Aventon Level 2 Review – A Commuter Ebike with a Torque Sensor!

Aventon has released an upgrade to their flagship commuter ebike, the Level. Welcome the Aventon Level 2! (aka the Level.2) This bike is city-oriented and keeps the great feel of the original Level in addition to several upgrades. This includes longer range, a more natural pedaling experience, and an improved and easier-to-read display screen. While the Aventon Level 1 was selling for $1,799 it will no longer be available once the Aventon Level 2 is available. The Aventon Level 2 sells for $1,949 is on the high end of more affordable ebikes, but reasonable given the specs.

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Read on for our full written Aventon Level 2 review or check out our in-depth video review below.

Aventon Level 2 Video Review

Aventon Level 2 Torque Sensor – An upgrade to give you a smoother ride

Aventon Level 2 Step-Thru

The Aventon Level 2 keeps the same 48v brushless hub motor with 500 sustained watts and 750 peak watts. The most intriguing upgrade on the Level 2 is that they are now using a torque sensor instead of a cadence sensor. This is an unusual find in an ebike for less than $2,000. A torque sensor smooths out the ride or the engagement of the motor, resulting in a more natural pedaling experience. The more energy you are putting into the pedals, the more energy the motor will contribute. Compared to a cadence sensor which turns the motor on or off depending simply on whether your feet are spining the pedals. Thus, the Level 2 offer a rear hub motor that feels more like a mid-drive with fewer maintenance requirements.

The top speed on the Level 2 is 28 mph when using pedal assist. In that sense it is a Class II ebike. You can also use the left-hand thumb throttle which tops out at 20 mph which is the requirement for a Class II ebike. Be sure to always follow local laws and regulations.

Aventon Level 2 High Step

Same Battery but Improved Range

The increased efficiency of the torque sensor also increases the range. How much farther you may ask? It all depends on much you pedal! If you don’t pedal at all and stick to the throttle, Aventon claims 30 miles per charge. They list a range of up to 60 miles per charge with pedaling. This compared to the 40 mile advertised on the first generation Aventon Level. The Aventon Level 2 battery, housed discreetly underneath the downtube is 48V 14 Ah (672 watt-hours).

Color LCD Screen

Colored LCD screen

Another major upgrade on the Aventon Level 2 compared to the Level 1 is the LCD-colored screen display. This is a feature that has now made it to almost the entire Aventon fleet. It has a backlight and offers more options and customization. The screen can also connect to an app on your phone. The app offers a platform to record your ride or connect with other riders.

Aventon Level 2 Frame and Accessory Upgrades

The Aventon Level 2 stays true to its sleek and stylish predecessor. It comes in both a traditional appearing high step frame as well as an easier-to-mount step-through frame. The high step model comes in glacier and clay while the step-through comes in polar (white) and himalayan. There are multiple sizes available in both designs, regular and large for the high step and S/M and M/L for the step-thru. The multiple available frame sizes are something that sets Aventon apart from the competition and that means riders 4’11-6’4″ will fit on the various Level 2 models.

Like other Aventon ebikes, you’ll find smooth welds throughout that seem to disappear into the frame. It’s a touch that Aventon is known for and is something you simply don’t see from other brands. This combined with the paint job really sets off the look of the Level 2.

Aventon Level 2 Accessories

When I’m looking at commuter bikes, I always want to have more ways to be visible. The upgraded Aventon Level 2 now has brake lights on the rear seat stays, integrated right into the frame. A third rear light is located on the rear of the fender. The Level 2 also comes with a decently bright front light located on the handlebars. Like the Level 1, the Level 2 includes front and rear fenders and a rear rack with pannier hangers.

The Zoom front suspension fork did change a little bit from 75 mm of travel on the Level 1 to 65 mm of travel on the newer version. We don’t think this will be a game changer but if you are looking for more comfort check out the SR Suntour SP12 NCX. If you want to look at other options to outfit your electric bike check out our electric bike accessories list.

If it works – don’t fix it, Level 1 vs Level 2

The Aventon Level 2, like the Level 1, has hydraulic disc brakes but they are now Tektro hydraulic disc brakes which are among our favorite we see on ebikes. The Level 2 has 8 speeds, with a better-than-average Shimano Acera rear derailleur and a trigger/thumb shifter in the cockpit. It has city-oriented tires at 27.5″ x 2.1″. These are not fat bike tires but are larger than typical road bike tires to provide more comfort and stability.

In Conclusion

The Aventon Level 2 ebike has some great upgrades from the Level 1. The most significant is the torque sensor. It makes for a smoother more natural feeling ride. Historically, it has been difficult to find a torque sensor on a sub $2000 ebike and many prefer the feel of a torque sensor. With the increased efficiency of the torque sensor, the max range of the bike increased by 50%. They upgraded the LCD screen to match the rest of the lineup and of course, the addition of the lights gives the bike a premium feel. Overall, the changes really add to the appeal of an already desirable commuter bike. Learn more about the Aventon Level 2 or stop into your local dealer to see one in person.

Electronics (Battery, Motor and Display)
Components (Shifter, derailleur, fork)
Reader Rating94 Votes
Aventon level 2 pros
Torque sensor
Multiple frame sizes
Hydraulic disc brake
Colored LCD Screen
App Connectivity
Integrated Lights
Increased range and efficiency
Above average Shimano components
Aventon level 2 cons
Price increase compared to Level 1
Display can be difficult to see in bright sunlight