Comparing Affordable $1,000 (ish) Electric Bikes

Affordable ebike

With more quality ebikes being offered at the $1,000 (ish) price point, we are hoping more people can enjoy the freedom that electric bikes offer. We were excited to see the Ariel Rider Rideal go on sale recently, dipping just under the $1k price point. With the Rideal in mind, we thought it would be a good time to compare the best affordable commuter electric bikes circling the $1,000 mark. If you are more of a visual person, feel free to skip to the video at the end of this post.

1. Ariel Rider Rideal: Sale $999 (orig. $1,099)

Ariel Rider Rideal
Ariel Rider Rideal in Red

For this price, I am amazed by a few items included in this bike. It has a 750W Japanese Dapu Motor and 48 and 14 Ah battery good for 30-60 miles of range. At this price, I would expect the bike to be a single-speed; however, the Rideal has a 6-speed drivetrain. Although the Tourney drivetrain is on the low end of what Shimano offers, the 6-speed is an impressive feature for this price and it’s great they stuck with a name brand. The Rideal even includes a kickstand.

The Rideal comes in three colors: red, black, and blue. And if you’re looking for something more accessible, both high-step and mid-step options are available. It has an externally mounted controller and battery with a minimalistic LED display. The rear light and 40 lux front light are also integrated, running off the 14 ah battery. It has a max speed of 20 mph. Other features of the Rideal are the right hand twist-grip throttle, mechanical disc brakes (Tektro Aries) and a double walled chain ring.

Optional add-ons: Rideal Full Fenders $59.99 and the Rideal Rear Rack $69.00.

Bottom Line: The one downside to purchasing the Ariel Rider Rideal is that it is on backorder and is expected to ship in June 2021. If you can manage the wait time, this is an excellent commuter bike option for the price. The powerful motor, large battery, and gears are the standout features at this pricepoint. It is the best spec’d affordable electric bike on the list.

2. Rad Power Bikes RadMission 1: $1,099

RadMission 1 in Steel Blue
RadMission 1 High-Step in Steel Blue

The Rad Power Bikes RadMission 1 is another great commuter bike option at the $1,000 (ish) price point. If you have read my other articles, you know I love Rad Power Bikes. I won’t go too much in-depth on this model, but instead, point out some notable feature differences between the RadMission and Rideal.

The RadMission 1 comes in a high or mid-step frame with five color options: steel blue, gray, red, white, and black. If you are already a Rad Power Bikes owner, the battery is compatible across models. This is a very convenient feature.

Compared to the Ariel Rider Rideal, the RadMission 1 is a single speed with a lesser 500-watt motor. The 10.5 Ah battery of the RadMission is also a step down from the 14 Ah battery of the Rideal. A RadMission kickstand will set you back $15, fenders $59 and the rear rack another $79.

Currently, Rad Power Bikes is offering a $200 discount if you buy two RadMissions in the same order.

Bottom line: With the Ariel Rider Rideal $999 sale price which includes a longer runtime batter and more powerful motor, the RadMission 1 has a fierce competitor at its wheels. But if you want to buy an electric bike from the company with the best customer service in the business with cross-compatible batteries then the RadMission is a fantastic choice.

3. Ride1Up Roadster V2 ($995)

Radster v2 in black
Roadster v2 Large Frame in Black

The Ride1Up Roadster v2 is a light electric bike that doesn’t look like an electric bike. The bike only weighs 32 lbs (compared to the 48lbs RadMission) which might be the defining feature that makes you choose this bike over the others. There are some tradeoffs to this light and sleek design though, namely with the battery. The 36V 7.0 Ah battery is good for between 20-35 miles and is not easily removable. You also won’t find a throttle on the Roadster V2, but it still packs a 500-watt peak motor good for up to 24 mph.

The Roadster v2 is a single speed like the RadMission, but sports a maintenance-free belt drive. It comes in three colors: white, black and red. Instead of the mid-step option, you can choose between two frame sizes: large (58 cm) and small (52 cm). Like the other two commuter bikes, the display is minimalistic. Instead of disc brakes, the Roadster v2 has v-brakes. There is no kickstand included.

Bottom line: The affordable Roadster V2 ebike offers the light and sleek look the others in this article do not.

4. Ride1Up Core-5: $1,095

Core-5 XR in Midnight Gray
Core-5 XR in Midnight Gray

I reviewed the Ride1Up Core-5 previously, so I won’t go in-depth here. The Core-5 comes in two frame styles: ST (step-thru) and the XR (with top tube). You can choose from two color options (slate blue and midnight gray). This model comes in wider tires at 2.2 inches.

It has a left side thumb throttle (the others have a twist grip). The battery is fully integrated into the frame like the Roadster v2; however, the battery is more similar to the Rad Power Bikes RadMission 1 at 10.4 Ah. Similar to the Rideal, the Core-5 comes with a derailleur though it’s a 7 speed Shimano Altus which is a step up from the Rideal. You’ll also find a full LCD display on the Core-5 which is a nice bonus. Another major differentiator is that the Core-5 is the only Class 3 electric bike on this list. It is capable of speeds up to 28 mph with its 800 watt peak motor (500 watt sustained).

Bottom line: We didn’t say your decision was going to be easy did we? Standout features of the Core-5 include the LCD screen, fully integrated battery, and that it is capable of 28 mph with some effort. The full step-through frame offering may also entice those looking for an accessible ride.

5. Stealth Road Electric Bike KBO Hurricane: $1,099

KBO Hurricane in Black

Much like the Ride1Up Roadster, the KBO Hurricane’s sleek design makes you question whether it really is an ebike. Currently, the model is available for pre-order and comes in black only. Compared to the Roadster V2 (which is $100 cheaper), the KBO Hurricane has:

  • Disc brakes
  • More battery capacity at 36v 9.6ah
  • A 350-watt peak motor
  • 4 lbs. heavier (36lbs)

Bottom line: This is another great lightweight ebike option. There are enough differences between the KBO Hurricane and Roadster that you will probably be able to have an easy time choosing based on what your needs are. Check out the KBO Hurricane.

6. Aventon Pace 350 Step-Through Ebike: $1,199

Aventon Pace 350 ST ebike
Pace 350 ST in Amethyst

The Pace 350 Step-through Ebike has a 36V, 11.6Ah battery, and a 500-watt peak motor (350 watts sustained). You can choose between small and medium frame options and two color options: Amethyst and Chalk White. The Pace 350 is the most expensive ebike making the list and doesn’t compete as well on specs for the price. In fact, if you are in the $1,200 price range there are a ton of more electric bike options you should be looking at.

But here are two reasons we included it here:

  • Aventon has dealerships around the U.S. which makes it easier to test drive before purchasing.
  • The multiple frame sizes means you can actually pick the bike frame size that will fit you best

Bottom line: Aventon electric bikes are available at bike shops around the US. If you value being able to try an ebike before you buy then this is the one for you. Sure you’ll spend a bit more but at least you’ll feel better knowing exactly what you’re getting.


The number of affordable electric bike options from reputable brands in the US continues to impress us. Even more, you can pick the electric bike that has the features that fit your needs the best. We don’t think you can go wrong with any of the affordable electric bikes making this list.

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