Discovering the Best of Both Worlds: A Deep Dive into Cannondale’s Adventure Neo Allroad Ebike Collection

In the ever-evolving world of electric bikes, consumers often find themselves teetering between buying a direct-to-consumer ebike, saving a few bucks but gambling with the level of customer support, or investing a small fortune at a bike shop to ensure dependable after-sales service. The former often entails a mixed bag of support experiences, sometimes stateside, other times overseas. Even reputable brands known for their stellar customer support may require you to engage in a photo or video documentation marathon, or play amateur mechanic testing various bike parts whenever issues arise.

On the flip side, purchasing from a bike shop has traditionally meant parting with a hefty sum, starting at several thousand dollars on the lower end.

Cannondale Adventure Neo Allroad Video Review

Cannondale’s Middle Ground

But here’s where Cannondale flips the script. They offer a middle ground – buy a quality ebike from a reputable bike shop, spend a reasonable amount, and enjoy the bike shop support for any future needs. This alternative is a game-changer for many, especially for those who prioritize support and service.

Cannondale, a name not alien to the regulars of bike shops, extends this new buying experience. While they continue to offer premium ebikes, they have expanded their range to include budget-friendly options under $2000, with the Adventure Neo Allroad leading as the most economical choice.

Purchase and Assembly Perks

One of the highlights of this buying option is the ability to check the stock at local shops online, or outright purchase online and pick up the ebike at your local bike shop with complimentary assembly. To put this into perspective, convincing a local bike shop to assemble your ebike usually costs around $150 to $200. So, this is a significant saving and a convenience to reckon with.

Model Variants

The Adventure Neo Allroad collection is segmented into three trim levels, catering to different rider needs and budgets. The base model is priced attractively at $1675, offering a solid package for the everyday rider. For those who brave all weather conditions or need extra cargo space, the $1825 EQ model comes with fenders and a rear rack. If power is what you seek, the Speed spec at $2025 packs a 750-watt motor and a beefy 48V battery with 720Wh of capacity, promising a robust riding experience.

Cannondale adventure neo allroad side
Cannondale Adventure Neo Allroad EQ

Performance and Components

Taking a closer look at the EQ model (as well as the base model), it houses a 250-watt name-brand Bafang motor, capable of cruising at 20 mph on flat terrains without breaking a sweat. The motor’s smooth engagement, both while pedaling and throttling, is a boon for ebike novices. However, its 36V 11.6Ah battery might seem below average when pitted against direct-to-consumer brands, yet it’s capable of taking riders a decent 20 miles on throttle alone.

The simplicity of the Bafang display, the reliability of MicroShift components on these entry-level models, and the inclusion of Tektro hydraulic disc brakes reflect a well-thought-out design. A rare find is the two-size offerings, catering to both step-thru or high step preferences, coupled with included front and rear lights.

Off-road Capabilities and Add-ons

The Adventure Neo Allroad ebike stands out as a versatile machine, with its geometry and components signaling a clear intent for off-road capabilities. Although a front suspension fork could have been the cherry on top, it’s understandable that a name-brand suspension, in line with Cannondale’s high standards, would have bumped up the price significantly.

And oh, the eye-catching “electric-yellow” Sidestreet helmet from Cannondale featured in the above video is priced at $115 and is a stylish companion to the ebike. With MIPS technology integrated, it’s more than just a pretty face.


The Adventure Neo Allroad collection is a promising entry into the affordable ebike market, striking a balance between price, consumer experience, and quality components. And Cannondale doesn’t stop there; they’ve also launched the Cargowagon Neo which we are eager to explore in future reviews.

So, what are your thoughts on this Cannondale collection? Drop your insights in the comments section below.

Cannondale Adventure neo Allroad review
Electronics (Battery, Motor, Display)
Components (Shifter, Derailleur, Fork, Brakes)
Frame (Geometry, Sizing)
Cannondale Adventure neo Allroad pros
3 trim levels
Bike shop support
Well priced
Step-thru frame option with different sizes
Name-brand components
Hydraulic disc brakes
Cannondale Adventure neo Allroad cons
Rigid front suspension
36V system
Basic LCD screen