Review of the RadRunner Plus

The 2020 RadRunner Plus was announced on March 26, 2020 and it marked a first for Rad Power Bikes to offer a limited edition ebike. Rad Power Bikes is best known for their value and while I think the RadRunner Plus still offers a great value it seems they are least testing market appetite for a more premium offering. They are currently taking preorders for the bike that is slated to ship in the US in July.

The RadRunner Plus follows the launch of the original release of the RadRunner 1 in early fall of 2019. The major differences compared to the original RadRunner 1 are the addition of the front suspension, a premium headlight and a 7 speed derailleur. It also comes standard with the passenger package which is an option on the RadRunner 1. Interestingly, this announcement coincided with a reduction of the cost of the RadRunner by $100 to $1,199. Looking to purchase the RadRunner Plus or any other Rad Power Bikes model and want to support Ebike Escape? Use my affiliate link.

Here are a few other details I heard from Rad Power Bikes directly:

  • Frame geometry is slightly different to accommodate the front suspension
  • The RadRunner Plus is 4 inches longer than the RadRunner 1
  • The premium headlight will soon be available to purchase for the other models as an upgrade here
  • EU shipping by August 1, July in US/Canada.

If you’re interested in learning more about my thoughts on the bike here is a video of my initial reactions on the 2020 RadRunner Plus: