What is the Best Fat Tire Ebike? I’m Glad You Asked! Top 9 List

Best fat tire electric bikes

Fat tire ebikes remain a popular choice and the possibilities are bigger than ever. Ebike Escape cuts across the cluttered terrain to bring you the best off-road ebikes around. Fun and comfortable to ride, fat tire ebikes are compatible with all riders. Most of our preferred models are less than $2000 and meet industry safety standards. Show your support by using our affiliate “Check Best Price” links to take you straight to the manufacturers, where you will also find great sale deals at this time of year.

1. Lectric XPeak ($1299)

A lot of power for a low price

Lectric continues to set the standard for value-driven ebikes with its feature-packed fat tire edition, the XPeak. Here they surpass expected safety standards by securing the ISO 4210-10 MTB certification, ensuring the quality and reliability of key aspects of electric mountain bikes (eMTBs). A superb 750-watt motor, peaks at 1130W and uses Lectric’s “Stealth M24” technology to reduce noise by up to 400%. The 48V 14Ah battery is on the average side, but the inclusion of Lectric’s PWR controller smooths out the cadence sensor by using an amp, rather than a speed-based system. The XPeak comes virtually fully assembled, at Class 2 with speeds up to 20 mph, but it can be adjusted to Class 3  with speeds up to 28mph. Hydraulic disc brakes are exceptional on such a budget ebike, as is the RST Renegade front fork, which would usually cost an extra $400 and allows 80mm in travel.

2. Aventon Aventure.2 ($1,799)

A torque sensor works with human power

The technology-forward team at Aventon brings their neat app integration to the fat tire scene with the Aventure.2, to modify speeds, with Class 3 adjustment, up to 28mph. An advanced, brushless hub motor gives 750-watt nominal (1130W peak) power with an advertised up to 60-mile range from its 48V, 15 Ah battery. A responsive torque sensor is most notable on this model, attuning human pedal power to the pedal assistance. Quality components also enhance the Aventure.2 with a set of Tektro hydraulic disc brakes and better than average Shimano 8-gear shifter and derailleur. You also get Aventon’s attention to detail including smoothed frame welds and integrated front and frame-integrated rear lights.

3. RadRover 6 Plus ($1,599):

RadRover 6 Plus
A historical favorite: the RadRover 6 Plus

Building on the success of their best-selling, flagship ebike, the RadRover 5, the RadRover 6 Plus upgrade boasts a slew of improved design features. A semi-integrated 14Ah battery is both ergonomic and easily accessible and the first not to use the externally mounted shark-style pack common to previous Rad models. It is also the first in the range to feature hydraulic disc brakes and ceramic brake pads. Similarly, the 750-watt geared hub motor has been re-engineered to deliver more power with more efficiency. Rad Power Bikes also rebuilt the suspension for a smoother ride. An overhaul of the display makes it larger and more user-friendly, along with larger buttons. Available in both high step and step-thru variations the RadRover 6 Plus is well worth the slightly higher price tag, which still keeps it in the sub-$2000 range.

4. Ride1Up Rift ($1895)

Surveying the fat tire scene

A robust range of features at a reasonable price from this trusted ebike brand. More familiar to the commuter market, Ride1Up’s Rift model is an impressive entry into fat tire terrain, easily handling hills with its 750-watt geared hub motor. A cadence sensor enables speeds up to 20 mph via throttle alone, effortlessly accessing 28mph with pedal assist and Class 3 adjustment. Ride1Up provides highly customizable pedal assist levels – including the number of levels (from 0-9) and amount of power for each level – via its small, colored display. The juice behind the power is amply provided by a big 48V, 20Ah battery, well integrated into the frame. Another unique feature of this model is its 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes bringing this mighty machine to a surer stop than possible with a standard 2-piston setup. The Ride1Up Rift is also designed with haulage in mind, including a 150lb-bearing rear rack welded into the frame, with bungees included; and the Ride1Up Passenger kit is a good fit too.

5. Velotric Nomad 1 ($1399)

Cool stylings and commendable features

At the budget end of the market, relative newcomers Velotric offers the well-designed and powerful Nomad 1. Available in a variety of fun colors, frame shapes, and sizes there’s a choice for everyone ranging from 5’1” to 6’4” with a max capacity of 440lb. The motor is 750-watt sustained, which is capable of surpassing its 1200W peak, and reaching speeds up to 24mph with Class 3 adjustment. There are 5 levels of pedal assist from a cadence sensor and a good-sized, highly visible display. The Shimano 8-speed shifter with Shimano Altus derailleur on the Nomad 1 is seen as slightly more premium components (typically we see only 7 gears). And it’s also great to find hydraulic disk brakes on an ebike at this price. Velotric was early to getting their ebikes UL Certified for increased peace of mind.

6. Ariel Rider Kepler ($1699)

Ariel Rider Kepler Side View
A mighty machine

Another formidable contender from a company that has built its reputation on power, Ariel Rider’s Kepler delivers with a mighty motor and huge battery. The custom 1000-watt motor peaks at 1800W to achieve top speeds above 30mph, and beyond US Class 2 or 3 regulations. At 52V and 20Ah, the battery is best in class and the company boasts a 75-mile range. With this potential, the reliable Tektro-branded HD-E 350 hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors are necessary. Ghost pedaling is inevitable with almost any ebike at such high speeds, but Ariel Rider mitigates the worst effects with a larger, 52-tooth front chainring. An 80mm Zoom Fork up front offers a decent cushion and can be adjusted for preload and lockout. There is also an adjustable stem so the riding position can be customized as needed.

7. Himiway Zebra ($1,999)

Himiway Zebra Review Step-Thru
A big bike with a giant battery

A brand that specializes in fat tire ebikes, Himiway produces the chunky Zebra model in a step-thru and step-over style. Weighing in at 80lb this is one of the heavier ebikes around, but it does have a 400lb load-bearing capacity and a huge battery. The 48V, 20Ah battery is bulky and sometimes a struggle to detach from the frame, but it gives a lot of extra juice – ebike batteries more commonly yield 14Ah. And although Himiway’s claim to an 80 mile range, might be a stretch on varied terrain and using pedal assist, the Zebra easily achieves the lower end of the range – 60 miles. The upgraded 750-watt sustained motor (peaking at 1000W) is designed to have high heat resistance and heat dissipation. A cadence sensor reaches 20 mph at Class 2, rising to 25 mph with adjustment to Class 3. The highly legible monochrome display enables power adjustments within each pedal assist level. Motor cutoff with Tektro hydraulic disc brakes is another nice feature.

8. Biktrix Juggernaut range (Starting at $2,249)  

Customizable and capable

With more than a decade in the ebike business, Biktrix can be trusted to push the limits. With their Juggernaut Duo off-road iterations, they expand the possibilities for wheel sizes, diverging from the ebike standard of 26 inches. Wheel sizes range from 24” to the 27.5” size that’s become popular in the mountain bike market. The Juggernauts are highly customizable – the duo denotes the possibility of a second battery – which helps explain the big price variations, from $2,399 to $5,999 (for the Juggernaut XD Eagle). The choice of motors includes 750-watt nominal as either rear or mid-drive and a 1000W mid-drive, offering between 85nm up to 160nm of torque. And the option for regular or step-through frames means there’s a Juggernaut to fit most sizes. Biktrix offers great support so if you have questions, don’t be afraid to ask them. The real value here is a fat tire ebike suited exactly to your needs.

9. Blix Ultra ($2099 – $2499)

Step-over frame with possibly two batteries

The team at Blix marked a move out of their familiar cruiser ebike territory with the Ultra fat tire model. Most remarkable about this ebike is the option for a 2nd battery adding $400 to the price and increasing the weight to 76lb, from 68lb for the single. Most importantly, the boosted capacity of 28Ah (2x 48V 14Ah batteries) provides a range of up to 80 miles. There are also more color options for the dual-battery version. A 750-watt rear hub motor, peaking at 1350W, is powerful enough. And opening the throttle pushes up to a max speed of 20. Zoom branded hydraulic disc brakes are reliable and include motor cutoff. Although the display is small and minimalist, there is Bluetooth and good app integration for tweaking settings, including switching up to Class 3. It is a drawback that the class change needs to be made for every ride (as it always defaults to Class 2). And the step-over-only frame type means that this beefy bike might not be a good fit for those under 5’7”.

Honorable Mention – Wired Freedom ($1999)

The Wired Freedom is an exciting new entry to the fat tire ebike scene and has been the choice of many “maximalist” ebike riders. A 60V 20Ah battery is unheard of at this price point and the motor peaks at an equally impressive 2200 watts peak. Yet to be fully reviewed by Ebike Escape, a key concern is that this model doesn’t technically fall into the current regulation which requires an ebike to have a 750-watt motor. Still, that hasn’t stopped many from making it their pick.

Find the best fat tire ebike for you

It’s one of the great aspects of the ebike industry, that there are so many choices for consumers – especially when it comes to fat tire ebikes. Finding a bike that fits all your needs at a price point you can handle has never been easier. These are some of our favorite fat tire electric bikes that we’ve reviewed from the major companies currently selling in the USA. If you’re considering a different fat tire electric bike let us know in the comments below and we’ll check it out!