Lectric XPress Review 2024: How Affordable Ebikes Are Embracing Torque Sensors

Today, we’re diving into Lectric’s latest offering, the Lectric XPress. As always, if our reviews help you make a decision, consider supporting us by using the links below. Let’s get into the details of this intriguing new model.

First Look Lectric XPress Video

In the below video I provide additional perspective on the components and highlight the good and bad. In my interview with Lectric’s CEO, Levi Conlow, he highlighted the strategic launch choices and the bike’s competitive positioning in the market. Levi explained the rationale behind pricing and product decisions, emphasizing the utility and lifestyle fit of each model. He also shared a peek into future plans and product innovations at Lectric.

Battery & Motor Specifications

Lectric has launched the Lectric XPress, available in two models. The base model, priced at $999, features a 500W motor peaking at 1,192 watts, coupled with a 10.4 amp-hour battery. For those seeking more power and range, the upgraded model at $1,299 boasts a 750W motor peaking at 1,310 watts and a larger 14 amp-hour battery. Both battery sizes are consistent with Lectric’s previous offerings, like the XP 3.0.

The XPress leverages Lectric’s “stealth M24” technology for quieter operation, first seen on the Lectric XPeak, setting it apart from typical louder hub drive electric bikes. It supports class 1, 2, or 3 speeds, with class 3 reaching up to 28 mph

XPress high-step vs Step-Thru

The XPress is available in high-step or step-through frames. The high-step comes with straight handlebars with a slight rise and no adjustable stem, while the step-through offers swept-back handlebars and an adjustable stem, enhancing the rider’s comfort by allowing a more upright riding position.

Each frame style also accommodates riders of different heights. From 5’4″ to 6’4″ for the high-step model, and from 5’2″ for the step-through model.

Display and Throttle

The Lectric XPress introduces a notable change in its throttle design by opting for a thumb throttle instead of the twist throttle found on the XP 3.0. This design decision influences the riding experience by offering a different ergonomic interaction. While twist throttles may feel more intuitive and similar to traditional motorcycle controls, allowing for potentially smoother acceleration control, thumb throttles provide a distinct advantage in reducing accidental engagement and offering more precise control over the bike’s power. For riders who prioritize safety and precision in managing speed, especially in urban environments, the thumb throttle could be a welcome feature. However, this change might require an adjustment period for those accustomed to the twist style, affecting their overall comfort and control during rides.

The Lectric XPress features the same color LCD display as found on the Lectric One, providing riders with a large, easily readable display. This display offers essential information such as speed, battery level, and assist mode at a glance.

Performance Features

Notably, the XPress has hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors for robust stopping power and an 80mm TC80 front suspension fork, offering smooth rides even on less-than-perfect paths.

Unique Selling Points

One of the standout features of the XPress is its incorporation of a torque sensor, a rarity in bikes at this price point, which offers a more natural riding experience. Push the pedals harder and the bike will provide more power. The bike is designed for ease of assembly right out of the box, a nod to Lectric’s commitment to customer convenience. Riders will need to attach the front thru-axle and install the quick-release pedals.

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable Price: Starting at just $999, the Lectric XPress is setting a new standard for affordability in the ebike market.
  • Motor and Battery Options: Both the 500W and 750W options offer robust performance for their price points, with the latter including a spare battery during the launch period.
  • Design Flexibility: With options for different frame styles and handlebars, riders can choose a bike that best fits their needs and comfort.


  • Availability: The XPress won’t ship until June, 2024 so there’s a waiting period.
  • Basic Components: The use of a Shimano Tourney derailleur, while reliable, is more basic than what might be found on more expensive bikes.
  • Additional Costs: Fenders and rear racks are not included, requiring separate purchases for those needing these accessories.


The Lectric XPress represents a significant step forward in making ebikes more accessible without compromising on features that enhance performance and rider experience. Whether it’s the right choice for you will depend on your specific needs and budget, but it’s certainly worth considering for anyone looking to enter the world of ebikes. View more of our Lectric reviews.

Lectric XPress review
Electronics (Battery, Motor, Display)
Components (Shifter, Derailleur, Fork, Brakes)
Lectric XPress pros
Torque sensor
2 motor options
2 frame styles
UL Certified battery
Easy Assembly
Lectric Support
Hydraulic disc brakes
Quieter hub-drive motor
Lectric XPress cons
Does not ship until June 2024
Basic derailleur and shifter
Rear rack and fenders not included