Mirrors For Your Electric Bike: A Must Have Accessory

One of the most popular accessories for electric bikes are bike mirrors. This is why the two brands I recommend are listed on the top of my electric bike accessories list. Bike mirrors are popular for good reason and they are one of those accessories that once you have them, you will miss them on any other bike you ride without mirrors.

It’s important to be aware of what’s happening behind you if you plan to make a lane change. And it is much safer to do so by glancing in a mirror as opposed to turning your head. Many riders will swerve as they look over their shoulder which can be dangerous. I also like seeing upcoming traffic since I am able to discern whether a vehicle has seen me.

Hafny Ebike Mirrors

The two brands I am most familiar with and recommend are Hafny and Mirrycle. Mirrycle is known for its bar-end mirror, but Hafny offers much more variety. I reached out to Hafny and they sent me a number of their options so I could compare them all in one video.

Hafny offers five different mounting options of mirrors and then within each mounting option, there are several different styles. There are three different types of lenses: stainless steel lens, HD glass, and anti-glare blue glass. They recommend HD glass or the anti-glare blue glass for electric bikes. All of their glass is an automative grade. The most popular options are FR01 and FR03 shown on the left.

After riding around with the various mirrors for two weeks I preferred the clear glass as opposed to the anti-glare blue glass. Though you may want to consider the anti-glare blue glass if you often ride in sunny conditions. I also preferred the look of the handlebar mirror but note that they do take up additional space on your handlebars.

However, my wife prefers the bar-end mounting mirrors. The one downside to the bar-end mounting mirrors is they will make your handlebars slightly wider. You just need to be aware of this if you often find yourself in tight spaces.

All of the mirrors I tested were easy to install and for the price, they are a great value. The handlebar-mounted mirrors are available in two packs if you decide to put a mirror on each side of your handlebars. This is optional since you can get away with one mirror on the left side. View all of the mirrors by Hafny on Amazon.

It is also possible to install the handlebar-mounted mirrors below the handlebar as shown below. Some riders report that this prevents your arms from being in the field of view, but I don’t see this as a significant issue. Just be sure to install the handlebar mirrors as close to the outside of your handlebars as possible. You may need to move your LCD screen or other accessories as I did in the photo above.

Besides bike mirrors, Hafny also sells bar grips and pedals. I will be sharing my thoughts on their pedals in a future video. If you’re interested in purchasing Hafny mirrors for your electric bike you can check out the Hafny store on Amazon. Making a purchase helps support Ebike Escape.

In the video above I share a couple more of the mirrors that Hafny sent me besides the ones pictured above.