Getting an Electric Bike Shipped to Hawaii, Alaska and Other Locations

Ebike Shipping Alaska, Hawaii

If you live in the contiguous United States, getting an ebike shipped to you isn’t a problem. However, living in Hawaii or Alaska (or in a different country) can be more challenging. In this post, I hope to save you some time narrowing down the brands that will ship to Hawaii, Alaska, and other locations. If you have any other insights to share based on your own experience, please post a comment below.

US ebike companies that ship to other places including Alaska and Hawaii

  • Ride1Up – Ride1Up will ship to both Hawaii and Alaska for $190 per bike. Shipping a Ride1Up ebike to Canada and Mexico is $100 per bike. You may be subject face import duty charges. Ride1Up currently does not ship to Europe.
  • Super73 – Super73 will currently ship to Hawaii but not Alaska. They do note that they hope to offer this service in the future. Super73 currently ships directly to Canada.
  • Ariel Rider – Ariel Rider has free shipping to the lower 48 states. Shipping to Canada is currently $450.
  • Biktrix – Biktrix is to our knowledge the ebike company most willing to ship over the world. Simply provide your address and you can see shipping estimates to Hawaii and Alaska. They have also shipped bikes to much further destinations such as Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, France, Israel, Jordan, and Dubai.
  • Evelo – Evelo charges $199 shipping fee per bike to Hawaii. They charge $499 shipping fee per bike to Alaska.

Ebike Dealers that Ship to Hawaii and Alaska is an authorized retailer of over 20 electric bike brands. They ship to Alaska, Hawaii and Guam and offer over 200 different models of electric bikes.

The Pro’s Closet ships electric bikes everywhere in the US including Alaska and Hawaii. Canada is the only international location they ship to at the moment.

Ebike Companies that Don’t Ship to Alaska, Hawaii etc.

  • Rad Power Bikes – Rad Power Bikes doesn’t currently ship to Hawaii or Alaska. Rad Power Bikes has dedicated websites for both Canada and Europe.
  • Juiced Bikes – According to the Juiced website, “Shipping information and policies only apply to the 48 contiguous United States. Unfortunately, at this time we do not ship to Canada, Hawaii, or Alaska.”

This post will continue to be updated with the latest information from popular ebike companies in the United States. If you’re an electric bike company and want to be added to this list please contact us.