Blix Ultra Review: A Versatile, Dual-Battery Fat-Tire Ebike

In this in-depth Blix Ultra review, we delve into the features and functionality of this off-road-ready fat tire ebike. Blix is a well-established player in the ebike industry, and we’ve enjoyed reviewing plenty of Blix ebikes in the past. As opposed to Blix’s usual commuter/cruiser styles, the Ultra is an all-terrain bike with longer battery life, speed, flexibility, and heavy-duty cargo capacity. They are taking everyday transportation beyond the limits of pavement, accounting for any weather or terrain. 

Check out our prior Blix reviews for more information on other models like their folding, cargo, and utility ebikes. The Blix Ultra starts at $2,099 for the single battery version and goes up to $2,499 for the dual battery version.

Blix Ultra Video Review

Blix Ultra Quick Specs

SpecificationBlix Ultra
Motor Power750W Nominal / 1350W Peak
Battery48V 14Ah (single battery) or 48V 28Ah (dual battery)
RangeUp to 80 miles (Dual Battery)
Top Speed28 mph
BrakesZoom Hydraulic Disc Brakes
DisplayBluetooth-enabled with Blix App
Payload Capacity400lbs (150lbs on the optional rear rack)
Modular AccessoriesVarious accessory options are available
Weight of bike68-76 lbs with one vs two batteries in place
Blix Ultra Specs

Design and Size

The Blix Ultra distinguishes itself with its substantial length: a 51-inch wheelbase! In comparison, the Aventon Aventure 2 only has a 45-inch wheelbase. The extended frame design enhances stability, both on and off-road. However, it’s important to consider the wheelbase for storage and transport. Check out our favorite ebike racks for transport here.

The Blix Ultra is available in a single-frame size, suitable for riders with a height range of 5’2″ to 6’2″. Unfortunately, the Blix Ultra does not come in a step-through version. Our test rider for this bike, JT, is a 5’7″ rider with a 29″ inseam, and he thought it felt a little big. Riders shorter than 5’7″ may find the Ultra to feel bulky. The top tube swoops lower towards the saddle but buyers should be mindful of the 29.17’’ standover height.

Review of Battery and Color Options for the Blix Ultra

Blix offers both single and dual battery options for the Ultra. The weight of the bike with a single battery is 68 lbs, while with the dual battery option, it is 76 lbs. If you take the battery out for charging or easier lifting, the bike weighs 60 lbs. 

Opting for the dual battery provides a combined battery capacity of 28Ah (2x 48V 14Ah batteries), offering a commendable range of up to 80 miles. Keep in mind that all ranges are estimates and will depend on a variety of factors, including riding style, terrain, and even tire pressure.

The single-battery version comes in only one frame color: bright white. The dual-battery option comes in bright white but also offers slate grey and matte green.

Motor and Drivetrain

The Blix Ultra is equipped with a powerful rear hub 750W motor that peaks at 1350 watts (90Nm torque). It features an 8-speed Microshift drivetrain. The choice of an 11-32 cassette empowers riders to contribute their pedaling power all of the way up to 28 mph, even with a cadence sensor. Surprisingly, we did not get full power from the bike, even at PAS 5. To get that last bit of power, we needed to use the left-hand thumb throttle.

The Blix Ultra features Zoom Hydraulic Disc brakes. These brakes, commonly found in the ebike industry, deliver consistent performance. And of course, have motor cut-offs that cut power immediately to the motor even if you’re pressing the throttle or pedaling.

LCD Display

The Ultra features a clean and simple display. It has Bluetooth capability and connects to the Blix App for the rest of the information that would normally be on a larger display. Once connected to the app, you have tons of options so you can customize what is displayed.

Options include all the standard information, such as individual battery charge, speed, or trip distance. It also allows you to connect with other riders, troubleshoot your ebike, and even set up and schedule interactions with Blix’s customer/technical support. Maps allow for direction and this is where you can also “lock” your bike for extra security.

The Ultra is set up as a Class 2 ebike (20 mph top speed), but you can use the Blix app to change the Ultra to a Class 3 ebike. One downside is you have to access the app to change it to Class 3 every time you ride, as it defaults back to Class 2. We would have liked also to be able to control selecting the ebike class without having to download the app.

The app connectivity has some advantages though and is a nice companion app for those who like a larger display.

Additional Components

The Blix ultra features Chao Yang Big Daddy 26″x4″ tires. The large tires do provide some natural suspension in addition to the Zoom front suspension with 80 mm of travel and lock-out capabilities.

The Ultra has an 80 LUX front headlight but no rear lights or brake lights included. If you are riding on the roads, I highly recommend at least using a rear light. Check out our recommendations for lights and more on our accessory page.

Modular Design and Accessories

Blix Ultra Review

Blix’s commitment to modular design is evident in the Blix Ultra. The bike arrives as a simple platform with easy mounting points and a robust frame with a payload capacity of up to 400 lbs! The optional rear rack can handle 150 lbs. Blix offers various other accessories, such as rear rack cushions, pegs, baskets, bags, and racks. This allows riders to customize their ebike. Whether it’s for transporting small passengers, carrying cargo, or other unique requirements, Blix’s accessories provide flexibility. Check out all of the Blix Ultra accessories.

Blix Ultra Accessories
Blix Ultra Accessory Options

Concluding Remarks from our Review of the Blix Ultra

In summary, the Blix Ultra is a versatile and off-road-capable fat tire ebike worthy of consideration, especially when opting for the dual battery configuration. Its modular design offers plenty of customization options, making it an appealing choice for riders seeking a bike that can handle off-road adventures while accommodating individual needs. The addition of the Ultra has opened the Blix brand into new territory and we’re happy to see them innovate in the crowded fat-tire ebike category.

The app connectivity has some fun features but can become cumbersome for some riders. Price-wise the Ultra comes in at the top end compared to other bikes in its class but does offer some benefits others don’t. Those purchasing a Blix bike will be happy to know that Blix support is US-based.

If you are comparison shopping for ebikes similar to the Blix Ultra, consider looking at the Himiway Zebra, the Ride1Up Rift, the RadRover 6 Plus, the Mokwheel Basalt, and the Lectric XPeak.

Blix Ultra Review
Electronics (Battery, Motor, Display)
Components (Shifter, Derailleur, Fork, Brakes)
Blix Ultra Pros
High payload capacity
Dual battery option
Off-road capabilities
Modular design allows customization
Front fork suspension
Hydraulic brakes
Powerful motor with 1,350 watts peak power
Class 3 speeds
Blix Ultra Cons
No included rear light
No step-through option
The rear rack not included
App required to unlock Class 3 mode
The frame may be too large for shorter riders
Small display