Velotric Discover 2 Review 2024: Packed with Features, Designed for Comfort

The Velotric Discover 2 marks a step into their next generation after launching the Discover 1 as their original ebike in 2021. With a price tag of $1699, this is a feature-packed commuter ebike designed with comfort in mind. As we dug into this ebike we felt that the Discover 2 checks most of the boxes that riders want out of their ebike, including some surprising ones.

Read on for our full review and watch our video below for in-depth analysis and first-person rider footage.

Discover 2 Video Review

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A Good Fit

The Velotric Discover 2 is available only as a step-thru, with a super-low, accessible stand-over height of just 15”. There are two size options, making it a good fit for most: Regular is aimed at those from 4’11” to 5’9” and Large is 5’6” to 6’4”. While different sizing isn’t unheard of there are still some brands who keep things simple with a one-size-fits-most approach. The two sizes ensure riders of all heights will be comfortable and in control.

Four color options also have a broad appeal, with Pine Green, Stone Gray, Mint, and Cherry Crimson (pictures below). We also appreciate that the battery is painted to match the frame as it blends into the frame more easily.

Certified Electronics

Velotric was an early adopter of ebike safety standards and continues this commitment, UL 2849 certification for the entire electronics system on the Discover 2 and UL 2271 for its battery. Additionally, IPX6 rated frame and IPX7 for the battery alone, offer significant amounts of water resistance. You can literally drop this battery in a lake, dry it off, and pop it back in the bike and the Discover 2 will still function just fine. An IPX6 water rating isn’t unheard of on other ebikes though it’s not common either. Either way, this was a welcome addition.

At 48V, 14.7AH, the battery is slightly bigger than average providing up to a 50-mile range with limited Pedal Assist use. It is easy to access with its top-loading position and the provided 3A charger reaches a full charge in under 5-hours. Velotric includes a nice charger holster in case you want to store it on a wall for easy access.

A sizeable, color, LCD display is docked in the middle of the cockpit, packed with more features than the usual speed, battery level, and trip info. It’s extremely user-friendly and there is also calorie-burning detail, customizable light settings, and advanced riding mode settings such as cruise control – all demonstrated in the video above.

The 7-button control pad is on the left, with a useful USB-C port underneath, a power button on top, light controls, including turn signals, and access to the epic 15 levels of pedal assist. There’s great app connectivity and ‘Find My’ for iPhone users. Ride tracking is possible via the app as well as firmware updates.

Power and Comfort

Peaking at 1100W, the capable Discover 2 motor is one of the more powerful for this kind of commuter ebike, with a nominal 750W (75Nm torque). The torque sensor makes for a smooth ride, amplifying the rider’s pedal input. There are 3 modes of pedal assist – Eco, Trail and Boost, but in each mode you get 5 pedal assist levels. This might be overwhelming to newer riders but we suggest those picking up this ebike to find what mode they like (Eco, Trail and Boost) and stick to the 5 levels within that mode. Just a note, there is a bit of overlap between some of the modes/assist levels.

For those who like throttles, the Velotric includes a left-hand thumb throttle. Speed can be changed easily within the display for Class 1, Class 2 or Class 3 riding. The Discover 2 ships at Class 2 speed limit of 20 mph, but can push to 28+ mph with Pedal Assist. The throttle can also be disabled. Even with the torque sensor, speeds of around 20 mph are attainable without too much effort in Boost, pedal assist level 5.

Brakes are reliable Tektro hydraulic discs, paired with 180mm rotors. Shimano Altus trigger shifter and derailleur provide 8-speeds, with an 11-32 tooth cassette and 46 tooth front chainring.

Hydraulic front suspension provides a comfortable 80 mm of travel, with boost spacing and lockout. Velotric was one of the first ebike companies to utilize the precision and strength of thru-axles, rather than a quick release.  

Tires are Kenda street tires at 27.5×2.4” and there are metal fenders. It’s always good to find an adjustable stem for enhancing rider comfort, along with swept-back handlebars and locking ergo grips. This is one of those ebikes where comfort is prioritized.

A 130 lux integrated front headlight and the integrated rear lights are also brake-actuated and work as turn signals. Useful light adjustments are possible via the Display but the big win here is the extra bright headlight.

The seat is comfortable and the included rear rack is MIK compatible, for accommodating a range of optional accessories like MIK compatible ebike bags. Velotric’s large rear basket is a good choice for an extra $89.99, with a handy zipper pocket in its liner. A front basket is also available.


The Discover 2 is Velotric’s first product refresh and earns its price tag with its range of quality features. Some might find the degree of tunability a bit much, but the setup is very user-friendly and works well.

Comfort is a premium on this ebike, so it is not so well suited to the more aggressive rider. Minor improvements might be gained from better cable management and plastic pedals are a little cheap for a product costing more than $1500.

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Velotric discover 2 review
Electronics (Battery, Motor, Display)
Components (Shifter, Derailleur, Fork, Brakes)
Velotric discover 2 pros
15-levels of Pedal Assist
Multiple Safety Certifications
Large, User-friendly Display
Capable 1100W Motor
Comfortable, Adjustable Fit
Above-Average Battery
Torque Sensor
IPX6, IPX7 Water-proof ratings
Apple Find My
Velotric discover 2 cons
Too much tunability for some
Cable Management
Plastic Pedals