Electric Bike Company Model J: A Detailed Review of an Affordable Moped-style Ebike

Customized EBC Model J
Customized EBC Model J

In a market saturated with high-powered e-bikes, the Electric Bike Company’s Model J presents a refreshing change. This moped-style ebike steps back from the trend of monster motors, offering a more manageable 750-watt motor. This doesn’t compromise its capability; it simply makes the bike more accessible and user-friendly (also legal). Perfect for those who prefer a gentler ride, the Model J is ideal for sharing with friends or family. And for those seeking a bit more thrill, the top speed can still reach a brisk 26 mph. This is unlockable through off-road mode, as the bike comes shipped as a Class 2 ebike with a top speed of 20 mph.

Model J Video Review

Pricing and Customization: Value Beyond Compare

At a base price of $1,299, the Model J stands out in its price range. The customization options are extensive and include 28 standard colors at no extra cost. You can choose your throttle type (thumb or twist), rims, tire color, handlebar style, trim color, grip style, and colors of the seat and grips. The price adds up with premium options of course but the stock bike is a solid contender for a moped-style ebike from a trusted brand.

The Electric Bike Company’s (or EBC for short) attention to detail and quality components, thanks to US assembly, set this bike apart. Having reviewed over 100 e-bikes, I can affirm that EBC’s dedication to quality is exceptional. If you happen to live in a coastal city, you’ll appreciate the many stainless components found on the models in the EBC fleet.

Efficient Shipping and Near-Complete Assembly

One of the standout aspects of purchasing an Electric Bike Company (EBC) bike, like the Model J, is the convenience in shipping and assembly. EBC bikes are shipped via freight, ensuring that your bike arrives safely and securely. What truly sets EBC apart is the degree of pre-assembly. When you receive your Model J, it arrives almost fully assembled, which is a significant advantage, especially for those who may not be mechanically inclined. Just install that handlebars and do a safety check and you’re good to go.

While EBC sometimes offers promotions like free shipping, typically, customers should expect to pay around $150 for shipping. This fee covers the cost of freight shipping, which is necessary to ensure that your bike arrives in excellent condition and with most of the assembly already taken care of. Considering the size and value of the product, this fee is a reasonable addition for the convenience and peace of mind it offers. Other direct to consumer brands ship via UPS or FedEx and damage is not uncommon.

Tires, Geometry and Sizing

One of the most significant considerations is the bike’s size. With puncture resistant 24” x 3” wide tires designed for street riding and a non-adjustable seat, this ebike may not be a perfect fit for every rider. Traditionally we see 20″ x 4″ tires on moped-style ebikes which have their own drawbacks like increased rolling resistance. I’m 6’ tall for reference.

The Electric Bike Company Model J, with its 30″ standover height, is advertised to suit riders 5′ to 6’8″ in height. While the lower end of this height range might be a stretch for some, the bike’s impressive 420 lbs weight capacity underscores its robust and durable construction.

Despite its sturdy build, the Model J maintains a manageable overall weight of 52 lbs, balancing durability with ease of handling and storage.

Power and Performance Options

Model J Battery
Model J Shark-style Battery

For power users, the Model J offers the option to equip up to three 14Ah batteries, totaling 42Ah of capacity – a significant amount for extended rides. The included single 14Ah battery is about average in size but sufficient for joyriding around town. Each subsequent battery increases the price by $449.

In terms of brakes, the bike comes with 2-piston brakes, with the option to upgrade to 4-piston brakes as part of the technology package. The single-speed gearing is superior to what most moped-style ebikes offer, especially for those who plan to pedal. But generally, these types of ebikes are not comfortable to pedal.

Other optional upgrades include a suspension fork though we don’t feel it’s necessary. Riding a moped style ebike like this, you’re in a more relaxed riding position with less weight over the handlebars.

Innovative Display and Considerations

Model J Display
Model J Display

EBC’s new LCD display is a standout feature, providing more information than necessary, which is always a bonus for avid riders. Things like wattage going to the motor, and controller temperature are things we don’t often see displayed. There is also a user-friendly menu which includes to option to change the top speed which we demonstrate in the review video above.

Accessorize to Your Heart’s Content with the Model J

One of the most exciting aspects of the Electric Bike Company Model J and all of the Electric Bike Company models is its vast array of customization options, allowing riders to truly personalize their bike to their heart’s content. It’s a canvas for self-expression and personal style if you want it to be. Here are almost all of the options available:

Customization Galore

  • Grips and Seat: Choose from a variety of grip styles and colors to match your personal taste, ensuring comfort and control. Similarly, the seat can be selected to suit your comfort preferences and aesthetic desires.
  • Throttle Options: Tailor your riding experience with the choice of throttle type. Whether you prefer a thumb or twist throttle, the Model J accommodates your preference for control and ease of use.
  • Moped-Style Headlight: The bike comes equipped with a distinctive moped-style headlight, not only enhancing visibility for safety but also adding to the bike’s stylish appearance. Optional headlights and a horn are available.
  • Optional Alarm System: For added security, the Model J offers an optional integrated alarm system, providing peace of mind and protection against theft.
  • Matching Helmet: Safety meets style with the option to choose a matching helmet, ensuring you ride in safety without compromising on style.
  • Rim Color Customization: Even the rims can be customized in color, allowing for a cohesive and unique look that stands out on the streets.
  • Handlebar Choices: The Model J offers four distinct handlebar options, catering to different riding styles and comfort preferences. Whether you prefer a more upright position or a sportier stance, there’s a handlebar style to suit your needs.
  • Racks and Basket: We didn’t want to ruin the aesthetics of our custom Model J, but you can add EBC’s high-quality front basket or rack. We did however opt for the optional rear rack that is MIK compatible.

Conclusion: A Stylish, Customizable, and Affordable Choice

The Model J is a testament to Electric Bike Company’s heritage in cruiser-style e-bikes, now beautifully adapted into a moped-style e-bike. Its balance of looks, customization options, and surprisingly low price point make it a compelling choice for a wide range of riders. We’d love to hear what you think of the Model J. Let us know in the comments.

For more information or to customize your Model J, visit Electric Bike Company’s Model J Customizer.

Electric bike company Model J review
Electronics (battery, motor, display)
Components (shifter, derailleur, fork, brakes)
Model J pros
Built in the USA
Affordable base model
Hydraulic disc brakes
Ships via freight
Detailed LCD Display
Quality hardware, wheels etc.
Model J cons
Stands taller than most moped-style ebikes
Less powerful motor than most
Non-adjustable seat