, Matte Black, Matte Sand, and Satin White. The model is offered in sizes small through large (52cm-61.5cm). The visor is removable and machine washable. The vents are designed to be compatible with a U-Lock for security when locking your bike up.

As an added perk, the Bern Hudson Helmet has a micro USB rechargeable light built into the rear. The 6.6 lumen light lasts up to ten hours. There are three light modes: steady, flash, pulse. Having a built-in rear light comes in so handy for those times you didn’t know you would be out when it got dark or when your rear bike light is unexpectedly dead. Though you won’t want to count on the light for additional daylight visibility. Still, this light is easy to use and water-resistant.

Bern Hudson Helmet Safety

This helmet not only offers MIPS brain protection but also meets NTA 8776, CPSC, and EN1070 safety standards. That’s right. This helmet meets MULTIPLE standards in helmet safety. New to this safety jargon? Below is a brief overview of the two main protections that I am most excited about.


MIPS Bern Hudson
MIPS Rotational Shell

Multi-direction Protection System (MIPS) technology. MIPS is a leading technology for bike helmet safety designed to reduce the risk of brain damage through its ability to absorb rotational force in a crash. When the technology first came out, it added a significant cost to the consumer helmet. I am happy to see the price has gone down some since its first debut on the market to make it a little more accessible to riders. MIPS has become a very commonly known safety certification and many helmet manufacturers now offer MIPS helmets.

NTA 8776

This relatively new safety standard emerged with the surge in ebike popularity. With higher speeds of an ebike, comes a greater need for an increase in helmet protection. This safety standard is designed to protect the head from the impact associated with higher speeds. Bern states meeting this standard means head protection up to 27mph. The NTA 8776 standard requires the helmet to cover more of the head than a regular helmet. One of the first things I noticed about the Bern Hudson Helmet was its lower profile. It covers much more of my forehead than any other helmet I have owned. More protected surface area = better overall protection. The minor drawback is that you will need to find skinnier sunglasses potentially to work with this low profile. It is a small drawback though for better protection!

Bern Helmet Accessories

Cold Weather Beanie

Bern makes a Cold Weather Beanie ($30) that fits perfectly under the Hudson Helmet. As someone who does a lot of cold-weather riding, this is a luxury item I am happy to have. It is thin, but warm and covers my ears well. Bern makes several accessories that are designed to fit with their helmets that I recommend checking out.

Final Thoughts

This is an excellent helmet for those looking for a higher tier of safety. With its comfortable fit, cold weather accessories, and top-notch safety, this is one of my favorite helmets to wear on an ebike.

For more ebike accessory recommendations, check out our accessories list. A special thanks to Bern for allowing us to test and review this product.

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