Heybike Horizon Review! The Unique Colored Full Suspension Folding Ebike

The HeyBike Horizon is a full suspension, folding fat tire ebike. That mix of features is unique and surely checks the boxes of at least some of the riders we hear from. It’s reasonably priced at $1,499 and it comes with a unique fading color scheme as well. While there was a lot to love about this ebike, be sure to take note of the braking issue our test rider experienced. If you have a HeyBike Horizon, or any other HeyBike model, please comment about your experience below.

Heybike Horizon Video Review

Heybike Horizon Folding Full Suspension Frame

A folding full suspension ebike? The Heybike Horizon is in a class of its own, at least at the time of publication. We love how easy it is to throw a folding bike into the trunk for an adventure or into the closet for easy storage.

It’s fun to see this feature matched with fat tires and full suspension for increased comfort. The 24″ x 4″ tires will surely handle off-roading and provide extra cushion over bumps. The wheel size choice is a nice change from the typical 20” tires found on folding ebikes. Because of this, the bike sits taller, not quite as tall as a 26″ fat tire ebike, but it’s still pretty large.

The suspension comes in the form of a horst-link suspension in the rear and spring coil front suspension with 80 mm of travel and the option for lockout.

There is a single, one-size-fits-most step-through frame. Heybike’s estimate of it fitting riders from 5’5″ to 6’3″ feels right. The standover height is 25.6″. Total weight capacity is 330 lbs, though that includes the ebike weight, which comes in just under 80 lbs so the capacity is 250 lbs.

A single color is available, which is a bold and beautiful orange and yellow color fade reminiscent of a sunset. You will either love it or hate it. I love it!

Powering the Heybike Horizon

The Heybike Horizon features a powerful 750-watt motor (80Nm torque) that peaks at 1200 watts and has no problem propelling our 225-lb test rider up hills. This is a Class 3 ebike with a top speed of 28 mph though it still has a throttle for speeds up to 20 mph.

The battery is 692 watt hours (14.4 Ah and 48V), about the average size we see at this price point. It does have a 4 amp charger, though, which is double what we usually see. This helps the battery charge much faster, less than 4 hours from empty. Heybike estimates the range at 55 miles per charge though most riders should expect between 30-45 miles depending on the usual variables: throttle usage, pedal assist level terrain, tire pressure, weight etc.

App integration is becoming more common in the ebike landscape, and Heybike is no different. Their app is helpful and includes the ability to adjust PAS speed levels. The display itself is large, monochrome, and easy to see. It includes battery bars, speed, PAS, odometer, and more. The PAS sensor is cadence, which means as long as you’re pedaling you’ll get assist according to the level of assist selected.

Brakes – The Good and the Bad

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

We loved seeing the hydraulic disc brakes, a step up over mechanical brakes, on the Heybike Horizon. During the filming of the review, the RSX brakes performed well. On the return trip, JT was cruising down a hill, and when he attempted to slow for a turn, he lost almost all of the rear brake pressure. After they cooled down, the braking power did not return, and we ended up having to bleed the brakes and replace the pads to fix the issue.

When we contacted the company regarding this issue, they replied, “Please don’t brake frequently and hastily, leave some time for buffering.” While the brake failure did happen after riding on some hills, it is a common place for us to ride, and we have never had this issue with other ebikes.

I suppose how concerning this would be for an individual rider depends on how many hills they ride, how fast they usually go, and how quickly they may have to stop. This issue could be related to the specific bike we received but since this is potentially a safety concern we wanted to call it out here.

Additional Heybike Horizon Components

The Heybike Horizon features a 7-speed Shimano Altus with a Shimano Thumb shifter. The rear gearing is 14T which means once you get to the higher speeds, into the low 20’s, you will likely not be able to add much pedaling power (ie ghost pedaling).

A sturdy rear rack is included, which, in addition to the fenders and better-than-average light package, makes the Horizon feel pretty complete right out of the box. The light package includes an integrated headlight that automatically turns off in low-light conditions. The headlight has both high and low beams. It also includes blinkers and rear brake lights. Below the blinker selection is an included and integrated horn.

Optional Accessories and Ways to Customize

Heybike offers some cargo options, including baskets and saddle bags. Check out our favorite accessories here. Remember that the Heybike, like many folding bikes, has smaller handlebars, which, combined with the large display, offer limited space for clamping anything else up front.

Customer Service

This is our first Heybike review. As mentioned above, we contacted the company about the braking issue and were a little disappointed with the response. Despite our limited experience, they aren’t a brand new company and claim to have 150,000 riders, which gives some confidence. Still, support is Chinese based, and some things may get lost in translation. If you have experience, please share it with our community below.

Concluding Thoughts about the Heybike Horizon

The Horizon combines a unique combination of attributes, including a folding frame, full suspension, and fat tires, and fills in an open spot in the market. With the bold colors, comfortable riding, and powerful 750-watt motor, there are some tempting aspects of this ebike. The brake issue was our biggest concern and something you will need to be ready to address (or at least check) if you decide to purchase this ebike.

What do you think? Are you ready to give this ebike a try? If you want us to review another Heybike, let us know which one you are interested in below in the comments.

Heybike horizon review
Electrics (Battery, Motor, Display)
Components (Shifter, Derailleur, Fork, Brakes)
heybike Horizon Pros
750-watt motor
Beautiful Color
Step through frame
Faster battery charger
Full suspension
Fat tires with 24″ wheels
heybike Horizon Cons
Brake failure during testing
No color options
Single frame size
Smaller battery