Ride1Up Unveils Roadster V2 Electric Bike

I was already aware that a Ride1Up Roadster V2 was in the works as Kevin Duggar teased it in my recent interview. Now it’s official and the Ride1Up Roadster V2 is on the Ride1Up website. It is interesting timing given Rad Power Bikes recently launched the the RadMission, which is also a single speed bike.

The Roadster V2 comes in at an impressive $995 but there are some compromises compared to their other models. Most importantly it is a 36V 7.0ah battery using Samsung 35e cells. On the flipside this means the weight of this ebike is impressively low at just 32 lbs. The battery is removable through the bottom of the frame. However, it is not designed to be removed regularly – only when replacing the battery. If you’re looking for an ebike that doesn’t look like an ebike, this is the ticket.

The main use case is going to be for city dwellers who go on short trips on mostly flat terrain. Powering the Roadster V2 is a 500w peak, 350w nominal geared hub Shengyi motor. I do appreciate Ride1Up sharing the full specs on the motors as most companies only list the peak power, making it often confusing to compare ebikes.

The Roadster V2 is a Class 3 electric bike and Ride1Up lists 25 mph as a top speed. Given the fact that the bike is so light I imagine this will be possible with some effort, but time will tell once customers start receiving them in September. It’s important to note that this is a single speed bike with a 64Tx20T crank set. It has no throttle and offers a 12 magnet cadence sensor which is expected for most ebikes in this price range.

The other standout feature besides the weight is that Ride1Up opted for a belt drive. It’s an interesting feature given you typically only see belt drives on more expensive bikes. The main benefit is that belt drives are less maintenance than chains since they do not rust and no lubrication is required. This means you never have to worry about this bike getting your pants or legs dirty. The belt drive also leads to a smoother and quieter operation and there is likely some weight savings as well. You can also expect a belt to last longer than a chain.

There is a simple LCD display offering pedal assist levels from 0-5. The Roadster V2 has V-Brakes as opposed to mechanical disc brakes found on most electric bikes. These will be easy to maintain but won’t have the increased stopping power offered by disc brakes.

So how does the Roadster V2 compare to the Rad Power Bikes RadMission?

Rad Power Bikes RadMission vs. Ride1Up Roadster V2

The Ride1Up Roadster V2 is priced at $995 and the RadMission has an introductory price of $999. Still no word on what the standard price will be on the RadMission but it’s worth keeping in mind. As of writing the RadMission is slated to ship in October and the Roadster V2 has an estimated ship date of September 10th.

Both of these ebikes are going to accomplish the same goal of getting you around an urban setting with the help of a 500 watt motor. The RadMission stands out with their higher capacity battery, mechanical disc brakes, integrated lights and the presence of a throttle. The RadMission sports two different frame styles (and many colors) with a mid-step option. The Roadster V2 is offered in a large (58 cm) and small (52 cm) frame. Three colors are offered: red, white and black. Another benefit to the Rad Power Bikes RadMission is the wide variety of accessories that they offer.

What makes the Roadster V2 unique is that it is a whopping 18 lbs lighter (32 lbs total) than the RadMission which comes in at 50 lbs. While 50 lbs is still light for an ebike, the Roadster is really going to allow more people to carry the bike up stairs or take it into the office. Part of that is related to the smaller battery pack on the Roadster. Given the weight, the Roadster V2 is going to be able to be pedaled easily if you decide to conserve battery, get more exercise or simply run the battery out.

Another benefit for some will be that the Roadster doesn’t look like an ebike with the integrated battery. The other main differentiator is the belt drive that I mentioned earlier.

My Take on the Ride1Up Roadster V2

Both of these ebikes are undoubtedly going to get more people on electric bikes given the price point. They also serve a specific niche that hasn’t been well served just yet in the ebike space. The RadMission certainly packs more features but the belt drive and weight of the Roadster V2 are big pluses. If I were shopping for myself I’d be looking closely at the Ride1Up Core-5 which has the added benefit of a seven speed derailleur to get up hills. It also has disc brakes, a larger battery and still weighs only 48 lbs. All for just $100 more, making it an incredible value compared to anything else I’ve seen in the market.

If you’re looking to purchase one of these ebikes you can check out the RadPower Bikes RadMission and the Ride1Up Roadster V2. (affiliate links which help support this site)