Ride1Up Turris Review: Hydraulic Brakes on an Affordable Ebike!

Move over 500 Series – Ride1Up has a new ebike in town: the Turris. With a modern design and a blend of the best features taken from the Core-5 and LMTD, the new Turris fills the gap that the discontinued 500 Series left in the Ride1Up line.

The Turris comes within the top three most affordable ebike models from Ride1Up at $1,295 with fenders. Only the Core-5 and Roadster v2 beat out the Turris when it comes to price within the Ride1Up line, and the Turris offers a multitude of features that are well worth the small price increase.

The Turris is an affordable ebike addition to the Ride1Up family that you won’t want to gloss over. We got the chance to assemble and test-ride this ebike prior to its release. Keep reading below for our review on the new Ride1Up Turris.

Ride1Up Turris Video Review

Ride1Up Turris Overview

For an entry tier priced ebike, the Turris is a fierce competitor in its price category with its modern look, fast speeds, and included features. Touted as an ‘elegant mix of touring and commuter riding styles’ this ebike can suit a variety of needs.

Ride1Up Turris XR
The Sleek New Ride1Up Turris

Turris: The Look

The Turris is available in a ST (step-thru) or XR (step-over) frame. I prefer step-thru frames for ease of mounting and dismounting, but this of course is personal preference. The ST version offers swept-back handlebars for a more upright riding position. Both frame versions weigh 54 lbs. According to Ride1Up, the geometry of the Turris ST and XR have been further perfected from the Core-5 and LMTD frames in order to cover the widest range of users possible.

I love the green color of our Turris with the brown sidewalled tires. You can also purchase this ebike in white and grey, with all colorways sporting the brown sidewall tires.

Ride1Up included full coverage metal fenders on the Turris. The Turris includes an integrated 60 lux front light that runs off the bike battery, but no taillight, which is a downside. For those looking for additional visibility on the road, consider a rear rechargeable bike light. The wide saddle is decent for the price category.

Ride1Up Turris Headlight
Ride1Up Turris Integrated Headlight

Turris: Electronics and Performance

Ride1Up Turris Motor
750 watt sustained motor

Not often found at this entry-tier price, the Class 3 Turris touts speeds up to 28 mph. The Turris has the same motor as the Core-5 with the same peak output. This 48V 750-watt Geared Hub Shengyi Motor has been tested in other ebike models and has proven its worth.

The battery disappears nicely into the frame for a sleek look. A 48 volt, 12.8Ah is housed inside. Ride1Up uses genuine LG Cells for their batteries. Some companies don’t disclose this information which leaves the consumer guessing.

A small monochrome display is on the left side of the handlebars, next to the left-hand thumb throttle. It’s the KD21C display which gives you battery capacity, odometer, trip distance, max speed, average speed and displays your pedal assist level (1-5).

On throttle alone, the Turris will top out at 20 mph to meet the requirements for a Class 3 ebike. Pedal assist allows for speeds up to 28 mph. The motor is engaged with a cadence sensor.

Ride1Up Turris Components

The biggest score for this ebike at its affordable price: Zoom 180mm hydraulic disc brakes. Riders will appreciate the increased stopping power. The rest of the Turris sports components we expect to see, a basic Shimano SIS Index thumb shifter paired with a Shimano Altus derailleur. Both are sufficient for recreational riding.

In the rear is a 12-32T cassette and the front chainring is 46T (dual-sided). The gearing is sufficient for the rider to provide power even at Class 3 speeds.

Locking ergonomic grips are a nice bonus and the Kenda 27.5 x 2.4″ tires have some tread in case you want to do some light off-roading. The front wheel is quick-release so it is easier to remove and throw in the back of a vehicle. For those wanting cargo capacity, Ride1Up’s front and rear rack are compatible with the Ride1Up Turris.

Ride1Up Turris vs. Core-5 vs 700 Series.

The Ride1Up Turris is a step up from the Core-5 offering a few key features worth mentioning. The front suspension that the Turris offers will simply be a more comfortable ride than the Core-5 if you are on bumpy roads. The brakes of the Turris are also a step up. The Turris’ hydraulic disc brakes will perform better and typically need less maintenance than mechanical disc brakes.

Street tires come on the Core-5 whereas the Turris has a knobbier tread capable of some off-road riding. Other considerations is the weight and frame. The Core-5 is 5lbs lighter at 49 lbs and the step-thru Core-5 offers a lower standover height of 19″. Though the step-thru Turris has an extra bar for increased frame ridgity.

Moving up from the Turris is the $1,595 700 Series. The main benefits to the 700 Series are the larger 15Ah battery, better drivetrain/shifter, color LCD, included rear rack with integrated rear light, and slightly nicer Tektro hydraulic disc brakes.

What’s great about Ride1Up’s value-priced ebikes is they span every price point so you can choose what fits your needs and budget the best.

The Turris has a few more parts to assemble
Turris assembly – a little more labor intensive

Assembling the Turris

Just a quick note on the assembly of most Ride1Up ebikes – The Turris assembly will require a little more patience as you need to put together the front suspension fork, crank arm, and front hydraulic disc brakes.

Some ebikes, especially those at a higher price point, come with more of these features already assembled before shipping. It’s a tradeoff. We prefer the little extra assembly work if it means a lower price for the consumer. If you’re not confident in your assembly be sure to take it to your local bike shop.

Ride1Up Turris: Our Take

The Ride1Up Turris is a strong competitor in the affordable meets quality price bracket. The downsides, while worth recapping, are few for this price point including no integrated rear light and a more complex assembly. With some high-quality specifications including hydraulic disc brakes, a modern design (including metal fenders!), and a dependable motor, the Turris offers a multitude of reasons why it’s worthy of consideration.

Not sure if the Turris is right for you? We’ve reviewed every Ride1Up model: Roadster V2, Core-5, Cafe Cruiser, 700 Series, LMT’D, Prodigy, and Revv 1

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Ride1Up Turris Review
Electronics (Battery, Motor, Display)
Components (Shifter, Derailleur, Fork)
Ride1Up Turris Pros
Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Metal Fenders
Front Suspension
Sleek, Modern Design
Class 3 speeds
Step-thru option
Ride1Up Turris Cons
No Integrated Rear Light
Longer Assembly Time