13 Under $30: The Gift Guide For Electric Bike Accessories

Because you can never have too many accessories

As the holiday season rolls in, it’s time to channel the spirit of giving for our beloved electric bike fanatics. Whether they’re conquering urban streets or trailblazing through nature’s wonders, our curated list of electric bike accessories gift ideas is here to make their rides even more exhilarating.

From safety-enhancing mirrors to travel-ready accents, each gift is chosen with love and a dash of adventurous flair. Let’s dive into the joy of gifting for the ebike enthusiasts in our lives! And don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone if you pick up a few of them for yourself.

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Rearview Bliss: Ebike Handlebar Mirrors – $19.99-$24.99

Enhance their biking experience with a sleek rearview mirror that easily attaches to the handlebars. This handy accessory provides a clear line of sight, increasing safety by allowing them to monitor traffic and surroundings without turning their head.

We have a few favorite options that provide a reliable view by either clamping to your handlebars or attaching to the end. Made with high-grade materials, these ebike mirrors will keep your loved one safe in style.

Hydration on the Go: ABC Bottle Cage – $27.99

Bottle Cage

This lightweight and durable bottle cage is a must-have for every ebike adventurer. It securely holds their water bottle in place, ensuring easy access to hydration during long rides. Plus, its stylish design complements the overall aesthetics of their electric steed.

This bottle cage is one of our favorites of the electric bike accessories, as its adjustable design accommodates bottle sizes 2 ¼” to 4 ¾”. Offered in either bracket or strap mounting, it can even secure a wine bottle–what says “Happy Holidays” more than that?

WSDCam Ebike Alarm: Safety First, Peace of Mind Always – $17.99

Ebike Alarm

Amp up the security with an alarm designed specifically for bikes. This sophisticated system not only alerts the owner but also startles potential thieves, acting as a powerful deterrent. Simply place it somewhere hidden on any ebike. Peace of mind and a secure ride—what more could your loved one ask for?

With a waterproof design, a vibration alarm, a vehicle search function, and a wireless remote, that ebike isn’t going anywhere other than where you steer it.

BN-Link Outlet Timer: Charging, Smart and Timely – $11.99

Outlet Timer

Optimize the charging routine of their ebike battery with an outlet timer. This smart accessory allows them to set specific charging times, between 15 minutes and 6 hours, preventing overcharging and prolonging the battery’s lifespan. It’s the secret ingredient for a well-maintained electric ride.

Apple AirTag: Find Your Ride, Anytime, Anywhere – $27.00

Apple AirTag Tracker

Never lose track of their ebike again! For iPhone users, an AirTag can serve as an ebike tracker. This is not just a gift; it’s a digital leash for their two-wheeled companion, ensuring it stays close, no matter where the adventure leads. AirTag locations can be shared with friends and family to keep track of someone out on a solo ride in case of emergency.

But it’s especially helpful for those city-riders, as electric bikes are an easy target for thieves, so be sure to hide the tracker in an unassuming place. Some brands even have AirTag slots in their batteries but there are a plethora of ways to hide the AirTag on any number of bike parts like a reflector, bell, stem, or even a water bottle mount.

ElastoKase Bracket Mount Cell Phone Holder: Navigate with Ease – $29.99

Cell Phone Holder

Elevate their navigation game with a sturdy cell phone holder. Designed for easy attachment to the handlebars, it keeps their phone secure and accessible. Perfect for following maps, tracking fitness metrics, or capturing scenic snapshots on the go.

This cell phone holder accommodates any size device, with flexible mounting and a strong hold for even the bumpiest ride.

FOOKER Pedals: Upgrade the Adventure – $26.99

Ebike Pedals

Transform their riding experience with high-performance pedals. These lightweight yet sturdy pedals offer superior grip and power transfer, making each pedal stroke more efficient. But it’s also a fun way to customize an ebike. Match, or contrast the color of their ebike with one of 6 color options.

Pedro’s Tire Levers: Quick Fixes, Swift Adventures – $6.95

Tire Levers

Flat tires are a breeze to handle with quality tire levers. Ebikes are generally pretty heavy, so having the right tools for the job is important. Compact, durable, and affordable, these levers make tire repairs for DIY-ers swift and efficient, ensuring minimal downtime during their exploration of both paved and unpaved terrains. And why not pick them up an extra bike tube while you’re at it to ensure they always have one at the ready.

3M Clear Paint Protection Film: Protect Their Frame – $11.99

Protect Your Ebike with Protective Film

Keep their ebike looking brand new with protective tape. This transparent layer acts as a shield against scratches, dings, and weather-related wear and tear. It’s like armor for their electric steed, preserving its sleek appearance for countless rides to come while preventing damage to the frame from cable rubbing while turning the handlebars. Additionally, this dual-purpose tape can be used as a chain-stay protector–a perfect gift for the practical friend in your life!

Handlebar Cover for Traveling: Adventure-Ready – $27.99

Handlebar Cover

For the avid traveler, a handlebar cover is a game-changer. This protective accessory shields the handlebars during transportation, preventing scratches and dings. In addition to protecting the aesthetics of their rig, a handlebar cover keeps electronics clean from water and debris, ensuring their ebikes longevity during travel.

It ensures their ebike arrives at each new destination in top-notch condition, ready for the next adventure. 

PRO Bike Tool Portable Pump: Inflate the Fun – $29.99

Never a Flat with a Portable Pump

Don’t let a flat tire deflate the fun. A portable pump is a compact and essential tool for on-the-go inflation. Lightweight and easy to use, it ensures that their ebike’s tires are always ready for action, no matter where the trail leads. This one in particular allows for easy mounting to bottle cage bosses.

Pair this one with the tire levers and your loved one will be unstoppable.

CamelBak Insulated Water Bottle: Cool Sips, Hot Rides – $16.00

Insulated Water Bottle

Stay refreshed on the hottest rides with an insulated water bottle. This high-quality CamelBak bottle keeps beverages at the desired temperature longer. Hydration has never been so stylish and convenient. This one will absolutely fit in the adjustable bottle cage, ensuring nothing will stop your friend from proper hydration. Plus, unlike many on the market, the top can be taken apart for easy cleaning.

Ebike Battery Covers: Cozy Comfort for Powerhouses – $29.99

Medium Battery Cover

Show their ebike’s battery some love with a custom battery cover. Beyond aesthetics, these covers provide additional protection against the elements and ensure the battery remains snug and secure. They’re also great for those who ride in all weather, prolonging battery life by keeping it warmer.

We have medium and large sizes available.

Unwrap the Joy with Electric Bike Accessories

And there you have it, a sleigh-full of electrifying electric bike accessories for the ebike enthusiast in your life! From safety-enhancing gadgets to travel-ready accessories, each of these gifts is designed to elevate their riding experience and make every journey a joyous adventure. So, wrap up the thrill, pack it with love, and let the holiday season be a celebration of unforgettable rides and endless smiles. Happy riding and gifting!