Handlebar Jack Review: The Ultimate Travel Bike Repair Stand

Ebikes are notoriously uncooperative patients when needing a repair on a ride. Unlike their non-motorized siblings, they weigh more and oftentimes do not have a quick-release back tire. Back tire flats are especially frustrating on rear hub motor ebikes. Ebikes often have expensive gadgets attached to the handlebar (screens, throttles etc.) which also limit flip-over-ability without protection from a stand. All of these elements make ebike repairs more challenging. This is why we are excited to share with you this Handlebar Jack review.

Handlebar Jack review, folding with magnets to hold them together
Handlebar Jacks Snap Together with magnets for Travel

The Handlebar Jack solves all of these problems! This ultra-portable device makes maneuvering your ebike for repair while on the road or in your garage so much easier! Suffice to say the Handlebar Jack has earned a spot on our electric bike accessories list.

Crazy Low Price

The Original Handlebar Jack v2 is $24.99. If you have done any research on bike repair stands, you know that a quality bike repair stand can cost a few hundred dollars. I have the PRS-25 Team Issue Repair Stand ($336.95) in my garage. While it is a great stand and advertised as portable, the Handlebar Jack is simply much smaller and is reasonably priced for the average ebike owner.

Handlebar Jacks protect handlebar gadgets
Handlebar Jacks Protect Handlebar Gadgets

Handlebar Jack Overview

The Original Handlebar Jack v2 has two separate jacks that will serve as two out of three contact points when upside down. Your bike seat will be the third point of contact forming a tripod. The jacks have velcro that attaches to your handlebars.

When attached, it will provide 3 1/4 ” offset from your handlebars to the ground, safely protecting your ebike gear (throttle, screen, etc.). When not in use, the jacks fold down and magnets keep them together. The Original Handlebar Jack v2 is made and shipped from the USA. This product was launched about a year ago, but the company clearly cares about continually improving the design as they are already on version 2.

How the Handlebar Jack Works

Handlebar Jacks review
Three Points of Contact

Using the Handlebar Jack, you will flip over the bike for repair. This is a big difference from my Park Tool Team Issue Repair Stand that hangs the bike upright for repair. Flipping your ebike upside down using the Handlebar Jack actually makes repairing the back wheel easier as gravity helps you put the tire back on. This also makes sure the axels are seated properly in the dropouts on rear hub motor ebikes.

Using the velcro straps, place the Handlebar Jack devices on the handlebars as far apart as possible for maximum stability. The velcro doesn’t need to be strapped super tight. Move your accessories out of the way like mirrors if you have them. Your bike seat will be the third point of contact to the ground when you flip over your bike, so you may need to adjust the seat higher before flipping over. Do not raise your seatpost past the minimum insertion point.

Ideally, you have a friend with you to help flip the ebike over. My RadWagon weighs about 76 lbs so I enlisted my brother to help flip over the ebike in the video above. With my lightweight Ride1Up Roadster V2 though, I could easily flip the ebike over myself.

Note: The straighter the handlebars, the better the Handlebar Jack stabilizes your bike upside down. Swept back handlebars seem to make the bike less stable. Still functional, just less stable.

Final Thoughts on the The Original Handlebar Jack v2

The Original Handlebar Jack v2 is a travel and budget-friendly bike repair stand for ebikes. The simple, yet smartly designed jacks will make your repairs so much easier. For the low cost and portability, you cannot go wrong with purchasing this portable bike stand. Check out HandlebarJack.com for more information.

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