AddMotor Citytri E-310 Trike Review: The Best Spec’d Trike Under $2000?

We recently had a chance to review the AddMotor CITYTRI E310 electric trike, which claims to be “the highest spec’d, most powerful electric trike under $2,000 in the world”. Wow, that’s a big claim, but we found it credible after our review albeit with a few considerations.

They had to make a few sacrifices to keep the price low, but overall, this trike has a ton of potential. Read on for all the details, or check out our video review linked below. Remember that there are multiple frame options, and the standard and mini options are $1,999, but the plus model is just over two grand at $2,099.

This is our first review of this Chinese-based company. We have not had any issues with customer support, but there is always a chance for issues when you work with international companies. If you have any experience that could be helpful to our Ebike Escape community, please share it below! If this review helps you decide to get this trike, we would appreciate it if you could use our link, which is free. It helps us keep reviewing ebikes to help buyers like you.

Addmotor CITYTRI E310 Trike Video Review

Video review

Frame Design of the Addmotor CityTRI E310 Trike

Rear TireFront TireRider Height
Wheel size options

The Addmotor CityTRI is a folding electric trike. It comes in three different wheel sizes, allowing for increased accessibility and customizability. Which version of the etrike you should choose mostly depends on your height. Get the details in the chart above, keeping in mind that the smaller the wheels, the more planted the trike will feel.

Regardless of the wheel size, the weight capacity is 380 lbs, and the standover height is 13.8 inches. This electric trike weighs 86 lbs and thankfully that doesn’t matter as much as two-wheeled ebikes unless you decide to haul it.

We love the variety of bold color options to choose from. Options include red, grey, yellow, green, and blue. The front fork suspension offers increased comfort and is a rarity on affordable electric trikes. It is not adjustable, making it harder to adapt to your preference.

Having a trike that can fold is helpful as transport can be a challenge. Check out our article on one of our favorite trike racks here. While the Addmotor CityTri E310 Trike does fold, there are some quirks. The front wheel rests against the outside rather than tucking in like the Lectric XP Trike. The dimensions are 44.1″L x 33.9″W x 24.8″H when folded.


Comfort and adjustability are enhanced by the included seat with an adjustable backrest (up and down). The seat is wide, prioritizing comfort above all else. The BMX-style handlebars allow for a front-to-back adjustment to bring the handlebars closer to you or further away. This also helps in fitting riders of varying heights.

Battery and Motor

Addmotor claims this is the “most powerful” etrike on the market today, and we don’t disagree. The 750-watt nominal motor has 90 Nm of torque and peaks at 1400 watts, and it did not struggle to get our test rider promptly up to speed. The maximum speed is 20 mph, making this a Class 2 ebike.

Importantly, the motor is housed in the rear instead of in the front wheel which helps with traction, particularly on loose surfaces. This is what we like to see in electric trikes.

Compared to some electric bikes that is considered slow, but for a trike, that’s fast – most trikes are limited to 14 mph as a safety precaution. As an experienced road and mountain bike rider, 20 mph still feels fast on a trike as you can not lean to accommodate the terrain. It is easy to pick up a wheel and risk tipping your trike at higher speeds, a danger which is increased on any uneven terrain. A trike may not be your best option if you are looking for speed.

The battery is a UL-certified Samsung, a nod to safety that we appreciate seeing. It is a 48v, 20Ah battery, equalling 960 watt-hours. The company claims an impressive 90+ miles per charge, but like most range estimates, the average rider will get significantly less unless they barely use the electrical power.

Pedaling on the trike is comfortable and feels easy on the knees. However, due to the single-speed drivetrain riders won’t be able to provide human power above 10-11 mph. There is a half-twist throttle to help keep you at higher speeds.

Seven pedal assist levels operate with a cadence sensor. In the cockpit is a large, center-mounted 5-inch LCD display.

Review of Brakes on the Addmotor CityTri E310

There are Addmotor branded mechanical disc brakes on the Addmotor CityTri E310, which aren’t as nice as hydraulic disc brakes. They somewhat mitigate this using 3-caliper disc brakes instead of the typical 2. We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the mechanical brakes. The rotors were the standard 180 mm. There is also a parking brake, which is great to see on the electric trikes to prevent them from rolling.

Lights and Additional Features

It is nice to see functional brake lights and blinkers. These are becoming more common on ebikes but are not standard. Not surprisingly, an integrated light can be found up front. The blinkers on the Addmotor are small and don’t have the best visibility.

Both a horn and bell, as well as full front and rear fenders are included in the base price of the trike. A rear cargo basket, side view mirrors, and a mini bike pump are currently included. I love side view mirrors on a trike built for accessibility! Check which accessories are currently included for free here.

Assembly of the CityTri E310

The Addmotor CityTri E310 does require some assembly. This is not necessary for all of the electric trikes on the market, so if this is a dealbreaker for you, check around at other brands, including the Lectric XP Trike or RadTrike.

Concluding Thoughts

From our review, the Addmotor CityTri E310 etrike is a solid choice for a reasonably priced folding etrike with a powerful motor. What sets it apart is the larger battery, powerful motor and front suspension. We also really appreciated the 3 different tire offerings. And if this isn’t the design you prefer, Addmotor is the brand that sells the largest assortment of electric trikes on the market. Like many trikes, it is designed as an accessibility tool, not for speed.

Addmotor citytri e310 etrike review
Electrics (Battery, Motor, Display)
Components (Shifter, Derailleur, Fork, Brakes)
Addmotor citytri e310 pros
Powerful 750 watt motor
48V 20Ah (960wh) battery
Three size options
Great color options
3 caliper brakes (mechanical)
Functional brake lights
Included fenders
Well priced
Lots of included accessories
Addmotor citytri e310 cons
Suspension isn’t customizable
Small blinkers
Single speed
Assembly required
International company