Ultimate Guide to Traveling with an Ebike: Accessories, Tips, and Safety

Traveling with your electric bike not only brings the joy of exploration but also the challenge of being well-prepared for the journey. With the right accessories, your trip can become safer, more comfortable, and downright enjoyable. Here’s a list of must-have ebike accessories that will transform your travel experience.

Traveling with Ebikes Video

For a closer look at these products check out the video below.

For Carrying Essentials

  • Dairyman Basket: Perfect for those quick stops at local markets or to hold your personal items on a long ride. Its sturdy design ensures your belongings are safe.
  • Bungee Net: Secure your gear on the go or just overload your Dairyman Basket. Whether it’s a jacket or a picnic blanket, bungee nets keep everything in place.
  • Ebike Battery Bag (also available in large): Waterproof and flame-resistant bags are great for keeping your ebike battery safe. Plus it helps prevent anything from coming in contact with the terminals or charge port on your ebike battery.

Safety and Security

  • XNITO Helmet: Combines safety (NTA 8776 certification) with comfort and visibility with integrated lights.
  • Nite IZE or Plant Bike Front Lights | Topeak TailLux 100: Ensure you’re visible day and night. These lights are powerful, durable, and rechargeable. A perfect addition to the integrated lights on many ebikes. The flashing modes are great to turn on even during the day.
  • Electric Bike Lock & Bike Alarm: Protect your ebike from theft with a sturdy lock and an alarm system that alerts you to any tampering.
  • Nutcase Helmets: If you have kids, the Nutcase helmets are a great option with their fun designs – plus MIPS protection!

Maintenance and Upkeep

  • Handlebar Jack: A portable tool that makes e-bike repairs easier by lifting the bike off the ground.
  • Allen Set & Topeak Ratchet Rocket: Essential tools for quick adjustments and fixes on the road. The ratchet is particularly useful for making quick work of any bolt.
  • Wrench Set: You’ll want the larger 18mm size for removing the rear wheel on hub motor ebikes. This may have been included in your purchase of an ebike.
  • Finish Line Lube: Keep your ebike running smoothly with this high-quality lubricant.
  • Side Snips & Zip Ties: For any tire changes, you’ll want zip ties and side snips to remove the rear wheel on a hub drive ebike.
  • Electric Pump from Aventon or Cycplus: Save yourself some effort and pick up an electric pump. Simply set the tire pressure and let the rechargeable pump do the work. Bonus: some of these pumps have USB ports to charge your phone. They can also work to pump up your vehicle tires in an emergency.

Protection from the elements while on the road

  • Ebike Handlebar Cover: Our favorite solution for protecting your ebike display and controls from rain and debris.
  • Plastic Shrink Wrap: A DIY solution to protect specific areas of your ebike when traveling.
  • Ebike Bike Covers: Ebike covers are great for protecting your entire ebike from the elements. Some people trailer their bikes with them on. Others, myself included, prefer to use the ebike handlebar cover. Still, they can be useful for protecting and “hiding” your ebikes when parked. Also available in a larger two-ebike size.

Bike Racks and bike rack accessories

  • QuikrStuff Mach2 Rack (code ebikeescape gets you $25 off): A lightweight and durable rack that’s easy to install thanks to its tool-less design. This is in my opinion the best ebike rack on the market though the price reflects that. Check out our best ebike racks article and accompanying video for more options. Add the ramp to easily get your ebike on the rack, the straps for ebikes with fenders and the license plate holder to be legal on the road.
  • Lights for your ebike rack: Kody Technologies sells lighting trailer light kits to work with most bike racks on the market. Code EBIKE.ESCAPE for $10 off.

This comprehensive list includes everything you need for a successful ebike trip, from gear to maintenance products, tools, and protecting your ebike. Each product is designed to make your journey more enjoyable and worry-free. Safe travels and happy e-biking!