Ride1Up’s Spring 2024 Sale: Record Low Prices on Top Electric Bikes

The ever-popular Ride1Up 700 Series

We don’t typically do standalone features on ebike price drops. They’re typically reserved for our sales and ebike discounts page but the deals from one of the top brands in the US are too good not to share broadly.

Ride1Up’s ongoing promotions and discounts offer some of the best pricing on their range of electric bikes, making it an opportune time for enthusiasts and new riders alike to explore their options.

Models such as the Cafe Cruiser and Prodigy are seeing significant price reductions, with the Cafe Cruiser dropping from $1,595 to $1,095. The Prodigy model, known for its mid-drive motor and intuitive riding experience, is now available for under $1,800—a notable decrease from its usual original pricing of $2,295.

These price cuts are not just limited to these models; other bikes in their lineup, including the Turris, now $1,095 as well and the Roadster V2. This sale reflects Ride1Up’s commitment to making quality electric bikes more accessible, combining advanced features with affordability. The sale includes various models suited for different riding preferences and needs, from urban commuters to rugged, all-terrain bikes.

Speaking of all-terrain, the fat tire Rift with a massive 20 Ah battery is just $1,495. This puts it at the point where you’re unlikely to find a better-equipped fat tire ebike at this cost. And this is significant given the competition in the fat tire ebike space.

Ride1Up’s Spring Discount Summarized

Ride1Up is currently offering substantial discounts on several of their electric bike models, making this a great opportunity for potential buyers:

  • Cafe Cruiser: Originally priced at $1,595, all models are now available for $1,095.
  • Rift (20ah): Launched at $1,895, now reduced to $1,495 for all models.
  • 700 Series: Select colors start at $1,295, with other models priced at $1,395, down from the initial $1,695.
  • Turris: All models now cost $1,095 (originally $1,295), and include a larger battery among other upgrades.
  • Prodigy v1: This model is now priced at $1,795, reduced from its launch price of $2,295.
  • Roadster v2: Select models are now available for $795, originally priced at $1,095.

Ride1Up Reviews

Having reviewed Ride1Up ebikes for 4 years we have extensive experience with their huge lineup, some of which aren’t on sale. Check out all of our Ride1Up reviews which include an in-depth video.

Ride1Up Turris

My Take

These are some pretty crazy prices and it’s a bit of a sign of times with ebike sales cooling off. Nevertheless, if you’ve been on the fence about buying – now is the time. For newer riders, I’d lean towards choosing one of the ultra-affordable options that still offer great specs like the Cafe Cruiser or Turris for just $1,095. They won’t leave any recreational rider wanting for more and you’re simply not going to find a better-outfitted ebike available for delivery in Spring 2024.

A note about the brand

Part of the reason Ride1Up can achieve these low prices is because they are a direct-to-consumer company. No middleman or dealership network is taking a cut here. This means that on some (not all!) models, assembly is slightly more involved compared to other brands. Factor this in if you’re not confident in assembling an ebike as it will add to the cost. Ride1Up has some great videos on their YouTube page to help you out. It may be easier than you think. We even did our assembly with a professional mechanic a couple of years ago. Check out that video below.

Ride1Up also is a US-based brand with knowledgeable US-based support. That may seem like a given, but it isn’t. They have recently beefed up their support in the US and they also have an active Ride1Up Facebook group.


These price reductions make high-quality electric bikes more accessible, aligning with Ride1Up’s commitment to affordable yet feature-rich offerings. Each model caters to different riding preferences, ensuring there’s a perfect match for every type of cyclist. For detailed information on these models and to explore further discounts, visit the Ride1Up promotions page.