Lectric Ebikes Launches VIP Award Program to Celebrate Riding Milestones

Lectric Ebikes, renowned for its affordable and innovative electric bikes like the Lectric XP series, has introduced its VIP (Very Important Pedaler) program to honor the riders promoting sustainable commuting. By celebrating milestones of 5,000, 10,000, and 25,000 miles with a custom “Lectrified Award,” Lectric aims to build a devoted community of riders. Both Current and future Lectric eBikes riders are eligible for the program.

This initiative aligns with their broader mission of altering traditional transportation norms, encouraging more individuals to opt for eco-friendly e-bikes. The program not only appreciates the riders’ dedication but underscores Lectric’s commitment to transforming urban mobility​.

To participate in the VIP program, riders need to provide their full name, email, original order number, ebike serial number, a photo of the serial number, and a video of the ebike’s display showing the mileage reading​. Coupled with the recognition program, Lectric Ebikes continues to foster a strong bond with its community, encouraging the adoption of e-biking as a sustainable alternative for urban commuting. Learn more about Lectric by checking out our Lectric ebike reviews.

“We knew our riders were putting significant miles on their Lectric eBikes, but we had no idea of the full extent until we polled our social media followers. We were hyped to see dozens of riders logging thousands of miles on their eBikes and we wanted to find a new way to support our community.

-Levi Conlow, Lectric CEO