Reviewing the New Ebike Models from Ride1Up

I’m always on the look out for ebike brands with offerings at a price point which make them accessible for more people. Recently, I came across Ride1Up and I was initially very impressed with what you get for the price. The team at Ride1Up told me that they were launching two new models in addition to both the 500 Series and the 700 Series. Well, this week they officially launched the Ride1Up Core-5 and the Ride1Up LMT’D. They are priced at $1,095 and $1,795 respectively. In between those price points are the 500 Series and the 700 Series priced at $1,195 and $1,495.

All of these ebikes are more commuter style ebikes so you’re not going to find a folding option, a fat tire ebike or the moped-inspired ebikes. But if you’re looking for a more standard bike frame, they are definitely worth checking out. What’s nice is if you want this style of ebike you basically have an option at all of these different price points depending on your needs. I don’t have firsthand experience with Ride1Up or any of the ebikes they offer (yet!) but I wanted to further dig into how each of these ebikes stack up against each other. All of the models are linked below and you can also watch my full video review. Feel free to also reference the spreadsheet I created.

Here are the links to each of the models (affiliate links):

View specification spreadsheet on Ride1Up Models