Meet Ride1Up Electric Bikes: Should You Buy?

One of the challenges when shopping for an electric bike is knowing what ebike brands are reputable. In my latest video I wanted to feature Ride1Up electric bikes. My goal with Ebike Escape is to help people hone in on a few different ebike brands that they should consider. This is why you’ll see me promote discount codes from just a handful of ebike companies I personally believe in. Over time I hope to review many of the various offerings in the market today.

Earlier this year I came across Ride1Up and was intrigued by the prices of their ebikes. After doing further research I found many happy customers. While the company is smaller than others it is clear that they have some scale and they now have a few years of selling ebikes under their belts. Recently, the company announced two new models to their lineup: the Core-5 and LMT’D. You can expect more content about Ride1Up since I have a LMT’D on the way. If you’re interested in comparing their models I recently did a video reviewing the entire Ride1Up lineup.

In order to further get to know Ride1Up and other ebike companies I decided to start a new series on my YouTube channel interviewing the founders. Kevin Duggar, the owner of Ride1Up was willing to join me virtually to discuss a wide variety of topics. He even teased the latest ebike model that they will offer which will be initially priced at $995.

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In this Interview with Kevin Duggar from Ride1Up Electric Bikes You Will Learn:

  1. How Kevin came to found Ride1Up and the mission of the company.
  2. Where Ride1Up sits in the current ebike marketplace and why Kevin opted for a direct to consumer model
  3. What the last few months has looked like for Ride1Up including comments on COVID-19 impacts, competitive landscape, consumer demand and current challenges.
  4. Discussion about the first ebike model offered by Ride1Up and the current lineup.
  5. What goes on behind the scenes at Ride1Up.
  6. Whether it’s feasible to produce ebikes in the United States.
  7. The latest model to be offered by Ride1Up
  8. Future changes coming to Ride1Up electric bikes and Kevin’s comments on the future of ebikes.
  9. The one thing that excites Kevin the most about the ebike industry.