Best Lightweight Ebikes: All Under 50 lbs!

It’s not surprising that ebikes are going to be heavier than traditional bikes. The added components such as the motor and battery are the two biggest factors when it comes to weight. Many bikes we see here at Ebike Escape are in the 65-75+ lb range! That can be a lot of weight when trying to load it onto a bike rack. Heavier ebikes can also feel bulkier and unruly when riding, especially when you are not super comfortable on a bike. So what are the best lightweight ebikes to choose from?

If you want a lighter electric bike that is easier to manage, there are still ebikes that can fit the bill. Here is our list of the best lightweight ebikes that aren’t going to break your bank!

Benefits of a lighter weight ebike

The two lightest ebikes on our list are only 33 lbs! With a lighter ebike, you will be giving up some power. Lighter-weight ebikes tend to have small batteries and/or smaller motors. They tend to be bikes designed for city riding with thinner tires and sleek appearances. Many of these bikes don’t include extras such as fenders or kickstands as a way to minimize weight.

As technology improves we will see lighter and lighter ebikes. Currently, some of the best lightweight ebikes are sub 30 lbs! That is even lighter than many traditional bikes but they will come with a price to match! Our review today will cover affordable and lightweight ebikes. If weight is more critical than price consider this list.

Without further ado, let’s get started with the best lightweight, but affordable electric bikes!

Ride1Up Roadster V2 at 33lbs: Tied for lightest ebike on our list

Ride1Up Roadster V2

Let’s start with one of the best lightweight ebikes of our lineup, Ride1Up’s Roadster V2 at only 33 lbs! It has a clean and simple design with a concealed battery. It is a quiet bike and it would be easy to mistake this ebike for a traditional bike. The Roadster V2 is priced at $1,095.

The frame comes in two sizes, 52 cm (for riders 5’3″-5’8″) and 58 cm (for riders 5’8″-6’3″). The weight capacity for the Ride1Up Roadster V2 is 300 lbs. Color options are pretty conservative and include burgundy, black, gray and silver.

There is a 350-watt nominal motor that peaks at 500 watts. This is a pretty average motor for a lightweight affordable ebike. The battery is a 36V, 7Ah battery with an advertised range of 20-30 miles. It has a compact LCD screen and 5 levels of pedal assist but no throttle. This is a class 3 ebike with a top speed of 24 mph with pedal assist.

The Roadster V2 is a single-speed with a Toptrans belt drive, it features Tektro R315 Dual Pivot rim brakes. Generally, it comes with Kenda Kwest 700cx28 road tires however there is an option for a gravel bike version. The gravel version of the V2 comes with larger tires and disc brakes for $1,245. The bigger tires will provide a bit more stability on looser surfaces and more confidence while stopping in any weather conditions. The Roadster V2 gravel is unquestionably the most affordable gravel ebike on the market. This bike is clean, simple, and LIGHT.

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Ride1Up CF Racer1 at 29 lbs: Carbon Fiber for the Win

Ride1Up has shaken things up in the world of ebikes with the CF Racer1. This gravel and road-ready ebike boasts a lightweight carbon fiber frame, typically found on much pricier models, at a surprisingly affordable price tag of $2,295.

The CF Racer 1 features a 250w Bafang rear hub motor with 42 Nm of torque, providing a subtle yet powerful boost to flatten hills and maintain speed. With a range of 16-40 miles on the frame-integrated Samsung cell battery, it’s ideal for tackling commutes, workouts, or weekend adventures.

Riders will appreciate the CF Racer1’s focus on performance. The lightweight frame contributes to a total weight of just 29 lbs, making for a nimble and responsive ride. SRAM Rival 1 hydraulic disc brakes ensure confident stopping power, while the 11-speed doubletap shifters offer smooth gear changes. The CF Racer1 comes in two frame options, gravel and road, so riders can choose the best fit for their terrain preference.

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Velotric T-Series at 36 lbs: For the Minimalists

The Velotric T Series cuts a sleek figure in the world of ebikes. This lightweight, urban commuter prioritizes clean design and a smooth ride, making it a great option for riders who want a touch of e-assist without the bulk.

Both the T1 and T1 ST models in the T Series boast a 350w (peak 600w) Velotric E35+ motor with a torque sensor for a natural and responsive ride. With a range of up to 70 miles on the T1 and 52 miles on the T1 ST (depending on pedal assist mode), the T Series can handle most commutes and cruises around town.

Hydraulic disc brakes provide confident stopping power, while the 8-speed Shimano drivetrain offers a good range of gears for tackling hills or maintaining speed on flats. The T Series comes in at a very competitive price point around $1,099, making it an attractive option for budget-minded riders.

It’s important to note that the T Series prioritizes minimalism. There’s no display, opting instead for a phone mount that works with the Velotric smartphone app. Additionally, the integrated battery means it can’t be removed for charging, and some riders may miss a throttle option. However, for those seeking a stylish, lightweight, and affordable e-bike for urban riding, the Velotric T Series is definitely worth a look.

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Propella Mini at 33 lbs: Small wheels and only $799!

Propella has a host of ebikes that fall into the lightweight and affordable categories. These ebikes include their Mini, the SS, the 7S, and the 9S PRO! This is a great company for this type of bike!

The lightest ebike Propella offers is the Mini. It is currently only $799! That makes it one of the most affordable ebikes on this list as well as tied for the lightest! It has a high-step traditional appearing frame. It is ideal for riders between 5’2″ and 5’10” and the stand-over height is 22″. The bike has smaller tires than a typical bike, they are only 20″ x 1.75″. This makes the bike, small and nimble. It is perfect to fit into small living spaces or vehicles. The small wheels also mean this bike has increased climbing power and can handle hills with up to a 10% incline.

This super light, single-speed ebike comes with a 250-watt Bafang hub motor with a peak output of 400 watts. It includes a 36V 7Ah battery, made with Samsung cells. The company advertises a 20-35 mile range with pedal assist. There is an option to buy an extra battery if you need more range on any of the Propella bikes. This is a class 1 ebike with a top speed of 18 mph and no throttle. There are 5 levels of pedal assist available and it uses a cadence sensor. The Propella Mini has Shimano mechanical disc brakes. It has a matte black frame and blue rims. For a light ebike currently selling for less than $800, this is tough to beat!

Propella SS

The Propella SS comes in just a couple of pounds heavier than the mini at 35 lbs and comes in at just $999. Just like the Mini, it is a high-step, single-speed, class 1 ebike. It has the same battery and motor, but a slightly longer range of 20-40 miles. It also has the same LCD and Shimano mechanical disc brakes.

The main thing that differentiates the SS from the Mini is the tires and wheels. While the Mini has 20″ x 1.75″ tires which are small and nimble, the SS has 700 c X 35 wheels giving it a more traditional look. The standover height is about an inch higher at 23″ and the rider height range is a little taller going from 5’4″-6’2″.

Gearing between the SS and Mini is also a little different. The SS has 46T front chainring with a 16T rear freewheel, while the Mini has a 52T front chainring but the same 16T rear freewheel.

Propella 7S

Next up on the Propella lightweight ebike lineup is the Propella 7S. The price bumps up to $1,199 and the bike comes in at 37 lbs. This increased weight on this bike comes from the upgrade from single-speed to a Shimano Altus 7-speed shifter and derailleur. This offers a lot more options to allow the rider to power up hills with a combination of pedaling and pedal assist.

Many of the other features of the 7S are similar to the Mini and SS models. It has the same battery, motor, LCD display, and brakes. Like the other Propella ebikes, the 7S is a class 1 ebike. The 7S has same 46T front chainring as the SS as well as the same standover height and ideal rider height.

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Propella 9S PRO V2

Propella kept the 9S Pro V2 lightweight at around 44 lbs, making it easy to maneuver and store. It comes in both step-over and step-thru frame options, so riders of most heights can find a comfortable fit. The 9-speed Shimano drivetrain offers a good range of gears for tackling cityscapes, while the 36v 350Wh battery boasts a range of up to 50 miles on pedal-assist mode (depending on terrain and rider weight).

This Class 1 ebike features a 350w (peak 500w) rear hub motor with a game-changing torque sensor. Unlike cadence sensor motors found on many budget ebikes, the torque sensor delivers a natural riding experience by providing power based on your pedaling effort. This translates to smoother starts, intuitive power delivery, and a more enjoyable ride.

The 9S Pro V2 comes equipped with fenders and a front light, making it ready for all-weather commuting. Hydraulic disc brakes ensure confident stopping power, and a simple LCD display provides essential ride data. While some riders might miss a throttle option for those quick starts, the Propella 9S Pro V2 offers excellent value for those seeking a reliable, lightweight, and feature-rich e-bike for urban adventures.

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Lectric XP Lite at 49 lbs-A folding ebike for only $799!

Moving on from Propella, next we have a Lectric ebike. Lectric is a well-loved company and is known to have a great mix of quality and affordability. Their XP Lite is no exception. Along with the Propella Mini, the XP Lite shares the title for the most affordable lightweight bike on the Ebike Escape list coming in at only $799! Like all Lectric bikes, the XP Lite is a folding bike that ships fully assembled. The frame only comes in one size but fits a huge range of rider heights from 4’8″ to 6’2″. While the height range is generous, the weight capacity is only 250 lbs which could be limiting for some riders. Color options include classic black, arctic white, sandstorm, and electric blue. There is no front suspension on the XP lite, but you could easily add a suspension seat post for more comfort.

The motor is a 300-watt nominal and peaks at 720 watts. The battery is 48V, 7.8Ah (374.4-watt hours) and you can buy a second battery to have on hand if needed. The range on a single battery is 40 miles in pedal assist 1 and 15 miles in throttle only. The XP Lite is a single-speed ebike with 0-5 levels of pedal assist and has a cadence sensor. It has the same LCD display as the rest of the bikes on Lectric’s lineup. The XP Lite is a class 2 ebike with a top speed of 20 mph with pedal assist or throttle.

This bike has mechanical disc brakes with 160 mm rotors. The tires are 20′ x 2.4″ and have a tread pattern capable of handling some light off-road riding. It includes integrated front and tail lights, which aren’t always a given in such an affordable and light ebike.

This is a great bike for its price, weight, and size. It comes fully assembled and is easy to fold up and pack away for travel. It can handle some light hills, but due to the smaller battery and motor, it is not recommended to be trying to climb mountains with this bike.

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Aventon Soltera at 41-43lbs with a mid-step option and bright frame colors

The Aventon Soltera gives you the option of a single-speed at 41 lbs and $1,199 or the 7-speed at 43 lbs and $1,299. It is a lightweight and agile bike. You have plenty of choice for size and color allowing for a wide range of rider heights and color preferences. They offer a high-step and what they call a step-through though I would consider it more of a mid-step. The smallest frame Aventon offers is the mid-step small/medium, ideal for riders as short as 4’11. And the largest frame offered is the high-step Large, which is ideal for riders up to 6’4″. The weight capacity of the Soltera is 300 lbs. Color options vary depending on which frame and drivetrain you choose but include fun options such as seafoam green, salmon pink, moonrock grey, onyx black, azure blue, and citrine.

Regardless of the drivetrain or frame design you choose, all the Aventon Soltera bikes come with a 350-watt rear hub motor. The battery is 36 V, 9.6 Ah (338.4-watt hours), and is integrated nicely into the bottom of the frame. The estimated range in ideal conditions is 41 miles. The display is a color LCD screen with app sync functionality. This is the same display Aventon offers on their more expensive bikes. This is a class 2 ebike with a max speed of 20 mph It has both pedal assist and a throttle. You also have the option of disconnecting the throttle to make this a class 1 ebike.

The brakes on the 7-speed drivetrain model are mechanical disc brakes with 160 mm rotors. While the single-speed Soltera has Tektro Caliper rim brakes. Both versions of this bike have thin Kendra 700 c x 35 x road tires but no quick release. This bike is one of the few to include integrated front and rear lights. The rear lights are nicely integrated into the frame and illuminate when the brakes are applied. In such an affordable and light ebike this is a stand-out feature both on paper and on the road.

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Aventon Pace 350 at 49 lbs with a cruiser type frame and step-through option

The Aventon Pace 350 just skirts under our weight limit coming in at 49 lbs and is priced at $1,399. This bike is similar to Aventon’s Soltera with a few notable differences. The Soltera is a more traditional road bike whereas the Pace 350 is more of an up-right cruiser-style bike. The Pace 350 is offered in both a high-step and a true step-through. Between the two different frame styles, there are various frame sizes that fit a wide range of riders from 4’11” to 6’4″. Colors are mostly neutral, however they do also have plum purple.

The Aventon Pace 350 has a larger battery than the Soltera coming in at 36V and 11.6Ah battery (410.4-watt hours). The tires on the Pace are larger at 27.5″ x 2.2″. Other features including the display, pedal assist, throttle, max speed, brakes, and lights are similar to the Soltera.

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Vvolt Alpha at 44-46 lbs and fits a huge range of rider heights

Our final ebike to make the list is the Vvolt Alpha and Alpha S (the step-through version) currently selling at $1,399.

The variance in weight is due to differences in frame size. Both the Alpha and the Alpha S come in a S/M and L/XL frames, covering an ideal rider height range from 4’9″ to 6’4″. This is the shortest rider height on this list! Standover height on the S/M frame on the Alpha S is only 27″ and is up to 32″ on the larger L/XL for the Alpha. The colors are pretty basic and come in chalk white and slate.

The Vvolt Alpha and Alpha S feature a 350-watt rear hub motor with a 375-watt hour battery. The estimated range on this class 1 ebike is 20-40 miles per charge in ideal conditions. It has the normal 5 levels of pedal assist plus a walk mode. The LCD display offers Bluetooth pairing and app functionality.

The Vvolt is a single-speed bike with hydraulic disc brakes and 160 mm rotors. One unique feature of the Vvolt ebikes is a drive belt rather than a chain. The belt is a Gates CDN belt, which should last for thousands of miles and is a lower maintenance alternative to a bike chain. It can be especially helpful if you are riding in areas with lots of sand or debris.

In Conclusion…

There are some great contenders out there for the best lightweight ebikes! The lightest bikes on our lineup are the Ride1Up Roadster V2, the Ride1Up CF Racer1, and the Propella Mini. Aside from sharing the title for the lightest ebikes on our list, the Mini also ties in for the most affordable ebike currently listed for only $799. The Lectric XP Lite is the other ebike coming in at only $799, what a deal! The Lectric XP Lite is the only folding bike on today’s lineup.

As far as the company with the most options in this category, Propella really leads the pack with 4 options, the Mini, the SS, the 7S, and the 9S PRO V2. The SS has larger tires than the Mini though both are single speeds. The 7S is a 7-speed, and the 9S is 9 speeds. The 9S PRO V2 also has a bigger motor, battery, and tires than the rest of the Propella ebikes. Propella batteries also charge fast-under 3 hours!

For rider height range, the Vvolt Alpha and Alpha S really shine with a huge rider height range going from 4’9″ all the way up to 6’4″. It is also the only bike on the lineup offering a drive belt instead of a chain. The frames are offered in high-step or step-through options.

Aventon also offers a great height range on both the Soltera and the Pace 350 fitting riders from 4’11” to 6’4″. The main difference between the Soltera and the Pace 350 is that the Soltera is a more traditional road bike style with a more forward riding position and thin tires. The Pace 350 is a cruiser style with a more upright position and wider tires. Both the Soltera and Pace350 come in high-step options with the Soltera offering a mid-step and the Pace 350 offering a step-through.

Out of the best lightweight ebikes on our lineup, which is your favorite? Comment below!