Rad Power Bikes Announces RadWagon 4

Rad Power Bikes has just changed their landing page for the RadWagon officially announcing the RadWagon 4 and details on the bike are now available. The RadWagon 4 will be shipping in September 2020. As a current owner of a 2018 RadWagon I am really excited for this launch since the versatility of a cargo ebike is unmatched. I had a hunch that this was coming as the RadWagon 3 was marked out of stock recently with no ability to backorder. Below is my video comparing the original Rad Power Bikes RadWagon to the RadWagon 4.

The RadWagon 4 is making a number of changes. One of the biggest is a switch to 22″ rims from 26″ which drastically changes the look of the RadWagon we’re used to. It’s important to keep in mind that 22″ wheels are a pretty unique size. If you’re buying a RadWagon 4 I highly recommend stocking up on bike tubes and maybe even an extra set of tires. I imagine we will see third parties eventually offer tires and tubes in this size but you don’t want to risk being stuck without replacements.

According to CEO and founder Mike Radenbaugh:

We went back to the drawing board and looked at all the ways we could improve our beloved electric cargo bike, keeping our customers’ feedback and requests at the forefront of our minds the entire time…The result is a next-level people and cargo hauler that’s essentially a brand new cargo bike. With a patent-pending frame design, custom tires, and more adjustability than ever before, the RadWagon 4 is the raddest car replacing bike we’ve ever created.

The change to smaller tires lowers the rider height and also lowers the rear cargo deck that we know and love. This makes the electric cargo bike easier for kids to hop on. These changes are welcome given the increased stability it will give to the passengers as well as an even lower standover height. As new parents ourselves we are extremely careful when loading up our child on our taller RadWagon, but this design would be preferred. Besides the smaller wheels, the RadWagon 4 will be sporting 3″ tires as opposed to 2.3″ in previous generations.

One interesting change is the removal of the running boards (though they are available as an add-on). I am mixed about this change since passengers rest their feet here and it allows for the rider to be positioned wherever they would like on the rear deck. We’ve personally used backpacks and messenger bags both against the frame which are steadied by the running boards. Instead, on the RadWagon 4 riders will have foot pegs. There are tradeoffs though with the bike sporting a more streamlined look. The absence of the running boards also removes some of the weight from the bike. Rad Power Bikes has also opted for a telescoping seat post to accommodate taller riders (like me!). This was a must given the lower overall height of the bike.

Other minor changes include an easier ability to adjust handlebars via an adjustable stem. This of course is valuable if the bike is going to be shared among multiple riders. The rear deck is also split into two pieces, making it makes it easier to use with the Thule Yepp Maxi child seat.

Now for the power. The previous iteration of the RadWagon had a Shengyi direct drive hub motor which allowed for regenerative breaking. Now the bike will have the same powertrain to the other fat tire models offered by Rad Power Bikes: a 750 watt Bafang geared hub motor. The main benefit here is a motor which produces double the torque (80nm) as the Shengyi motor.

Get the best deal on the RadWagon 4 by Pre-ordering

During pre-order pricing remains the same as previous generations at $1,499 for us here in the United States and $1,999 CAD. Pricing for Europe customers is €1,499. After that prices will increase by $99 across the board, which as a current RadWagon owner is still a phenomenal deal. I don’t think you will find much of any competition at this price point which is made possibly by Rad Power Bikes’ significant scale. Rad has also introduced a limited edition black color (above) which has reflective decals. It will also be offered in the traditional orange color that Rad is known for as well as Pearl White (for those who want maximum visibility).

Head on over to the Rad Power Bikes website to check out the RadWagon 4 or if you’re interested you can watch my video below reviewing the changes that Rad Power Bikes made with the RadWagon 4.