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RadRover Plus Review

RadRover 6 Plus Overview

Rad Power Bikes just announced its newest additions to their great lineup of ebikes, the RadRover 6 Plus and the RadRover 6 Plus Step-Thru. Rad took their best-selling and flagship ebike, the RadRover 5, and added a plethora of new and innovative features. The RadRover 5 was a strong contender in the sub $2,000 fat tire ebike category. And with the RadRover 6 Plus coming in with a price of $1,999, Rad is making a strong case for riders to look no further for their next ebike. If you’re looking for our full video review of the RadRover 6 Plus check out the video below.

RadRover 6 Plus New Styling and Colors

RadRover Plus 2021
RadRover 6 Plus and Step, Rad Power Bikes newest ebike. Both shown in Charcoal color.
RadRover Plus Battery
RadRover 6 Plus all new semi-integrated battery and 10 LED charge indicator

The new styling of RadRover 6 Plus is the most striking of those improvements. The RadRover 6 Plus sports a completely re-engineered frame and semi-integrated 14Ah battery. Both of these design changes give the frame a sleek appearance. Rad Power Bikes adjusted the frame for overall better geometry and ergonomics, with the goal to accommodate shorter riders while providing a smoother more confident ride for all riders. Be sure to check our Rad’s sizing guide found on the product pages but the step-thru variation should accommodate riders 5′ 2″ – 6′ 2″ and the high step version should accommodate riders 5′ 4″ – 6′ 2″.

The semi-integrated battery has been designed and engineered in-house by Rad Power bikes for maximum durability and easier usability. The battery easily pops in and out of the frame with the turn of a key and features a built-in grip for easy transportation. Rad has also added a user-friendly 10 bar LED display, to help you better monitor the overall batteries charge. Note that the RadRover 6 Plus is the first bike to not leverage the externally mounted shark style packs found on all of the other Rad models.

The RadRover 6 Plus is available in charcoal, and the RadRover 6 Plus Step-Thru is available in charcoal and white (below). The charcoal has black and orange accents, and the white will have light grey and orange accents. While both these combinations are subtle, they both accentuate the new frame design beautifully. To further improve the look for the new frame, Rad has moved the tail light. On the RadRover 5 the brake light was located just below the seat post. On the RadRover 6 Plus it is integrated and mounted on the rear fender. This move was not only for aesthetics, it also improves rider visibility.

Cockpit and User Interface upgrades

RadRover 6 Plus will be the first Rad Power Bikes model to feature hydraulic disc brakes and ceramic brake pads. The benefits of hydraulic disc brakes on an ebike are substantial. Hydraulic brakes have a greater amount of stopping power and also take less effort to pull. Hydraulic disc brakes also have a longer component life span and less maintenance. One other convenient feature is the adjustable brake levers. The adjustment allows the rider to adjust the pull to accommodate the various hand sizes.

New RadRover 6 Plus User Interface and display

Before the RadRover 6 Plus, Rad Power Bike models had a simple UI interface. But with the release of the RadRover 6 Plus they are looking to improve upon that system. The Rad UI remote has received larger buttons for simplified use while riding, and the Rad Display has been given an overhaul. This includes a larger display and features a two-part system that puts information where the rider needs and wants it while riding. The Rad display will give you access to real-time stats, including mileage, power output, trip time, clock, and mph.

RadRover 6 Plus Optional Accessories

The RadRover 6 Plus is built with a rugged use case in mind. Rad has designed some new accessories to make trail riding and adventuring more enjoyable. The first accessory available on the RadRover 6 Plus is the rear rack. This rack is the same sturdy rear rack compatible with the RadRover 5. Rad has also designed a dongle that allows for USB charging from the battery. The dongle simply plugs in between one of the power wires already on the bike. This should make keeping your phone, and any other USB-powered device, alive while exploring some fire roads.

Some of the other devices Rad is releasing are a battery terminal cover and a protective battery case. The terminal cover is designed to sit inside the frame, and cover the battery connector while the battery is removed. This will offer peace of mind while you are hauling the RadRover 6 Plus on a rear rack. The battery case looks high quality, and will provide your battery a bit of protection during transport. Check out the full list of compatible RadRover 6 Plus accessories.

RadRover 6 Plus vs RadRover 5

Rad Power Bike’s RadRover 5 is North America’s best selling ebike, and it costs $1699. The new RadRover 6 Plus has a price of $1999. Is the RadRover 6 worth the $300 price difference? Let’s break down the differences so you can make that decision for yourself.

The most eye-catching difference between the two models is the battery placement. The RadRover 5 has an externally mounted battery, while the design of the RadRover 6 Plus has the battery semi-integrated into the down tube. This provides an aesthetically pleasing improvement while also offering the battery a bit of protection. The battery has also received an improvement to its LED display count. The new 10 LED display will allow more accuracy over the previous 4 LED display.

Rad Power bikes have fitted the RadRover 6 Plus with its signature 750W geared hub motor. But Rad has re-geared the motor, allowing the RadRover 6 Plus to climb hills 25% (on average) faster than the previous RadRover 5 motor. Rad has also allowed its electrical engineers to work their magic a bit, so you can expect the same great smooth throttle input that you are used to from a Rad product.

Brakes are another component where Rad has really stepped things up. The RadRover 5 comes equipped with Tektro Aries mechanical disc brakes. Rad, for the first time, has fitted the RadRover 6 Plus with hydraulic disc brakes and ceramic brake pads. The increased stopping power and peace of mind that hydraulic brakes bring to the table are hard to understate.

The last feature that the RadRover 6 Plus has over its predecessor, is the new Rad Power Bikes User Interface System. The system features an easier to use button control, and a two-part display system. The button controls on the remote are now larger than before, which will make operation while riding easier.


Rad Power Bike’s newest addition looks to be a huge improvement over the previous model. The price keeps the RadRover 6 Plus a contender in such a competitive market of fat tire ebikes. I think Rad has packed enough new features and innovation into the RadRover 6 Plus, to make it a hard option to pass up in the sub $2000 fat tire ebike category. Many shoppers will feel comfortable knowing they are purchasing from the largest seller of electric bikes in North America. After all, Rad Power Bikes really pioneered the fat tire ebike category when they first launched the original RadRover back in 2015. Both the RadRover 6 Plus and RadRover 6 Plus Step-thru are slated to ship out before September 30, 2021. Learn more on the Rad Power Bikes’ website.

We here at Ebike Escape cannot wait to get our hands on a physical model of the RadRover 6 Plus to test out. Keep an eye on our YouTube channel Ebike Escape, where we will be sure to post a riding review as soon as we do.

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