Foldylock Compact: Protect your Ebike with Ease!

Foldylock Compact Review

Admittedly, I used to be a little behind on the times when it comes to bike locks. I have lived in a number of college towns, notorious for their high bike theft rates, and have vigilantly locked my bikes. My first bike lock was a cable lock. Lightweight and travel friendly, I thought nothing more about the purchase. Until I lost the key and found out how easy I could cut through the lock to retrieve my bike. Ever since that awakening experience, I have used a ridiculously heavy, cumbersome u-lock with a thick chain that requires its own bag for travel. Not ideal. 

Seatylock Foldylock Compact
Foldylock Compact Easily Mounts to Frame

SEATYLOCK Compact Review

Enter SEATYLOCK’s incredibly travel-friendly and secure Foldylock Compact bike lock. Weighing only 2.2 lbs, this foldable lock is designed to mount on your bottle cage or anywhere else by using the included straps. It is quiet when mounting, making no annoying rattle sound. Made with metal that won’t rust and plastic with UV protection, this bike lock is ready for the outdoors. Coming in six bright and bold color schemes, we chose the rainbow version. An added bonus: it comes with THREE keys (ideal for forgetful people like me!). You can even order more keys if you need them as long as you register your keys after purchase. The FoldyLock Compact is listed at $85 and the slightly larger version, the Foldylock Classic, is listed at $95. 

The 33.5 inch circumference gave us just enough room to secure the ebike with frame and back tire to a pole. This compact circumference has pros and cons, so you’ll want to consider what your needs are for lock size (the Foldylock Classic is a slightly larger version).   

Foldylock Compact Security

Foldylock Compact
Foldylock Compact Safely Securing our Ebike

SEATYLOCK rates their products on a security scale of 1-18 with the Foldylock Compact earning a 14 rating. SEATYLOCK’s products are also tested by Sold Secure, a European based, not for profit company owned by the Master Locksmiths Association. They have three main rating categories: bronze, silver and gold. Foldylock Compact earned a silver rating compared to SEATYLOCK’s U-Locks which earned gold ratings. While I feel confident with a silver rating based on my location, you will want to consider your own security needs for the location you live in. 

There are a lot of bike locks on the market to select from. Other companies known for their superior lock products like Kryptonite and Abus offer travel-friendly options. They too offer different styles, security ratings at a wide range of prices.

SEATYLOCK lists its products at a competitive market price. SEATYLOCK is perhaps best known for its innovative bike seat that transforms into a bike lock, thus the origin of the company name. We hope to review this bike lock in the future. 

Points to Consider Before Purchasing:

I was thrilled that SEATYLOCK offered us the chance to test out their Foldylock Compact. Travel-friendly, secure, and modern is all I could hope for in a bike lock. This product will meet or exceed most people’s needs for a bike lock. The two points to consider before making this purchase are: 

  • Does this lock meet my security needs based on my location and situation?
  • Is the circumference large enough to be able to secure my bike in the places I visit? 

The answer to both of these questions for me is a resounding yes. I am excited to switch out my high maintenance U-Lock (and its cumbersome carrying bag) for the convenience and style of the Foldylock Compact

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