Ride1Up CF Racer1 Review: A New Era in Affordable Gravel Electric Bikes

Ride1Up CF Racer1

Ride1Up has been on a tear, launching new ebikes very aggressively. The new CF Racer1 is their 5th ebike they’ve launched in under a year and it tackles a whole new category: affordable gravel ebikes. But in true Ride1Up fashion, it outperforms everyone in the market with high-quality components and unparalleled design.

Ride1Up CF Racer Gravel Video Review

Key Takeaways

PriceLess than $2500, offering high value
FrameUltra-light carbon fiber for strength and agility
PowertrainSleek, concealed motor and 36V 7Ah battery for streamlined appearance
Build OptionsAvailable in road and gravel versions
Component SpecificationEquipped with SRAM Rival 1x11s components
SizesAvailable in Small (50cm) and Large (56cm)
ColorsRainbow Black Gloss & Clouded Gray
Motor250W nominal Bafang motor
DisplayVeloFox DM02 Display
Braking SystemRival 1 160mm Hydraulic Disc brakes

A New Benchmark in Electric Gravel Riding: The CF Racer1

The Ride1Up CF Racer1 is redefining the standards of electric bikes, blending high-speed performance with cutting-edge design and versatility. Priced at $2,195, this bike offers features comparable to models quadruple its price, making it a standout choice for enthusiasts and casual riders alike.

Unparalleled Frame Design & Versatile Build Options

Sleek & Strong

The CF Racer1’s ultra-light carbon fiber frame stands out, it’s simply not something you see at this price. This ensures a blend of robustness and lightness, crucial for riders seeking speed and durability. The CF Racer1 Gravel comes in at just 28.6 lbs and the road, 27.4 lbs.

Catering to diverse riding preferences, the CF Racer1 offers two build options: a traditional road setup and a modern gravel spec. This versatility allows riders to choose a style that best suits their adventuring needs, whether it’s speeding along pavement or exploring off-road paths. The main difference: tires. The road spec comes with Schwalbe E-One 700x32c tires and the gravel spec moves to Continental Terra Trail tires, 700x40c. Both models sport drop handlebars, but differ in size slightly, even depending on the frame size.

Sleek and Efficient Powertrain and Drivetrain with High-Quality Components

At the heart of the CF Racer1 is a concealed powertrain, featuring a 250W nominal Bafang motor. This setup contributes to the bike’s sleek appearance and provides a significant boost in power, essential for tackling challenging terrains and uphill routes. The integrated battery and motor ensure a seamless riding experience, with enough power to lead or keep up in group rides. One thing of note, the CF Racer1 utilizes a cadence sensor, providing power as long as the rider is pedaling as opposed to a torque sensor which amplifies pedal power.

Both the road and gravel versions of the CF Racer1 are equipped with SRAM Rival 1x11s components. This selection guarantees reliable performance in any situation. The wide-range cassette (11-42T rear and 42T up front) and robust hydraulic brakes provide the necessary control and power for ascending climbs and descending with confidence.

Diverse Size and Color Options

CF Racer1 Clouded Gray

Ride1Up’s CF Racer1 caters to a broad range of cyclists with its size options, offering Small (50cm) and Large (56cm) frames. Good for riders 5’3″-5’8″ and 5’8″-6’3″ respectively. This inclusivity ensures that riders of different statures can find a comfortable and efficient fit.

Ride1Up CF Racer1 Geometry (click for larger)

In terms of aesthetics, the CF Racer1 doesn’t disappoint. It’s available in two striking colors: Rainbow Black and Clouded Gray.

Detailed Component Breakdown

Bring on the trail

The CF Racer1’s commitment to quality and performance is evident in its detailed component specifications. Both the road and gravel models boast features that are meticulously chosen for optimum performance:

  • Motor: A 250W nominal Bafang motor powers the bike, providing reliable and consistent assistance for various terrains.
  • Display: The VeloFox DM02 Display offers clear, accessible information about your ride, including speed, distance, and battery life.
  • Brakes: Equipped with Rival 1 160mm Hydraulic Disc brakes, the CF Racer1 ensures superior stopping power and control in all conditions.
  • Tires: Depending on the model, it comes with either Schwalbe E-One 700Cx32 for road or Continental Terra Trail Shieldwall 700Cx40 for gravel, both offering excellent traction and durability.
  • Shifters and Gearing: Featuring Rival 1 11-Speed Doubletap shifters and Prowheel 42T Alloy Chainring, the bike provides smooth and efficient gear shifting for a seamless riding experience.

The Competition

Ride1Up has explored the gravel-ready ebike territory before with their Roadster V2, but they really outdid themselves with the CF Racer1. While the Roadster gravel is great, this has far nicer components and is kind of in a class of its own—affordable gravel electric bikes are hard to come by.

Other competitors include the Cannondale Topstone Neo starting at $3,625, the Specialized Turbo Creo starting at $6,000, and the Canyon Grail starting at $5,599. The only one that even comes close to the CF Racer1 is the Kona Rove HD at $2,199, but Ride1Up out-specs the Kona with its carbon frame, hydraulic brakes, and more.

CF Racer1: Road vs Gravel Edition

ComponentRoad EditionGravel Edition
Motor250W nominal BAFANG250W nominal BAFANG
GripsGrip TapedGrip Taped
Seat Post300MM carbon300MM carbon
Stem/HandlebarOne-piece handlebar and StemOne-piece handlebar and Stem
Controller36V 15A36V 15A
Battery36V 7AH Samsung 20 cells36V 7AH Samsung 20 cells
DisplayVeloFox DM02 DisplayVeloFox DM02 Display
BrakesRival 1 160mm Hydraulic DiscRival 1 160mm Hydraulic Disc
Brake LeversSRAM Rival 1 ErgofitSRAM Rival 1 Ergofit
ForkCarbon RigidCarbon Rigid
TiresSchwalbe E-One 700Cx32Continental Terra Trail 700Cx40
Tube700Cx32 Black Butyl Tube700Cx35 Black Butyl Tube
ShiftersRival 1 11-Speed DoubletapRival 1 11-Speed Doubletap
GearingProwheel 42T Alloy ChainringProwheel 42T Alloy Chainring
Derailleur11-speed SRAM Rival 111-speed SRAM Rival 1
RimsDouble-Walled AluminiumDouble-Walled Aluminium
SaddleSelle Royale Asphalt GFSelle Royale Asphalt GF
SpokesSapim 14GSapim 14G

Setting a New Standard

CF Racer1 in action

In conclusion, the Ride1Up CF Racer1 is not just another electric bike; it’s a statement of innovation, versatility, and value. Priced at $2,295, it sets a new benchmark in the ebiking world, combining top-notch components, advanced design, and affordability. Whether for commuting, leisure, or adventurous exploration, the CF Racer1 is designed to elevate the electric biking experience.

The CF Racer1’s features, from its ultra-light carbon frame to its high-performance components, make it a compelling choice for anyone looking to step into the future of cycling. Its blend of style, speed, and functionality positions it as a leading contender in the electric bike gravel market.

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