New Himiway Ebikes Launch: Zebra, Big Dog and Cobra

It’s not even Christmas, but we’re already being treated to new Himiway ebikes, just in time for the holiday shopping season.

Himiway announced on its website the introduction of four new ebikes: The Cobra, The Zebra, The Cobra Pro and The Big Dog. All four bring something new to the table.

You’ve seen our writeups of other Himiway bikes in the past, so if those are any indication, these ought to be great (and powerful ebikes). And as you’re looking at the new Himiway models below you’ll note that Himiway is staying true to their DNA of focusing only on fat tire ebikes.

The Himiway Zebra

Himiway Zebra

The Himiway Zebra is the most affordable model of the newly introduced bikes at $1,999. It has a 750-watt geared hub motor powered by a 960-watt hour battery. With the new ebike models Himiway is advertising a new motor which is designed to last longer.

The Zebra is most comparable to the Himiway Cruiser out of the new lineup though with a few upgrades. The battery is integrated nicely into the frame and you also get hydraulic disc brakes. As far as geometry the Zebra has a bit more of an aggressive riding position with its flat handlebars (the Cruiser has handlebars with a rise). You’ll still find 26″ x 4″ Kenda fat tires though.

The Big Dog

Himiway Big Dog

The Himiway Big Dog is a really interesting configuration. A cargo bike but on moped-style tires and frame, the The Big Dog is like the mini-SUV of the ebike world. Of the new models from Himiway, this is our pick for the most accessible for shorter riders. It comes with a $2,099 price tag, but considering this could easily be a second car replacement, it might very well be worth the price. So what do you get for the price?

The Big Dog has 400-pounds of payload capacity, impressive in such a sleek-looking, little bike. It’s a quaternary battery 48V 20 Ah powerhouse that Himiway says should give riders 60-80 miles per charge (expect lower in real-world conditions). The 750-watt motor drives a little moped frame that rests on 20″ x 4″ tires. And you won’t have to adjust spokes on the bike with the mag wheels, though they do increase the weight of the bike (it weights 79 lbs).

Rounding out the components on the Big Dog is a 7 speed Shimano Altus shifter and mechanical disc brakes. Note that the seat adjusts unlike many more moped style electric bikes. There are also front and rear fenders and a rear rack with a Himiway branded wood top. Himiway also offers an optional extended rear rack. I’m also a big fan of the double kickstand to keep this heavy ebike upright. You’ll also find a right-hand twist-grip throttle. Bottom line is that the Big Dog is a nice upgrade from the Escape which does not have an adjustable seat. Our only wish is that the Big Dog came with hydraulic disc brakes.

The Cobra

Himiway Cobra
Himiway Cobra in “King Cobra”

If you’ve seen Cobra Kai, the name alone might excite you. But The Cobra is a true mountain bike only it comes with massive 4.8″ CST fat tires. And, by the way, that comes in a full-suspension frame. The Himiway Cobra is really set up for the explorer meaning you won’t find fenders or an included rear rack like on other models. You’ll still find a twist grip throttle though.

A 750-Watt gear hub motor powers this beast, with an integrated 20 Ah battery such that folks might not even know you’re riding an ebike. It also sports a Shimano shifter and derailleur. The Cobra comes in at 88 lbs so it’s a good thing you’ll have the increased stopping power of hydraulic disc brakes. Himiway really took the name to heart with the paint jobs. It is offered in King Cobra (above) and Forest Cobra.

All that can be had for $2,399 — expensive, but not much more than fat tire non-electric bikes these days. And considering it also has a full-suspension frame, the price isn’t really out of line. If you want an ebike to handle it all this is one to consider, unless your budget allows for the Cobra Pro.

The Cobra Pro

Cobra Pro

If you thought The Cobra sounded like something, well, the Cobra Pro is in a league of its own. It’s pricey at $3,999, putting it in the range of the Treks and Specialized. But for that price, Himiway pulls out all of the stops.

The biggest difference is the 1,000-watt (1300 watt peak) 160 nm max torque mid-drive Bafang motor will provide plenty of power. And it drives a Shimano 10-speed system, giving you plenty of gear range to tackle the trails. All that rests on 26″x4.8″ fat bike tires. (Juggernauts are shown in the photo) And since this is a Bafang mid-drive you still have access to the thumb throttle which will take advantage of the 10 speeds.

It also comes with name-brand Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, a great feature to have on an ebike this powerful. This bike pulls out all the stops. If money is no option, this just became one of the coolest electric mountain bikes on the market.

New Himiway ebikes dial it up

Hopefully Ebike Escape will get its hands on one or many to review. But we’ve been happy with Himiway bikes in the past so we are hopeful their new models will continue to deliver. These bikes are great additions to the Himiway lineup.