Living with the RadWagon 5: Accessories and our Favorite Features

Cargo bikes are great, but they’re nothing if you don’t have some accessories on them. This is our RadWagon 5, and we like to do accessory reviews on ebikes that we personally use a lot. My wife and I have been using the RadWagon 5 for kid hauling around town for a few months now and there’s a lot to like.

Some of these products are ones we sell ourselves at, others are offered by Rad Power Bikes, and some are third-party sourced from Amazon. If you’re looking to pick up a Rad Power Bike, we would appreciate it if you use our affiliate link before you make your purchase. Thank you so much for your support! Also, purchasing these accessories helps us out, so we appreciate it when you use our links.

RadWagon 5 Accessories Video and our Favorite Features

RadWagon 5 Suggested Accessories (What we use)

Front Accessories

Middle Accessories

Rear Accessories

Pros of the RadWagon 5 Compared to Other Budget Cargo Ebikes

  • Comfortable Riding Position: The handlebars offer a relaxed, upright ride.
  • Adjustability: Different height adults can ride this bike easily thanks to its adjustable features.
  • Storage: Lots of high quality options to haul additional cargo. Our favorite is the large basket paired with the roll top bag.
  • Powerful Motor: The motor is more powerful than previous models, providing better performance. This is despite it still being 750 watts of peak power.
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes: Offers superior braking power compared to mechanical disc brakes.
  • Well-Tuned Torque Sensor: Provides a more natural riding experience and sufficient power even when hauling heavy loads.
  • Stable Kickstand: Solid and reliable, even on gravel.
  • Conestoga Protection: Extends the usability of the bike in various weather conditions.
  • Class 3 Speeds: Offers higher speeds up to 28 mph, making it versatile for different riding conditions.
  • Blinkers: Adds an extra layer of safety with turn signals.

If you have any accessories that you think we missed that are going to make our riding even more enjoyable, let us know in the comments section.