Ride1Up 500 Series: New Step-Thru Option

Earlier this month when I interviewed Kevin Duggar, the owner of Ride1Up, he told me that by the end of the year all of their electric bikes would be offered in step-thru variations. It seems those changes are coming sooner, rather than later with the recent introduction of the 500 Series Step-thru. The standard frame 500 Series already was a successful electric bike and now I expect the 500 Series Step-Thru to build on the success of the original.

Part of the allure of the 500 Series Step-thru is the price-point. There are few options in ebike market at $1,195 and perhaps even fewer that offer step-thru variations. The 500 Series Step-thru sports a 500 watt nominal, 1000 watt peak motor. It is a Class 3 electric bike meaning it is capable to reaching 28 mph with pedal assist. With the throttle you will be able to reach speeds up to 20 mph. Even if you had a budget of $1,500, the ever popular Ride1Up 700 Series offered at that price sports the same motor.

The battery is 13ah, which is higher than most budget ebikes that come in usually at 10.4ah. Another nice thing about the 500 Series Step-thru is you can add a rack and fenders for $80. Having the ease of not having to shop around for these accessories is nice, though you probably could save a little bit by purchasing these items yourself.

One of the common things I hear from prospective ebike buyers is that step-thru models are for girls. I am of the opinion that you should buy the ebike that is going to get you outside and active. If this bike is going to be easier for you to hop on, chances are that you’re going to ride it more often. The other benefit to the 500 Series Step-thru is that it offers swept back handlebars. The more upright riding position is going to be more comfortable for those with sensitivities. Add a suspension seatpost and you’ll be plenty comfortable with the help of the front suspension (also something not common for budget ebikes).

Overall I think the 500 Series Step-thru is a great option and with the frame changes I think there will be even more people opting for this model. If you’re looking for something with a slightly larger battery and hydraulic disc brakes you may also want to consider the 700 Series Step-thru. Please consider using my affiliate link if you plan to buy a Ride1Up electric bike.