Rad Power Bikes Discount and Referral Code

One of the great things when you buy a Rad Power Bike is that there is almost always a discount code or promo code you can use. Sometimes you can get a free accessory or 50% off an accessory but I think one of the best discounts for new customers is their Amazon gift card promotion. If you buy a Rad Power Bike you can earn a $50 Amazon gift card (I also receive a $50 Amazon Gift card – Thank you!). If the below link doesn’t work please leave a comment and I will be sure to send you a new link.

My Rad Power Bikes Referral: http://ebikeescape.com/radreferral

Other Rad Power Bikes Discounts:

$100 Off Rad Power Bike for Returning Customers (Discount code: Time4AnotherRad)