Himiway C5 Review: Moto-Inspired looks with Dual Suspension and a 20Ah battery!

The Himiway C5, which we recently got to review, is a moped-style ebike with a dirt bike-inspired look. It technically stays within the ebike territory as it has pedals and a max speed of 20 mph. This allows it to go on some trails that it may not initially look like it would belong on. It is priced at $2,299, which is a middle-of-the-road price range. As far as looks are concerned this ebike is in a class of its own, but we’ll dive into the specs below.

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Video Review of the Himiway C5

Himiway C5 Dirt Bike-esque Frame

While I think this bike belongs in the category of “moped-style” ebikes, it certainly looks more like a dirt bike The styling in the plastics, in addition to the fixed seat gives it a really cool feel. Though yes, no adjustability. The battery fits well into the frame, providing that classic dirt bike appearance.

With its full suspension, it is more comfortable to ride than expected. The front suspension, a coil spring with an adjustable 140 mm of travel, provides great comfort. Lockout and rebound adjustment allow for more customization. The rear suspension is an air shock from EXA. It will likely ship stiff so you’ll have to remove some air pressure depending on your weight. Once properly adjustable it added a decent amount of comfort.

The Ulta is advertised to fit riders between 5’4″ and 6’3″ and it has a standover height of 31.8″. Often, riders on the edges of the height range on fixed-seat ebikes may feel they are a bit unruly to ride. Our shorter test rider at 5’5″, felt this ebike was very manageable. So compared to some moped-style ebikes, this one felt more accessible for shorter riders.

The ebike’s weight capacity is a healthy 330 lbs, and it weighs 88 lbs. You can choose between two color options: ink gray and white (pictured).

Battery and Motor

Key factors with any moped-style ebike are the motor and battery. A powerful 750-watt brushless rear motor provides plenty of oomph to get up to the fairly low top speed of 20 mph. This is certainly not the fastest ebike in the moped-style category. It’s unlikely to let you down and is still plenty fun to ride but lacks the thrill factor of some (likely illegal) ebikes that it might be compared to.

48V, 20Ah Samsung Battery

Himiway opted for a Samsung 48 V system with a respectable 20 Ah battery that totals 960 watt hours. The advertised range is 60-80 miles per charge, but I would expect it to be closer to 20-40 miles, depending on how much of the left-hand thumb throttle you are using. One neat feature are the “arrow” lights located right on the battery. It has a few modes to customize the look and is another nod to the unique styling found on the C5.

Most riders will find the pedal position not ideal. That is always a challenge on fixed-seat ebikes as it is likely not at the perfect height to maximize efficiency or comfort. Surprisingly, Himiway went with a torque sensor, which adjusts the power provided by the bike depending on the power you are contributing via pedaling. This is often seen as an upgrade compared to a cadence sensor that provides power simply based on whether you are pedaling or not. As I wouldn’t expect to be pedaling hard on a ebike like this, I suspect many people will end up using the throttle often.

Leisurely pedaling you should expect a speed of around 16 or 17 mph in pedal assist level 5. The C5 can be unlocked or overridden for speeds up to 25 mph while pedaling or using the throttle.

The display is easy to see. There are 5 pedal assist levels visible on the display. The speed is in the center and easy to see, and the battery remaining indicator is on top. In the lower area, you can select different options to customize what is on the display.

Components on the C5

Hydraulic Brakes

I was happy to see Tektro hydraulic brakes with the standard 180 mm rotors that provide adequate stopping power.

This ebike features 20×4″ Himiway by Kenda fat tires. They aren’t as knobby as some we have seen but still provide plenty of traction when you take this ebike off-road. These also feel like a better quality tire than you’ll find on some of the budget moped-style ebikes. A reflective sidewall helps increase visibility and the front wheel is attached with a thru-axle.

The derailleur is a Shimano Altus with seven speeds. That is paired with a trigger shifter in the cockpit. The crankset is 44T, and the freewheel is 14-28T.

The Himiway C5 has bright integrated front and rear lights. It is always nice to have integrated lights, so there is one less thing to worry about when getting riding. There are no blinkers included. Blinkers on a bike? Yup, a lot of the ebikes are starting to feature blinkers, the jury is still out on whether riders actually use them though.

A small rear fender is included, but a front fender is not an option. Ride dry or get dirty.

In Conclusion

We have had good experiences with Himiway ebikes and were happy to review this dirt bike type ebike. It is a head-turner and was fun to ride. With Himiway’s recent launches, they have come up with more unique ebikes which is refreshing to see. The fact that it offers slower acceleration might be a detractor for some and an advantage to others – either way it is important to consider.

What are your thoughts? Is this the next great moped-style ebike?

Himiway C5 Review
Electronics (Battery, Motor, Display)

Components (Shifter, Derailleur, Fork, Brakes)
himiway c5 pros
Dirt bike styling with fun lights
48V 20Ah battery
Full suspension
Bright integrated lights
Quality tires
Legal 750 watt motor
himiway c5 cons
No blinkers
Slow acceleration
Fixed seat
No front fender option
Torque sensor pedal assist

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