TurboAnt M10 Pro Review: Budget Friendly E-Scooter

Typically I review performance heavy electric scooters as it is more akin to the power I experience from an electric bike. The tradeoff has always been higher prices. This review focuses on the TurboAnt M10 Pro which is geared towards the mid-range and budget-friendly consumer electric scooter market. It is a solid option to consider at the current new release price of $389.98 for those shopping at the sub $500 market. The specs here match the pricing so read on to get all the pros and cons that I experienced riding the TurboAnt M10 Pro.

TurboAnt M10 Pro Appearance

You won’t get unique styling or sleek modern finishes with the TurboAnt M10 Pro. The design and appearance are exactly what you would expect from a budget-friendly electric scooter. This might be exactly what you want in an electric scooter. The finish is mostly black with a few red accents. There is a stem headlight and minimal cabling from the handlebars. On the left side of the handlebars you have a mechanical rear brake (that also engages a front electric brake) and the locking mechanism for attaching the stem to the rear tire guard when folded. The display is large and easy to read in the daylight. On the right side is a large thumb throttle. The deck is large and rubberized to prevent slipping.

Performance of the TurboAnt M10 Pro

The TurboAnt M10 Pro has a single 350 Watt front hub motor. All of my experience is based on myself (weighing in at 165 lbs and 5’10” in height) riding the scooter on typical city streets. The maximum speed listed is 20 mph which I had no trouble reaching on flat and downhill sections of pavement. For slight hills and flat roads the motor was sufficient and provided plenty of power.

However, I do live in an area with large hills (i.e. hills you probably would need to walk a non-electric bike up) and it would struggle to keep me at speed. Fortunately, I never had to walk the scooter up one of these hills, but it would slow to around 6-7 mph depending on the incline. If you know you are going to use an electric scooter in a very hilly area, I would recommend looking for something with at least two motors. The same could be said if you are built larger than myself, as a lot of electic scooter performance is based on the rider’s physique. On the other hand, if you are on the smaller side or you have minimal hills, you will not have a problem getting around on the TurboAnt M10 Pro.

The battery is built-in (non-removable) with a 10.4 Ah capacity providing a 30-mile range and 6-hour charge time. Like other lithium-ion batteries, ensure you take care storing the scooter for extended periods to prevent damage (TurboAnt recommends a full charge before storing for up to 3 months). I have read about people who have damaged their batteries due to not following recommended manufacturer guidelines for battery maintenance and storage.

Riding the TurboAnt M10 Pro

The TurboAnt M10 Pro rides smoother than I expected thanks to its pneumatic tires. I’ve ridden other scooters that have rigid or web designed tires, and while this cuts down on maintenance and the chance you might get a flat, I much prefer the smoother ride provided by pneumatic tires. There are no shocks or suspension, so you should still watch out for larger bumps and potholes. The rubberized deck felt durable with enough grip to keep me planted. The stem felt nice and stable even at higher speeds.

The electric and mechanical combination brake takes some getting used to but provides plenty of stopping power. When you slightly pull the lever, the electric front brake engages and further pulling will squeeze the rear brake pads. After riding a few miles down some steep hills I got used to the different braking levels and it didn’t feel as jerky as when I first started.

There is a mode button below the display that allows you to cruise at 12 mph if you need to squeeze extra range or prefer a slower more efficient commute. For uninterrupted cruising, the cruise control system will automatically engage after holding down the throttle for an extended period of time. This is a welcomed feature as holding down the throttle can get tiresome for longer rides. There isn’t any mobile phone app integration, however, there is a dedicated USB port built into the stem for charging on the go.

Folding the TurboAnt M10 Pro is easy: simply rotate a plastic locking clip and pull down the front latch that drops the stem. The locking mechanism for securing the handlebar to the rear of the kick guard is done via a plastic clip on a plastic wheel guard. It seems stable enough when locked and folded, but I would recommend great care is taken to make sure the scooter is stable if you intend to carry it by the stem when folded regularly.

I would recommend you support the scooter by the deck just to be sure when transporting. If you don’t need to carry the scooter much when folded this is a non-issue. (ex. just folding it to keep it out of the way in an office or garage.) The clip also takes up a fair amount of space on the handlebar, so if you can get away without it you could replace it with a useful handlebar mounted accessory.

Final Thoughts on the TurboAnt M10 Pro

The TurboAnt M10 Pro is a solid choice for the budget friendly consumer looking for an electric scooter that does exactly what you need it to do. It has decent performance, great range and necessary stopping power, includes front and rear lighting, and provides a smooth and stable ride. The TurboAnt M10 Pro doesn’t try to be something that it isn’t, and if your performance needs match what the TurboAnt M10 Pro offers, you will find it a solid option to consider in your search for an electric scooter. You can find additional TurboAnt electric scooters for adults on their website.

TurboAnt m10 pro review
Electronics (motor, display and battery)
Components (brakes, suspension, tires etc.)
Styling, finish and comfort
turboant m10 pros
Pneumatic tires for soft riding
Front and rear lighting
Minimal cabling
Cruise control
turboant m10 cons
Plastic guards
Standard no frills design
Mechanical disc brake