Aventon Aventure Review | How does it Stack Up?

Aventon wasn’t about to let ebike brands such as Rad Power Bikes and Himiway have all the fat-tired fun. So the company just released its latest in the fat tire ebike lineup, the Aventon Aventure, and it’s quite the ride. It goes head to head with the Rad Power Bikes RadRover and RadRover Step-through as well as the popular Himiway Cruiser.

The Aventon Aventure sports some pretty impressive specs, with a high-powered 750-watt rear hub motor that peaks at 1130 watts. And though it comes out of the box hitting speeds of 20 miles per hour, can be modified to hit 28 mph. Plus there are some pleasant surprises on the components side which we explore below in our Aventon Aventure review.

Priced at a competitive $1,999, it’s a strong entry into the fat ebike realm, and in a slick-looking package with quality components. Check out our full video review of the Aventon Aventure below or scroll down for our written synopsis.

Aventon Aventure — the frame

Aventon Aventure schock fork
The Aventure’s camouflage green color, integrated battery and Zoom front fork

The Aventure comes in three different frame sizes: small, medium and large. This is a wider range compared to many ebike companies which opt for a one-size-fits-all approach. This is one of many reasons we recommend Aventon electric bikes on our top ebike brands page. Note that the Aventon Aventure step-through ebike is only offered in two sizes: S/M and M/L. This is a common practice when it comes to step-through frames as frame rigidity is more of a concern.

Even the high step Aventon Aventure frame offers increased accessibility with the curve of the top tube. And while we rarely mention the paint options in these reviews, the metallic green option is so attention-grabbing that it’s worth mentioning.

Also noteworthy is Aventon’s impressive welds on their ebikes. On many electric bikes in this price range, the welds are obvious, but Aventon’s welds seem to disappear into the frame. It’s a finer detail but is another area where Aventon stands out.

Included with the Aventure is a Zoom Forgo shock fork with 80mm of travel. The fork comes with a lockout option, which is a nice feature for road riding.

The drivetrain

Aventon Aventure Range
Click for larger view

As mentioned, the Aventon Aventure comes with a 750-watt sustained (1130 watt peak) Bafang brushless rear hub motor. To complete the package Aventon opted for a large 48V, 15 Ah (720 watt-hour) battery using Samsung cells. Aventon says the range on the Aventure is 45 miles on a single charge though you can check their real-world testing range on the right.

The 73-pound bike maxes out at 20 miles per hour straight from the factory but can be reconfigured from a Class II bike to a Class III one, and reach speeds of 28 miles per hour. And you can track that speed on its backlit LCD display. Also interesting — riders can use the Aventon app to unlock additional features.

The Aventon Aventure comes with a 5-speed pedal assist enabled via a cadence sensor.

Aventon Aventure — the components

This is one area where Aventon excels. The bike sports an 8 speed Shimano Acera derailleur. But the real standout feature of the Aventon Aventure is the Bengal Ares 3 hydraulic disc brakes paired with 180mm rotors. As you’ll see in our comparison with other fat tire ebikes below this is a major differentiator on the Aventon Aventure.

The Aventure rides on Kenda Kursade 26×4″ fat tires, with reflective sidewalls and ebike-rated rubber. The Aventure also comes with fenders and the optional front rack and rear rack are priced at a reasonable $39.99 and $49.99 respectively.

Aventon Aventure vs Himiway Cruiser

How does the Aventure compare to the Himiway Cruiser? For one, the Cruiser is about $300 less expensive than the Aventure. Both are powered similarly with a 750-watt motor though the Aventon Aventure is using a branded Bafang motor.

The Aventon Aventure has a 15 Ah battery versus the 17.5 Ah battery found on the Himiway Cruiser. The Aventure has a nicely integrated battery design with the battery placed directly into the frame whereas the Himiway Cruiser is using an externally mounted battery. To complete the cleaner look the Aventure’s controller is also located within the frame instead of externally mounted.

One major benefit to prospective buyers might be the various frame sizes on the Aventon Aventure. You’ll also notice that the Aventon Aventure step-through is a true step through with no top tube. The Himiway Cruiser step-through is more of a mid-step, though it certainly is more accessible than the high-step model.

They weigh roughly the same and hold close to the same payload total, and come with the same tire size and make. The Aventure is an 8-speed whereas the Himiway is only a seven-speed. With the Aventon Aventure, you get a higher-end trigger shifter compared to the thumb shifter on the Himiway Cruiser. Finally, the brakes. The Aventon Aventure has hydraulic disc brakes which are preferred by many compared to the mechanical disc brakes on the Himiway Cruiser.

Himiway throws in a free rack, fenders, an adequate multi-tool and hat. (The Aventon comes with fenders too.)

The Himiway edges out the Aventure in price by $300. You’ll have a tough decision to make on whether you want to pay more for the sleeker look and slightly better components on the Aventure while compromising slightly on battery capacity.

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Aventon Aventure vs Rad Power Bikes RadRover

The Rad Power Bikes’ RadRover is Rad’s flagship model. The RadRover and RadRover step-through are currently priced at $1,699, just $200 less than the Aventon Aventure. Similar to the Himiway comparison, the RadRover’s battery and controller are externally mounted and it comes with a thumb shifter and mechanical disc brakes. Also worth noting is the thumb throttle found on the Aventure compared to the twist grip throttles on both the RadRover and Himiway Cruiser.

Aventure vs RadRover
RadRover Step-Through

The Rad battery pack is smaller at 14 Ah compared to the Aventon Aventure at 15 Ah. Probably the biggest considerations between the Aventon Aventure and Rad Power Bikes RadRover are the motor and customer support. Rad Power Bikes recently raised $150 million and has invested heavily into customer support. They are the undisputed leader when it comes to customer support in part due to their sheer size and the 200,000+ people that already own a Rad Power Bike.

However, all Rad Power Bikes models are Class II ebikes, meaning they are only capable of 20 mph. The motor also peaks at 750 watts, much lower than both the Himiway Cruiser and Aventon Aventure. For some, power is less of a concern but for others it is a significant factor in their purchasing decision.

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Final thoughts

There are certainly no shortage of fat tire ebikes on the market today. The Aventon Aventure is a great bike with a slick design and good specs. It comes in at a higher price tag compared to the popular Rad Power Bikes RadRover and Himiway Cruiser. However, we feel that you get what you pay for with the Aventon Aventure and these are some compelling upgrades. We like the integrated look, more options for frame sizing and finally the dealer support network. For the price we think the Aventon Aventure is a fantastic buy. Learn more about the Aventon Aventure on the Aventon website.

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