Aventon Abound Review: The “Full Package” Cargo Ebike with a Torque Sensor!

It is with great excitement that we are here to review the Aventon Abound cargo ebike! Here at Ebike Escape, we love ebikes and we love our families so naturally cargo bikes are some of our favorites to check out. We had a blast checking out their newest addition which is full of features but still comes at a great price.

The price of the Aventon Abound is $2,199. If you think you might be interested in purchasing this bike, please consider using our link. It is a free way to show your support and help us continue to provide reviews. Check out our Abound video review or continue reading for more information.

Aventon Abound Video Review

Frame Design and Sizing

Firstly, let’s talk about the frame. The Aventon Abound has a step-through frame with a standover height of 472mm or 18.5 inches. As we would expect with any Aventon ebike, the welds are smooth and look beautiful creating a sleek-looking bike. The battery is well integrated into the frame and blends in nicely. There is an SR front suspension fork with 50 mm of travel. This sets the Abound apart from many cargo ebikes in this price range.

Aventon Abound: Polaris

This ebike is offered in two classy colors: sage and polaris. There is only one size but it fits a wide range of rider heights from 4’11” up to 6’3″. The ebike weighs 81 lbs and has a max weight capacity of 440 lbs-plenty of strength to lug around a couple of kids or some cargo. Rear rack max weight is 140 lbs and front rack max weight is 40 lbs. The front wheel has a thru-axle instead of a standard quick release for increased rigidity and safety.

For portability, the handlebars fold, allowing the Abound to fit easier in the back of a vehicle.

Aventon Abound Torque Senosor

Our review of the Aventon Abound ebike found several things that make this bike stand out. Perhaps the biggest is that this ebike has a torque sensor. While some ebikes are moving to torque sensors over cadence sensors, it is still more common to see an ebike with a cadence sensor (especially a cargo ebike) in this price range. Torque sensors provide a more natural riding experience by amplifying human power. Thus you feel more in control of power delivery going into the motor.

Aventon Abound Motor and Battery

Abound Integrated Battery

The Aventon Abound has a powerful 750W brushless rear hub motor with a peak power of 1130 watts. That’s plenty of power to pull around you and whatever you are carrying as well. The top speed is 20 mph using the throttle or pedal assist making this a Class 2 ebike.

Aventon has recently transitioned to pedal assist levels of eco, tour, sport, and turbo rather than the more traditional numbering 1-5. You can adjust the pedal assistance level on Aventon’s color LCD display. It includes a backlight as well as a cool app connectivity feature. By using the app you can access all the information on the screen including battery remaining, speed, odometer, and pedal assist level. It also lets you connect with other Aventon riders in a “social” feature, track rides, and provide “medals” for certain milestones.

The integrated battery is 48V and 15Ah for a total of 720-watt hours. Aventon estimates the range at 22 miles if you are only using the throttle and up to 50 miles if you are going 10-12 mph with the eco pedal assist mode. They are known for providing accurate range numbers so the below estimates should be relatively accurate though additional weight will reduce the range.

Aventon Abound Range Estimates

  • Pedal assist 1 (Eco): 10-12MPH / 50 Miles
  • Pedal assist 2 (Tour): 13-15MPH / 35 Miles
  • Pedal assist 3 (Sport): 14-16MPH / 35 Miles
  • Pedal assist 4 (Turbo):14-18MPH / 30 Miles
  • Throttle only 20MPH / 22 Miles

Components on the Aventon Cargo Ebike

Rear light

It is always nice to see quality brakes on an ebike and even more important when hauling cargo. The Tektro HD-E350 hydraulic disc brakes are high-quality brakes that perform well. The front chainring is 52T and the freewheel is 14-28T, perfect for tackling hills in a lower gear or pedaling at your preferred cadence at 20mph. There are 7 speeds with a Shimano Revoshift twist-shifter and an entry level Shimano Tourney derailleur.

The bike includes a bright front headlight and integrated rear lights with a feature Aventon is rolling into their models – turn signals! More visibility is offered with the 20″ x 2.4″ Innova City tires as they come with reflective sidewalls. The 20″ tires not only help keep the center of gravity of the bike lower but the 2.4″ width increases stability.

A super convenient feature is the dropper seatpost. At the front of the saddle is a lever that allows you to quickly adjust the seat higher or lower. Having a dropper on your seatpost means you can mount the bike and get rolling with the seat lowered and then once you are riding you can increase the height for an ideal pedaling position.

There is a double kickstand to help with easy loading as well as covers over the rear wheel to protect any cargo or passengers from getting tangled. View the full Aventon Abound components list.

Included and Optional Accessories

The Aventon Abound cargo ebike comes with a footboard for a rear passenger, a rear rack, and a frame storage bag. The storage bag is tucked under the rear rack and behind the seatpost (not in the passenger seating area). The bike also has both front and rear fenders included.

There are plenty of optional accessories to customize your ride depending on what you plan to carry. Aventon offers pannier bags, a front rack, a padded seat, and more! See all of the Abound specific accessories.

For more ways to outfit your ebike, check out our electric bike accessories list.

Test Rides and Shipping

One huge advantage of Aventon ebikes is that they are sold by bike shops. If you are not sure you will like the feel of this bike, there is no need to take our word for it, check out Aventon’s dealer locator and give the bike a little test ride.

If you end up buying the bike and having it shipped to your home, take a close look at the packaging. Aventon has done a stellar job at decreasing plastic packaging and making the remaining packaging as earth-friendly as possible.

Our Take

Here at Ebike Escape we love a well-designed cargo ebike and are stoked that Aventon finally released one with the Abound. It’s a well-styled and well-thought-out cargo ebike that stands out in the myriad of cargo ebikes now on the market. The best way to describe the Abound is as a premium cargo ebike that doesn’t come with an equally premium price.

If you are interested in other Aventon bikes check out the Level 2 commuter, the Aventure 2 fat bike, the Pace cruiser, the folding Sinch, or the Soltera lightweight road bike.

Aventon Abound review
Electronics (Battery, Motor, Display)
Components (Shifter, Derailleur, Fork)
Aventon Abound Pros
Torque Sensor
Fits a wide range of rider heights
Premium feel
Powerful 750 watt motor
48V, 15Ah integrated battery
Included footboards
Included headlight, taillights, and turn signals
Earth friendly packaging
Excellent accessory options
Dropper seatpost
Aventon abound cons
Entry level derailleur
No dual battery option

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