Haoqi Antelope Review: An Affordable Dual Battery Ebike

When shopping for an electric bike many people look closely at battery capacity. On average, ebikes have 14 Ah batteries. But what if you need more? A lot more. Enter the Haoqi Antelope electric bike, a dual battery ebike that’s more affordable than you’d think at $1,879. Check out our written Haoqi Antelope review or our full video review below.

2 Batteries: Extra Long Range

Let’s start with the most important aspect of this ebike, the batteries. The Haoqi Antelope sports an integrated battery in the downtube and an external battery behind the seat tube. Combined you have 25 Ah of capacity (1200 watt-hours). Haoqi notes a range of 55-80 miles though that’s an optimistic estimate. The range is going to be greater than most ebikes but I’d put 55 miles on the high end of the estimate. And yes, with two batteries this ebike is heavy at 84 lbs (as expected).

Note that the batteries do not drain at the same time. Instead, one battery will be depleted and then you’ll move on to the second battery. For charging, Haoqi includes two chargers that can be used to charge the battery both on and off the bike.

Haoqi Antelope Motor Performance and electronics

Haoqi has included a rear hub motor that is advertised at 500 watts on the Haoqi website. In our testing, the motor peaked at just over 1,000 watts. Check out our performance test in the above video for more details. Given the weight of this ebike, the motor performed well even on our steep hill climb test. It is engaged with a cadence sensor pedal-assist or with the basic right-hand twist grip throttle (below).

The monochrome display is also basic but includes all of the information you should need including the current speed front and center as well as current wattage. One of the downsides of these types of simple displays is they display battery bars as opposed to a percentage for the remaining battery.

Frame Design and Included Accessories

The Haoqi Antelope has a step-thru frame design which makes it accessible to a wider variety of riders. Haoqi included many stem spacers to raise the handlebars up to ensure that the rider isn’t too hunched over.

Also included on the Haoqi Antelope are front and rear metal fenders, a rear rack, a handlebar-mounted bell, and front and rear lights that run off the battery.

Haoqi Antelope Wheels, Tires and Drivetrain

Notice anything unique about the wheels? These are mag wheels that not only look cool but also have a functional benefit as well – there are no spokes that will ever need adjusting! The wheels are fitted with 20″x4″ fat tires that allow you to take the Haoqi Antelope out on mixed terrain if you choose. Lowering the tire pressure will also increase comfort.

On the handlebars you’ll find a 7-speed Shimano SIS Index Thumb Shifter, a common component found on many electric bikes. It’s matched with a Shimano Tourney Derailleur, an admittedly entry-level component from Shimano. A Shimano- 14-28 tooth freewheel completes the drivetrain package. While there are nicer components out there these components are just fine for the casual ebiker. View the full Haoqi Antelope specifications.

Areas for Improvement

We see two areas where the Haoqi Antelope can be improved. On the Haoqi website, the company advertises Tektro Aries mechanical disc brakes. Instead, unbranded brakes were included. For an ebike this heavy we would have liked to see name-brand brakes, even if they are still mechanical over hydraulic. The company needs to disclose this correctly on its website correctly.

And next the front suspension. At Ebike Escape we like to see companies only use front forks if they actually help soak up bumps – otherwise it’s just unnecessary added weight. We found the front suspension to be pretty sticky and for a nearly $2000 electric ebike it was a disappointing component. Much more affordable ebikes come with adequate suspension so it would be nice to see the same on the Haoqi Antelope.


If you are in the market for an ebike that maximizes range you might not find a better value for an ebike with 25 Ah of capacity. The frame design, motor power and the fact that it comes fully accessorized are other selling points of this ebike. Haoqi is a new brand to Ebike Escape so we can’t comment on the customer support so it’s worth further research if you’re planning to buy a Haoqi electric bike. Learn more about the Haoqi Antelope and the rest of Haoqi’s ebike lineup.