ABUS Bordo Big 6000 Alarm Review – The Best Bike Lock for your Ebike?

Which bike lock should I get for my electric bike is one of the most common questions I get. If you start doing research you are bound to go down a rabbit hole of all different types of locks. The problem is that given enough time and the right tools every bike lock can be compromised – just look at the LockPickingLawyer’s YouTube channel. So where does that leave us? In my opinion, if you live in an area where bike theft is common and you couldn’t easily stomach the loss, you should purchase insurance, either through a standalone provider like Velosurance or asking your current insurance provider what they can offer.

Insurance however doesn’t mean you can ignore bike security and if you live in an area where theft isn’t as prevalent it is still worth it to invest in a quality u-lock, chain lock or folding lock. I personally like the brand names like Abus which has been around since 1924. Abus has many different types of bike locks to choose from which vary in cost. Kryptonite also offers a variety of bike locks for your ebike and is a popular choice of many. Of course there are plenty of other brands and options depending on your budget and what kind of protection for your ebike you’re looking for.

Watch my full video review of the Bordo Big 6000 Alarm

In my latest review I discuss the Abus Bordo Big 6000 Alarm. Full disclosure, Abus provided this lock to me so I could check it out. We plan to use it on our own ebike. The reason this is called the Bordo Big is that it is longer in length than their standard folding locks. It ranks a 10 out of 15 on their security ranking, with 1 being the least secure lock. What’s nice is that most folding locks, the Abus included, can be easily mounted to the existing bottle cage mounts on your ebike. If this isn’t possible the Abus Bordo Big 6000 Alarm comes with metal straps which makes it possible to mount the lock in other places around the frame.

What stands out with the Abus Bordo Big 6000 Alarm though is that it is an alarm and bike lock all in one. Once locked, the alarm responds to even the slightest movement, first with a warning and eventually with a 100 dB alarm. It is quite loud. So loud in fact that I had to turn down the volume significantly in the video review below. The battery is easily replaceable and the portability of the folding lock is really nice compared to some of the u-locks or chain locks. The large size allows you to lock your bike up almost anywhere. While the Bordo Big 6000 Alarm is quite expensive it is still worthy of your consideration if it fits into your budget.

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