Protect your Ebike at Home (ABUS Granit WBA75 Floor Anchor Review)

I recently reviewed the ABUS Bordo Big 6000 Alarm, a great option to lock your ebike up if you are out and about. However, not all bike thefts happen in public. There are some precautions you can take at home depending on where you store your ebike. One option is using a floor anchor which ABUS also sells. Along with the Bordo Big lock, ABUS sent me the WBA75 floor anchor so I could check it out for myself. These are secured to either a concrete floor or wall and then you can use a bike lock to secure your ebike to the anchor. The anchor ring itself is 14mm and given the reputation ABUS has I believe it would hold up to most ebike theft attempts. ABUS also sells these anchors to be used with motorcycles. You can view some of options here:

If you live in a high theft area a floor anchor is something worth considering, even more so if you park your ebike outside or have a detached garage. You may also want to consider a smart home camera such as the Amazon Blink Mini. We recently purchased the Amazon Blink Mini for our nursery but I could see also using one in the garage. I’ve been very impressed for a $35 smart security camera.

Below is the full look at the ABUS WBA75 Floor Anchor: