Memorial Day Sales on Ebikes for 2024

Memorial Day is a great time to score a deal on an electric bike, with many top brands offering discounts. This page will continue to be updated as more information becomes available. We’re waiting to hear from all of these brands about their specific Memorial Day sales for 2024. Stay tuned for the latest updates!

Lectric Memorial Day Sale

No coupons found.

Rad Power Bikes Memorial Day Sale

No coupons found.

Ride1Up Memorial Day Sale

Aventon Memorial Day Sale

No coupons found.

Velotric Memorial Day Sale

Euphree Memorial Day Sale

Last year, Euphree included a free lock and left-side mirror, along with $100 off their City Robin X to celebrate Memorial Day. We’re looking forward to hearing what offers Euphree will have this year.

Juiced Bikes Memorial Day Sale

Juiced offered significant savings on all of their ebikes for Memorial Day last year. We’re eager to see what promotions Juiced Bikes will have for this year.

Propella Memorial Day Sale

Last year, Propella offered up to $300 off their models, providing great prices for their lightweight, no-frills ebikes. We’re awaiting this year’s deals from Propella.