Battle of the Mini Ebikes: RadRunner vs SUPER73-Z1

One of the great things for consumers is that there is a ton of competition in the ebike space for bikes priced under $2,000. There are so many options that it is hard to compare them which is one of the reasons I wanted to compare the RadRunner vs Super73. Once you get below the $1,500 price tag you need to be careful of whether the brand is actually reputable. Fortunately, there are some really interesting things happening at this price point with some companies that have some serious traction. I’ve been really intrigued by all of the models offered by Super73 and regular readers know I am a big fan of Rad Power Bikes.

Super73 is well known for their mini bike style electric bikes. They focus solely on this niche and have some really cool looking offerings at all price points. They currently offer the Super73 for $1,150 on Amazon (it is $1,395 on their website). The Rad Power Bikes RadRunner was first announced in the fall of 2019. With the introduction of the RadRunner Plus in Spring 2020, they reduced the price of the RadRunner 1 to $1,199. This model competes directly with Super73 and other ebike brands that have similar offerings which is why I wanted to do this comparison. Below is the spreadsheet that I used for comparison purposes and below that is my full video on these two electric bikes.

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