Suspension Seatpost for Your Ebike | SR Suntour NCX Review

There is a large number of people hopping on electric bikes, having not ridden a bike for 10, 20, or even 30 years. Many quickly realize that the stock seats on many electric bikes leave something to be desired. However, there is a solution that is bound to improve comfort on your electric bike. Enter suspension seatposts, an ebike accessory that my wife calls “the game changer”. One of the most popular suspension seatposts is the SR Suntour NCX suspension seatpost.

A suspension seatpost absorbs bumps small and big. Even if you’re riding mostly on flat pavement you’ll still be able to appreciate the improved comfort. It can make an even bigger difference on your ebike if your ebike lacks a suspension fork (like ours). The real benefit is that you’re less likely to be sore after a ride and you’ll be able to ride longer. Once you ride with a suspension seatpost you’ll never want to ride a rigid seatpost again. It truly is a game-changer.

SR Suntour agreed to send me the NCX Seatpost so I could see firsthand what all the fuss was about. If you prefer, you can simply upgrade to a suspension seatpost and subsequently upgrade your seat if necessary. We did the opposite since I already had the fan-favorite Cloud-9 seat sitting around the garage. SR Suntour is well known in the bike components space and these are typically priced at around $110 though you can find deals from time to time. I’ve seen them go on sale on Amazon, but you can also buy direct from SR Suntour. It is even available directly from Rad Power Bikes.

Before you purchase your own SR Suntour NCX seatpost, be sure you order the correct size. For most Rad Power Bikes owners, you’ll want the 27.2mm diameter seatpost. Other electric bikes will vary so be sure to order the correct diameter. SR Suntour also sells 30.9mm and 31.6mm suspension seatposts.

Suntour NCX Specifications

The NCX seatpost offers 50mm of travel. The stock standard or medium spring is rated for riders between 140-180 lbs. Though you can purchase different springs directly from SR Suntour depending on your weight. The soft blue spring is rated for 140lbs or less and the hard red spring is rated for 180lbs+ or more. In order to customize your cushion further, there is a preload adjustment at the bottom of the seatpost.

Installing the SR Suntour NCX Seatpost

Keep in mind that any suspension seatpost will increase the minimum position for your seat. This is important for shorter riders to consider. There is also the minimum insert line to be aware of. The seatpost should always be inserted past this line, otherwise, you will risk damaging your seat tube (See the above below for more details). The easiest way to attach your saddle on the seatpost is to do it with the seatpost removed from the bike. I like to flip the seatpost upside down, which makes attaching your seat much easier.

You may also need to adjust where the seat sits on the suspension seatpost’s rails. This is because the SR Suntour NCX suspension attachment point isn’t centered on the seatpost itself (see pictures above). Once you’re happy with the seat, you need to test the preload adjustment. When you sit on the suspension seatpost the suspension should compress about one-third of the total travel distance. If it doesn’t, adjust the preload either up or down, making sure to leave 10mm of exposed threads. The user manual also goes through this process and is a good reference.

If you want to get a closer look at the SR Suntour NCX suspension seatpost check out my full video review at the top of this post. If you’re looking at purchasing one, please consider purchasing from Amazon or Rad Power Bikes (affiliate links which support Ebike Escape). Other options for suspension seatposts for your electric bike are listed on my ebike accessories list. Happy riding!