Ariel Rider Rideal Review – Surprisingly Powerful Yet Affordable

Ariel Rider Rideal Review

There are only a handful of ebikes that we recommend priced around $1,000. The Ariel Rider Rideal might be the most versatile and powerful ebike in its class. It also has a sweet price of just $1,000. Ariel Rider is best known for their value-priced moped style electric bikes including the X-Class (48v and 52v) and the D-Class. So it was a bit surprising to see them offer their most affordable model yet with the Rideal.

When it comes to reviewing ebikes, seeing is believing so we were excited to get our hands on a Rideal to put it through its paces for this Ariel Rider Rideal review. Scroll down to the bottom of this post for the full Rideal video review or read on for more details.

Ariel RIder Rideal Review

Rideal Motor and Battery

Without a doubt, the two standout features of the Rideal are the battery capacity and motor. The rest is just icing on the cake. The Rideal has a 48V 14 Ah (672 watt-hours) battery. Most often when you approach the $1000 price point and below you see battery sizes (and even voltage) decrease. This is due to ebike companies having to make sacrifices somewhere to offer an ebike at such a low price. Take the $1000 Lectric XP 2.0 which by comparison has a 48v 9.6 Ah battery. The battery capacity on the Rideal is downright impressive for the price and you’ll find the same battery capacity on ebikes priced much higher.

When it comes to the motor, this is another area where Ariel Rider didn’t cut corners with the Rideal. The 750-watt motor is capable of tackling the largest of hills as you’ll see firsthand in the video footage below. Combined with the relatively lightweight of this ebike at 52 lbs it is a blast to ride. Engaging the motor is a cadence sensor that determines when you’re pedaling. There are 5 levels of pedal assist though pedal-assist levels 4 and 5 are likely only to be used for hills. But you also have a right-hand twist-grip throttle. Using pedal-assist or the throttle will get you up to the max speed of 20 mph. Note that the Rideal includes a red button by the throttle which toggles the throttle on and off (pictured below).

The 30-60 mile range estimate from Ariel Rider is plausible though you’ll only be hitting the higher end of that range if you’re in the lowest pedal assist, providing plenty of your own power and of course not using the throttle.

Components and accessories

One feature most people will appreciate is the 6-speed drivetrain. While it is an entry-level Shimano Tourney derailleur there are many ebikes at this price-point that are single-speed. Where you’ll appreciate having extra gears is when tackling hills. Other pleasant surprises with the Rideal include the front and rear lights which both operate off of the main battery. Adding to the visibility on the road are the 27.5 x 1.95 tires with reflective sidewalls.

For brakes, Ariel Rider went with Tektro Aries mechanical disc brakes, a component that can be found on many budget-priced electric bikes. The biggest point here is that Ariel Rider still went with a name-brand component which we appreciate. A double-walled chainring keeps your pants clean and a simple LED display shows battery capacity and pedal assist level. For those looking to fully outfit their Rideal, Ariel Rider offers fenders ($59), and both a front and a rear rack priced at $69 each.

The Looks and the Rideal Frame

Not only does the Rideal perform well but it also doesn’t look like a budget-priced ebike. It’s offered in three different colors: red, blue and black (touch-up paint included!). Classy Ariel Rider branding can be found throughout, including accents on both the faux leather grips and seat.

The downtube is shaped not only to hold the external battery securely but also to add some modern dimensional flair to the shape of the downtube.

Pay close attention to the frames as the Rideal is offered in two different styles which accommodate different size riders. A high step model for taller riders between 5’10” – 6’5″ and a mid-step model for riders between 5’2″ – 6’2″. The standover heights are 32″ and 26″ respectively. As someone who is 6 feet tall, I appreciated the larger size of the high step model and am glad Ariel Rider went with two completely different frames instead of a one size fits all approach. Check out the full measurements on Ariel Rider’s website.

Ariel Rider Rideal Mid-Step

Ariel Rider Rideal vs Rad Power Bikes RadMission

Rad Power Bikes recently decreased the price of the Rad Power Bikes RadMission to $999. And with the prices the same, many ebike shoppers will be comparing the Ariel Rider Rideal to the RadMission. We’ve tested both ebikes so be sure to check out our full Rad Power Bikes RadMission review for more detailed information but here are the key differences.

The Rideal no doubt outperforms the RadMission with its 750-watt motor, compared to a 500 watt motor on the RadMission. It also has a larger battery at 14 Ah, compared to the RadMission’s 10.5 Ah. Another major differentiator is the RadMission is a single-speed whereas the Rideal has 6 speeds. The RadMission ebikes are slightly lighter at around 48 lbs compared to the 52 lb Rideal. This is likely due to the differences in battery sizes.

Both bikes are offered in high-step and mid-step options though, in our experience, taller riders will feel more comfortable on the high-step Rideal than the high-step RadMission. Other specs are largely the same like the LED display, disc brakes, tire sizes, included front/rear lights and a rigid front fork. Keep in mind the RadMission does not come with a kickstand ($15), so you’ll likely want to purchase one. Other optional accessories available on the RadMission include a rear rack ($79), front-mounted basket ($89), and fenders ($59).

If you already have a Rad Power Bike you may want to consider a RadMission for the simple fact that the batteries are interchangeable. Rad Power Bikes also has the largest support team in the ebike industry, has two local showrooms (Seattle and San Diego), and may offer free test rides in your area through their mobile service.

Both the Rideal and RadMission are great choices if you’re looking for an affordable ebike so don’t get too hung up on the two. Pick the one that fits your needs the best and your wallet will thank you. If you’re considering an ebike around $1,000 check out our full post on $1,000 (ish) ebikes.


The Ariel Rider Rideal is a great choice for those looking for a budget-priced ebike. There is little in the way of compromises on this ebike with its large battery and 750-watt motor. The company has a track record of delivering ebikes that offer tremendous value and the Rideal is no exception. To learn more about the Rideal check out the Ariel Rider website. And if you want to hear from other owners head on over to the Ariel Rider owners group on Facebook.

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